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Default my $0.02

I just saw the bike at the bike show in Minneapolis, it's better in person than in the pictures (as is the ST1300.. wow!) Here's my takes on the issues:

Weight: Could be lighter, but remember it's got some touring bike in it. Heavier equals a better ride when you're not pounding on it, and lighter often means cheaper. The VFR is made to last, as touring bikes must be.

Looks: Like anything on the cutting edge, I think the best looking things are the ones that you're not sure of right away. If you like something right away, it's usually too conservative.

VTEC: Horray! I don't care if it didn't add power. Honda is the only company I would trust to add complexity for complexity's sake. Look for improvements to the system in the years coming that unleash the beast.

Cams: Boooo! Bring back the gears! It was different, set the bike apart, and provided one less thing to adjust.

Hardbags: Yeah! I still have not seen a picture, but I'm sure they'll be good. Aren't these things supposed to be in the dealerships with a week or two? How is it that there still are no pics of the bags?

So, I guess my advice for the Honda engineers would be to bring back the gears, and to put some top shelf stuff into the suspension. Charge a little more, it'd be worth it. Keep pushing the envelope!

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Default Re: Year 2002 Interceptor reader feedback

got my bike from la cyclesports =) they got the brand new vfrs! and gots lots of them! check them out! i just got mine kinda had a few bad tips and dropped. i got a tip from a guy and he said he owned a f4i and taught me how to start off safely. anyways i'm having lots of fun. i'd probably put up a website soon =) i love it a lot.
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Default Re: Year 2002 Interceptor reader feedback

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Default FZ1 versus VFR

I'm thinking about getting either an FZ1 or the new VFR. Apart from fuel injection, what advantages does the VFR have over the FZ1? I already know the FZ1 has a stronger motor, more adjustable suspension, and is cheaper.

I unfortunately have about 9 months to think about this as that is my recovery estimate after being hit by a "lady" running a red light in her F-250 whilst riding home from work (shattered clavicles, 5 broken ribs, punctured lung, lacerated liver, severed trachea, ligaments torn off right shoulder...).

So people know my tastes (or lack of), my other bikes are a 97 Tl1000s with Ohlins, and a 2002 Goldwing.

Thanks for any input.

p.s. my full-face helmet saved my face from the direct impact it received hitting the truck.
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Default Re: My Two Cents.

You forgot the Triumph Sprint ST .. This Triumph rides better than all the bikes you've listed. I think you'd enjoy it over the Ducati and the Aprilla or the BMW.
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Default my 2002 Interceptor thoughts

Well I just came back from a local Honda dealer where I had my first look at the new VFR in person. It looks great to me, I'd love to have one, and it's more bike than most honest riders need or could really use - BUT - this model just doesn't get me excited like previous versions. I used to go to bike shops just to look at new VFRs, and torture myself in the process, and then leave and get depressed riding home. Today I didn't mind riding home on my '86 Miniceptor at all!
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Default Re: FZ1 versus VFR

Dude, you are recovering from such a nasty accident and looking for a new ride while you do it? Now _that_ is dedication!

Good luck with your recovery.
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Default Re: my 2002 Interceptor thoughts

Did the 02 in the dealership have bags on it? Still have not seen pic of hardbags, can anyone help?
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Default Re: Year 2002 Interceptor reader feedback

I have to say, at first I was definitely a bit skeptical about the new VFR. I presently own a '98 model and am very happy with it. Would I like more power? Yeah, more power is never a bad thing, but is the bike still more than adequte, I say yes.

There does seem to be a lot of negativity on this board, as there is on the VFR mailing list, too... but I think we all need to remember what this bike is for. It's a bike you can ride through Deal's Gap, have a great time, and then ride to CHICAGO and still be having a great time.

There was a post towards the top that talked about all the changes Honda should be making to the bike... give me a break, if they did that they couldn't even call it a VFR anymore.

The added weight of the new model could be EASILY shed by replacing the stock cans w/ aftermarket. Those things have to weigh a ton.

I think adding ABS as an option on the bike is an EXCELLENT decision. Is ABS as effective on dry KNOWN roads, nope. But, given just about every other situation, ABS will win. Want proof? Check out this article from 10 years ago... you'll be amazed how effective ABS can be.


Another thing, the V-4 sound is unparalleled. Replacing the stock can on my '98 w/ a high-mount TBR, and just listening to the bike is a joy.

Better fuel economy? One word: Sweet. I'd take that over losing a few pounds any day. The fact is, as a sports-tourer, you need to be able to pile on the miles. 250+ miles per tank on the 2002... _AWESOME_.

Integrated Hard Bags, icing on the cake.

In the end, I think Honda has done right by the VFR and it's mission.

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Default Re: Year 2002 Interceptor reader feedback

Well I took the plunge and have had mine now for 3 weeks, and clocked just over 1000Km, and have to say that I am totally satisfied.

The very first ride I took it on was over 400Km on less than a tank of gas, and not a bum ache or anything.

I am surprised at the negative comments posted here, but hey, if you want a full on sportsbike, go buy one, but this bike will do anything.

I am looking foreward to riding it from Adelaide to Sydney about 1500Km, at the same time using it for daily commuting, and the odd fang in the hills.

I previously had a 99 VFR, and this so far is definitly a better bike- no gear whine , runs cooler. sharper handling, and less intrusive linked brakes. just a quality machine.

I could go on, but as they say, every man to his own poison.
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