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mandrake_the_mollusk 12-14-2001 03:18 AM

Re: why vibration?
there are lots of riders who consider a certain degree of vibration, especially in the passenger pillion, a VERY desirable attribute in a bike. If you have to ask OR would never understand, might as well go ahead and put your nuts in that Osterizer.

P-Ratt 12-14-2001 03:33 AM

It's not like that
I am not knocking the Nighthawk's performance or history. It is certainly a fixture in the history of bikes. Most people I know (me included) have some kind of history with a Nighthawk of some kind or age. I don't need Italian to be happy, but I think the 919 and Nighthawk resemble each other in an uninspiring way.

A mountain does not change through time because it cannot change. The Nighthawk has always been here, but it does not make it right.

BBD_Racing 12-14-2001 05:28 AM

Re: 2003 Honda Hawk GT 998 or Suzuki SV1000 S
Love the email address. My bike is slow too. Actually, it's max speed is zero, 'cause it be broke :(

Again, I think it is looks. If it looked like a V-Raptor, sales would not be a problem. People will take nice, but not outstanding looks in the $5800 price range, not the $9000 price range (unless the speed is incredible a la GSXR). The Superhawk is nice looking, but not jaw dropping. It is wierd how the mags all went spastic over it a mere 3 years ago (remember the 16 way sportbike shootout it won?), but now have totally forgotten it.

All this talk about the chicken has me wanting one.....

tbird71 12-14-2001 06:19 AM

It didn't sell then, and it won't sell now.

Besides, there are Kaws avail that are better bikes for 5999 and 6599 (11s and 12s)

[b]Me, I still own my 81 GS1100EX...I'll stick with that

Ride safe!

Philbiker 12-14-2001 07:57 AM

You're right.
The exhaust is ugly. Incredibly ugly. And stupid. Can you say soft saddlebags? I knew you could!

And how can it accomodate those obnoxious "slip-on" pipes that people love to buy?

Philbiker 12-14-2001 08:02 AM

I was reading your post and I think you were describing the Kawasaki ZX-9R with all your descriptions of what you want. Check it out. A friend of mine who tours occasionally just got one to replace a stolen Honda 929RR and he absolutely loves it. Much better than the 929 for his needs.

DeathCannon 12-14-2001 08:34 AM

Re: That (V-twins)
What you just said about V-twins is right on. I'm taking the time to back you up on this, because if we don't get the word out, they will keep marketing bikes to people's ignorance, instead of making the bikes that bike connoisseurs know the world really needs.

V-twins have lower redline, but how often do you ride an inline-4 near its higher redline, riding around town in the 12k area? If you look how a V-twin compares to an inline-4 in the real-world rpms they both can do, the V-twin, all things being equal, does BETTER, and with a very fun character. How often do I see some guy on his R1 stare in puzzled wonder, when some guy on a TL1000R, or even TL1000S, kicks his ass when the light turns green? And that's on a heavier bike. Does this make you pause to consider? But not only does he kick his ass, but his exhaust sounds so much better, like it's got soul!

The Japanese have not spent much time concentrating on putting out good V-twins, so some people blame that on the concept of the V-twin, instead of blaming it on poor marketing.

Ideas for some bikes that true connoisseurs would LOVE... and this I am following up on the last post--I recognize that guy knows where it's at.

SV1000S - Naked and light like a SV650, but with, say, a nice TL1000S motor. Do you even realize how cool it would be? There you are, on a bike with class, street style... it can handle, and it's reasonably light, and it can take an R1 off the line when the light turns green. If that doesn't sound cool enough, you forgot that it would be singing one of the most sublime kinds of music in all the world: the growling grunting exhaust note of a performance twin.

TL1000S II - They upgrade CBR's, GSXR's, R1's, continually evolving them better. But the TL1000S, they throw away after one try. Man, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! All this bike needed to be the perfect city sportbike, was the same upgrade they give to all the other bikes. Shed 30 pounds, put on new fuel injection, give it some better suspension and handling. This bike would win awards all over the place.

Honda Superhawk II - For the love of God, give it some REAL shocks, and the bike would be one of the best real-world performance bikes around. After the suspension is fixed, do the following: retune the engine to perform more like the TL1000, or RC51, and give it some classy styling, and ... I can't think of much else... the bike is not that far from perfection, if they improved the things that make it so close and yet so far. Shave some pounds maybe, but it honestly is light enough already.

Keep the V-twin candle of hope burnin'...


Philbiker 12-14-2001 08:50 AM

Superhawk - you forgot.....
Give the thing a tank that allows for a 150 mile range. The Sportster size tank has GOT to go!!!! :-)

Philbiker 12-14-2001 09:20 AM

Sounds like you'd like my bike.
1995 GPZ1100. You can afford to lose some top end when you're talking about a 175mph bike. The GPZ motor, based on the mighty ZX11, but detuned to a mere 112 max hp and 70 pancake flat ftlb, kicks major booty. I always smile when I whack the throttle back. :)

Philbiker 12-14-2001 09:29 AM

Candy in the paint?
Like the "Candy Persimmon Red" that Kawasaki uses on some of its bikes? (including my '95 GPZ)?

Man have you had to buy replacement paint? Damn!!! $50 per pint, $25 for the thinner (since the paint is concentrated). And you need TWO PINTS! One pint of base silver/gold and one pint of the clear red to go over it. Man expensive as crap!

But you're right, it looks FANTASTIC!!!! :-D

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