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Hebgan 12-12-2001 04:31 AM

Re: FZ-1
If you need to carry lots of "stuff" on your SV650 then take a look at Givi bags. They offer lots of solutions for lots of bikes... but they have a great rack and bags system for the SV. Plus I have to believe that if Suzuki ever made an SV1000 Givi would have a set of luggage to sell you!

Here's a site to take a look at...

Joe_Momma 12-12-2001 04:45 AM

2wd r1

whitetrashrobot 12-12-2001 04:53 AM

Hey wait a you guys even ride these things?
Just when I thought MO was a bastion of bad-ass motorcycle reviews I suddenly realized that all the images in the 919 test were straight from Honda. (Dont't believe me, check out their website, all the same images). Don't you guys even take your own pictures...?

I'm beginning to suspect that you're just another piece of the well-oiled marketing machine that enslaves us all.

Is there nothing left to believe in?

RonXX 12-12-2001 04:56 AM

Re: First Ride: Honda 919
Everyone in here seems to want a SV1000 or VTR powered hawk. A used TL or VTR can be gotten for about $5K now, so build your own! If i had about $7K just lying around, and some free time, I would do it. Some upraded suspension, a bigger gas tank (VTR), a rigged up handlebar, and various other bits is all you would need. I'm sure that someone out there has already built these bikes, maybe MO can do an article on one of them. FIRST POST!!!!

Lateshow 12-12-2001 04:57 AM

That's the beauty of the V-Twin. The torque comes on very early in the rpm range giving big grunt at low revs. This gives the rider quicker access to the engines power sooner thus translating into fun fun fun without having to wait for an in line four to spool up. The TL1000 motor keeps right on building power up to 10K rpms. So you can start thrashing your motor early on in the revs and keep right on going to redline or short-shift at 7K. Broad & very "useable" powerbands...I love it!!!!! That's why I keep saying that these are the perfect motors for street standards

SV1000 S Please Suzuki please!!!!!!!!!!!

Hawk GT 998 (ala RC51) Please Honda Please!!!!!!!!!

Kawasaki & Yamaha...its not too late for you either

Lateshow 12-12-2001 05:05 AM

link no bueno
Joe, that link went to a blank page...could you cut and paste the text or try again??? Many thanks

NickdaBrick 12-12-2001 05:23 AM

Okay then, I want one. (n/t)

Lateshow 12-12-2001 05:25 AM

thumper are you riding a single??? as your name suggests?
thumper, the reason yamaha has extra FZ-1s is two fold: First, many dealers thought that with all the hoopla about the release of the new R1 powered standard, that demand would be high and so they held out for full MSRP deals on them. Big mistake, new or not, better educated and more mature MC buyers want a deal, and we can get one. Second and more important Yamaha ruined the bike by putting an R1 looking fairing on their standard. Its too small and too low to do the job its supposed to do. Potential buyers of these bikes are not repli-racer-wantabes and DON'T want a tiny R1 sport fairing on their bike. Big mistake, and a deal killer for many.

I believe that with all its faults (pipe location, squishy rear suspension, 919 instead of 954 motor, single paint scheme, etc) that the Honda might sell better than the Yamaha. The ergos sound much more comfortable, its much less money (more left over for new pipes, power commanderbox, maybe a sport fairing, custom paint)and remember there are so many Honda faithful.

and what's your problem??? You piss on our brains just like Abe Froman, yet you offer us no vision of the bikes we should be riding. What gives??? From your name should we all be riding singles??? Who are you, what do you ride and why??? without that info how can anyone take anything you say seriously??? until you provide that info you are an "Anonymous Squid" and are good for nothing

shoowee70 12-12-2001 05:28 AM

Re: First Ride: Honda 919
A quick clarification about Buell copying the screen on a Monster. I challenge you to go back just a few years and find out exactly who had the screen first. For years the Monster was offered without a screen until, you guessed it, Buell introduced the lightning. Granted, I do still believe that they would both look better with just a headlight. The screen on the moster came out a year or two after the Buell.

markszrz 12-12-2001 05:28 AM

Re: Naked bikes?
I agree with you SilverBullet but with one clarification. I bought the ZRX1200 not for reliability or price. I bought it because it plain kicks butt both in performance and emotions for me. I remember being in High School and staring in to the local Kawasaki dealer drooling over the Eddie Lawson Replica and knowing my weekend job just wasn't going to support buying that bike. Ya the bike is reliable as they come (I expect that!) but that wasn' the reason I bought it.

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