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Abe_Froman 12-11-2001 06:18 AM

Naked bikes?
Whenever I see a naked bike it always looks like the dude has crashed so many times that he can't afford new plastic parts anymore. I just don't see everyone's infatuation with these things. An R1 will destroy this thing in a roll-on, let alone a redline-tagging dragrace. Why has it become cool to say "I'm too old and authritic to buy the real deal, so look at me on my pseudo-sportbike"? If you're getting old, and slowing down, then fine. I understand. I will too one day. I just won't be bragging about it.

Abe_Froman 12-11-2001 06:25 AM

If I recall correctly you destroyed the bike, and my guess is that do-it-yourself flat black is much cheaper then clearcoated stock red or blue. LOL

Eric 12-11-2001 06:46 AM

Re: First Ride: Honda 919
This isn't exactly the first naked bike to have injection. It may be the first I-4 naked bike below $10,000 from Japan with injection, but the Ducati Monster series is injected, though I don't remember which year they started doing so. Ditto Buell -- the X-1 was injected for '99 (though the injection wasn't so good at first, it has improved). So is the Triumph speed triple. There may be others, but I am not sure (I don't believe Cavigas or the MV Augusta Brutale are injected).

This isn't to take anything away from the 919 -- I think it looks nice and probably has more than enough performance for most riders -- just give credit where credit is due.

aminalmutha 12-11-2001 07:13 AM

Re: Naked bikes?
It's not totally necessary to have a monster, testicle dragging mega bike to have a lot of fun. Of course this thing will get smoked by most new sportbikes, but it's really not the point. It's powerful enough to go plenty fast, but is also easier to ride around town than most sportbikes. It's a comprimise. Not necessarily a bad one either. It's also cheaper than most sportbikes (similar to a 600), and probably way cheaper to insure. The street and the racetrack are to entirely different things. Overall, super-standards just tend to be better for the street than most hard core sport bikes. Doesn't necessarily mean one is on the way to the old folks home if one rides a standard.

markszrz 12-11-2001 07:31 AM


You should check out Cycle World and compare the R1 roll on and the ZRX roll on numbers. The ZRX posts 30 - 60 or 60 -80 at 2.9 seconds. Not exactly getting old and slowing down but what ever makes you feel better about yourself. I bought a ZRX because it's a great all round motorcyle that scores 8-9's in most every category. Ya it's not the fastest bike on the track etc.. but it's comfortable and certainly pushes a lot of the right buttons for quite a few folks - myself included.

SilverBullet 12-11-2001 07:32 AM

Dyno charts
Thanks for including the dyno charts, MO. Would you guys please remember to do it every time? It's very frustrating when you guys don't.

Lateshow 12-11-2001 07:57 AM

Parade of standards
As a former unsatisfied CB1000 owner, I for one am glad to see new standards in the market. I bought the CB1000 in 98 for 4 grand. It had 1100 miles on it and was in pristine condition. I have always loved the look of naked bikes like CBs, GS Suzuks, KZ1000 and GPZs. So I bought the bike. I don't know how much it weighed but I would guess very near 600 pounds. That combined with a very de-tuned motor, didn't lend itself to alot of fun. Sure the bike was stable, smooth, and comfy. But after coming off a two year motorcycling hiatus, I was looking for some fun.

One year later after getting a ride on the SV650, I was instantly converted. I sold the CB with 6500 miles for a thousand dollar profit. By comparison, the SV is so light, nimble and quick. Most days I wish it was an SV1000 instead of a 650. I still have hopes for such a bike, in fact I thought Honda would have taken the Superhawk (not a strong seller) and convert it to Hawk GT ergos, Essentially the 919 with an updated superhawk motor (RC51 comes to mind). So while I welcome the addition of any new naked bikes, I also wish there was ONE with a full liter V-Twin.

I still don't understand why the 919 isn't packing the new 954 motor. I know, I know the cost but consider how many more bikes they would sell if it had that motor?? Not only that but then it could really compete with the FZ1. The pipes are another concern. I've heard more against, than "for" the design and location. They remind me too much of the wimpy Eurpoean Hornet 600 that's been out for years. Do they think we haven't seen the bike before??? Passenger leg burns and melted soft luggage comes to mind. How about a standard four into one out the side or out the tail??? So while I welcome the addition of this bike, I sure think it could have been much better, thus enjoying better sales and more opportunity for more standards in the future. If the bike doesn't sell so good, I hope they consider a few changes to it before dropping it. I have no doubt that many will buy the bike and start hacking away until they have revealed the monster that it can be. Now all we need is for Suzuki to release the Triumverant: an SV1000, a stock GSXR 1000 powered bandit, and the Boost King even without the Supercharger. Holy Sh*$ can you imagine how many would be lining up at the dealers for those?????

Gabe 12-11-2001 08:05 AM

Movin' to North Georgia
That's a good idea...I hear there's good money in runnin' moonshine...and I DO have some cute second cousins...hmm.

Seriously, I should have mentioned that I DID in fact put a few dents in the tank and broke the headlight...and my back, as Abe sez below. But I do like that flat black look. If you're paying retail for a new bike, it should have nice paint, but I'm glad the OEM's like Honda, Ducati and Aprillia are legitimizing rat bikes for those of us who would rather pocket insurance claim money than waste it on an expensive paint job that never looks as good as stock.

hackfu 12-11-2001 08:09 AM

Re: First Ride: Honda 919
Re: the dyno chart = oops. that was a little coding boo-boo on my part. It has been fixed though... so if you check back, the chart should be at the bottom.

Gabe 12-11-2001 08:16 AM

More on Sport-Standards...
Look here for a groovy ride that is ALMOST just what I'm talking about:

Naked is good because it makes a bikes seem smaller and lighter than it is. An R1 stripped of it's fairing is truly teeny-looking. With under-seat gas tanks becoming popular, a very compact, lightweight sportbike is possible. Who needs fairings, anyway? All I need is a little windscreen to tuck behind when I'm going over 90 mph.

The old Hawk GT was a good size. It felt so tiny and narrow, it was like your knees were touching together! If Honda could just stuff the Super Hawk motor into a narrow chassis, make an under-seat tank, (maybe use twin shocks to make that possible?) little nose fairing, clip-ons...that would be a winning bike. This 900 motor makes less HP and tourque than the VTR1000! And it's heavier, wider and bulkier! What's up with that, Honda? We want our neo-Hawk!

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