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Default Re: Year 2002 Interceptor reader feedback

$10 for a bike that is sublimely boring....no thanks. (First Post)
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Default Re: Year 2002 Interceptor reader feedback

The VFR's reputation will be enough to sell a few of these. From the sound of it, Honda kept the VFR a jack of all trades motorcycle. That best fits how I ride some commuting, sport riding and occaisional touring. The optional hard bags were WAY overdue. The styling may be out there, but isn't time Honda tried to give their bikes some more personality?
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Default Re: Year 2002 Interceptor reader feedback

I absolutely love the VFR, especially the 800s. Almost all journalists do: They're torquey and have a very distinctive, alluring sound that's like nothing else.

But they're generally derided by bikers, and do relatively poorly in the sales room. It baffles me...
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Default Re: Year 2002 Interceptor reader feedback

I've owned an original 600 Hurricane, a BMW R1200C, and a Ducati Monster, I've ridden the big Harleys, and I've been on a '99 VFR quite a bit. I love riding all the above, but every time I look to buy a different bike, the VFR always finishes second or third, and I can't figure out why either. It's always almost the bike I want. I guess it's just that old "jack of all trades, master of none" thing.
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Default Re: Year 2002 Interceptor reader feedback

yep and it is heavier, has the wrong type of v-tec in it, has a chain driven cams and not the nice sounding gear driven ones. But it does come with new luggage system that looks and is a lot better than the old crap plastic buckets that you had to have before but not for me will look at something else.Maybe honda will see the light and update there new update!
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Default Re: Year 2002 Interceptor reader feedback

I'll have to agree with Blip here, and not just because he's my boss.

As moto-journalists, we get to ride nearly everything that comes of an assembly line with two wheels affixed to it. This affords us the offortunity to be *****y little girls about what we like and what "just doesn't fit our tates."

The Interceptor, by some magic through guys like Doug Toland and Kurt Risic, manages to emilmate any sort of point us journalists can nit-pick at. Sure, the VTEC system is more of corporate Honda's "technology for technology's sake" ideology, but the bike still manages to produce enough power so that you're never wanting more, while never over-stepping its boundaries.

It handles well, it's got good wind protection, ergonomis, and it looks absolutely tits. Sure, it's got competition in the form of Aprilia's RST Futura and Ducati's ST4s, but there's still something about Honda goodness and that V4 sound that generations of journalists have found hard to overcome.

Rest assured, though, we're on the lookout (somebody say Shootout?) for the next best thing. But right now, it seems as though the new Interceptor has things locked down tight.
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Default Re: Year 2002 Interceptor reader feedback

Maybe it's the size and relative cost of the bike that depresses sales - at least in the US. In Europe it's been a favorite for years. I think the problem in the US is one of expectation. Just as cruisers sell on some level of emotionaly irrationality - how else can you explain Harley's success over the years, other than the possible resale factor which is just bull chips anyway - high performance bikes come under the same pressure, especially with the younger generations. To me the VFR is a great, if not the best, all round bike you can buy, but also think Honda would sell a lot more of them if they were at least 150cc bigger. It doesn't really need it, but for it's all round street mission it's probably a factor.
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Default Re: Year 2002 Interceptor reader feedback

Dear Mr Honda,

What are you doing with the VFR?! You need to take notice of what VFR

owners are doing with their bikes in order to improve them to a standard

we expect them to have when they leave the Honda factory.


The new VFR is ugly. The best looking VFRs were the 1986/87 and the

1998-2001 models. From front to back it looks disjointed, it does not

flow. The mounting of the exhaust system under the tail looks like an

after thought for marketing purposes. It lacks the grace and elegance of

the 1986 model. It would be better to either hide the mufflers

completely or have them exposed below the bodywork.


It is more complicated than it needs to be and reliability and

maintenance have been compromised to save weight for the unnecessary

VTEC system. Engine performance could have been more easily improved by

increasing capacity to 900cc. Please restore the gear driven camshafts

which are part of the heart and soul of the VFR. The 1986 VFR is still

the fastest of all the VFRs. After 15 years of development I would

expect to see the horsepower between 120 and 130 and a similarly

significant increase in torque. The 1986 model could accelerate well

from 2500 rpm in 6th gear. The 1996 model needed at least 3500 rpm.


The VFR has become unnecessarily heavy. I wished that I had kept my 1986

model instead of trading it in on a 1996 model. The 1986 was more

comfortable over long distances because the handlebars were closer

together and higher. The 1996 model was a lot more top heavy and

difficult to do U-turns on. The time and money spent on developing

linked brakes and the VTEC system would have been better spent on making

the bike lighter. Weight can further be reduced by returning to a normal

swing arm.


Linked brakes are unnecessary and just add weight to the bike. Most VFR

riders have many years of riding experience and can ride quicker and

better without the linked brakes. Improve the brakes by giving them more

power and feel.

Suspension & Handling:

We want to have fully adjustable and better quality suspension with

upside down forks. It needs lighter wheels. Add a normal swing arm that

is braced like the CBR954RR and return to a full frame like the pre 1998

VFRs but improve it. Lower the centre of gravity. Lighter wheels will

help improve suspension performance.


The aerodynamics are one thing that have improved over the years

offering better weather protection and efficiency through the air but

the new model is UGLY. All that was needed to improve the last model was

a better screen to deflect the air over the rider.


The 1986 was more comfortable to ride because the handle bars were

closer together and higher than current models.

Other Features:

Install the passenger grab rail like it was on the 1986 model. Make the

wheels easy to clean. Give customers the option of a lighter and more

performance oriented exhaust system at a reasonable price.

The ideal VFR:


Horsepower: 130

Torque: 100Nm or greater

Weight: 190kg or less, Lower centre of gravity.

Engine: Gear driven camshafts, Fuel injection system that is ultra

smooth especially at a constant speed.

Engine Capacity: 900cc

Fuel Capacity: 21 litres is fine.

Appearance and Aerodynamics: Make it more appealing without losing the

aerodynamic efficiency of the 1996-2001 models.

Lighting: broad spread with excellent depth of penetration.


Improve the brakes by giving them more power and feel. No linked brakes

or make it an option.

Drive Chain:

Install the highest quality chain suitable for the bike's performance.

Ergonomics: Fully adjustable handlebars to suit the rider's mood or

situation. Keep the current seat.

Suspension & Handling: Fully adjustable with upside down forks. Lighter

wheels that are easier to clean. Lower centre of gravity. Swing arm

similar to CBR954RR. Compared to the 1996 model, ensure the weight bias

on the front wheel is increased. Full frame like the pre 1998 VFRs but


Other Features: Allow passenger hand rail and the seat cowl to be

installed together. Integrate the the front indicators with the mirrors.

Performance exhaust kit. Make it very easy to remove the tank for

replacement of spark plugs and air filter. Optional panniers. Power

outlets for aftermarket accessories such as rider to passenger

communication kits and radar detectors. The ultimate VFR should have

sports handling capability but still have rider ergonomics suitable for

long distance touring.
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Default Re: Year 2002 Interceptor reader feedback

I went to a dealership today. Had a terrible day. I went to a dealership called rice honda, in west covina, California. I wanted to just see how much it was gonna go for so i can save up a rough estimate. I was asking about deposits. they said if we talked about a set price and someone offered them a better price, even a lil bit more, there was no deposit, there was no paper, and it would be ripped apart, and i didnt want a vfr. and that i was the one without a vfr. i complained to the sales manager Ed. and he gave me a higher price. $13, 000 was what the other guy offered me. then he said $13,500. lolz. the other guy also kept telling me 15grand is what i should pay for. he said well he had other bikes that are very popular and that he wont let them go for anything below 6 grand of profits. i dont know much about the other bikes. but their model is we are a retailer store we are about profits. they even kept telling me to show them my money1@#!@#!@$!@$!@$!@$. my dad was there too!. and he just been in an accident hit by a druken driver who tried to run from cops. while knocking my dad uncouncious. AFASDFASDFAE%R@#%@#% anyways.... thats another issue. i'm so pissed off so bad at the time i was gonna say screw honda and screw their motorcycles. but i really do like them at heart. so i wish honda would not continue to use their name on that store. when i mention service they almost ignore it. they said yea service is important to the buyer. and as a retail store money is what they are about. geeeeez. there is more, in fact a lot more. but i rather say more while i can write a good email to honda. so if anyone knows where i can complain to honda about this, plz let me know at oomega1@excite.com
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Default Re: Year 2002 Interceptor reader feedback

f*ck y'all. I have done nothing but support MO. Now that you have cut me out, i'll live without your service. Quit sending me emails.
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