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Default Re: Aprilia CapoNord feedback

AND..... here in the western most tip of europe... Capo Nord costs 3000 euros less than Varadero!!! (capo = 10800 euros, Vara 13800!!) So, hoping to pick myself up a capo in the next few weeks
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Default Re: wind protection

I've owned the Capo for almost a year now. The wind hits me about chin to eye level. I'm 5'11. The noise level of the bike is very nice for touring (low), but I notice a lot of people want a loud bike. I would rather enjoy the handling and performance than here the noise. If I want to be noticed I can easily wheelie the bike.

Just before the 4th of July I rode it to Tucson for a scheduled checkup. On the way home the air temp ranged from 110 to 118. The last 100 miles from Gila Bend to Yuma it never got below 114 and was up to 118. With a First Gear Leather Mesh jacket I found that by slouching a bit more than normal I could get totally into a quiet are space and it was actually cooler than being out in the slipstream. 118 degree air is like being in front of a big hair dryer.

I would rate the fairing protection between the old RS and RT BMW air heads. The tank also gives good protection and the lower fairing for the legs. I feel some heat on my left leg, but it isn't too uncomfortable.

I'm quite pleased with the bike and its been trouble free for for the first yeart and 5000 miles. It's one of the nicest bikes to ride fast through city traffic, with excellent brakes, handling, visibility and power.
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