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Default Re: Buell XB9R Firebolt reader feedback

This engine is an amalgam of the Sportster and Blast engines. The gearbox is different and (supposedly) less clunky than the Sportster gearbox used by other Buell twins. The rest of the bike is highly revolutionary.

I for one wouldn't trash it before riding it, and I doubt I could ride it at anywhere near its capability. If an air-cooled pushrod engine can provide enough power reliably then let it be! This bike exists for the rider's enjoyment, so if the rider enjoys it, it has attained its goal. (however, no-one enjoys a broken bike, so the reliability issue is important...)

And as for pushrods, well, BMW, that bastion of outside-the-box thinking, still uses 'em...
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Default You obviously don

Given that you obviously don't know Erik I'll help you out with some facts.

1. Erik is one of the most personable people I have ever met. I have talked with him an many occations. I have also seen him spend hours talking all kinds of people and politely answering some questions that would have many people laughing in the questioners face.

2. Erik is no poser. You may or may not have been able to out pace one of the people with him, but, even if you have several years of professional road race experience, you couldn't keep up with Erik on a road course, no matter what mods you have on your Hog. Erik raced and built Formula 1 motorcycles until the class was discontinued.

3. Erik is passionate about all kinds of motorcycles. He appectiates everything from the Honda cub (one of his favorites) to the latest Superbike. However, he doesn't believe in "technology for the sake of tchnology", if its not useful you won't find it on Erik's designs.

Do youself a favor, next time you see Erik spend some time getting to know him. It will be time well spent.

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Default Re: Buell XB9R Firebolt reader feedback

what's your physical stature? i'm 6'3" 230 and i keep reading this thing is so little and densely packed. i'm just curious if the riding position will be agreeable with someone of my size. also.. how did it sound ?
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Default Re: Buell XB9R Firebolt reader feedback

You are a slight variation of a crack smoker.
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Default Yeah, but...

his post has at least as much, or more credibility as RonXX's--the domestiphobe that started this. Sentences like "big deal, I bet it doesn't handle any better..." crack me up. He bets? What does that mean, other than that he has no idea because he hasn't even ridden it? He's very obviously tearing it down just because it's not Japanese. Do you really think there's any chance he actually understands the reasoning behind any of the design choices anyway? Ron's post is almost as dumb as the post by the guy that said he liked full fairings for looks, or the post by the guy that saw some rust on a buell at a dealership and thought it was a design flaw or quality control issue.
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Default Nighthawk 750 ?????????????

Well I've said it before and it looks as though I'm going to have to say it again...

Nighthawk 750 - BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear biggie, you must get paid by Honda Corp. to tout the Nighthawk.

Oh yah, I forgot, you get a "pass" because you live in Jamaica, where few bikes are available...get out and put some miles on your twinstar 250!!!!!!!

P.S. how's the weather??? We got 8 inches of SNOW over the weekend!!!!!
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Default Re: Nighthawk 750 ?????????????

Fewer ponies does not make a bike boring. Does a fighter pilot shun every plane that has less power than the F-14 he flies at work? FYI Chuck Yeager LOVES flying P-51 Mustangs. Think about that.

I suspect you're a "buzzword guy" like most sport bike owners. A newer _slightly_ better one comes along and suddenly your old bike becomes a piece of . I don't get that. If it was fun once, it suddenly stops being fun when some other company surpasses it? Weird.

I'd sacrifice a few ponies for some easy maintenance any day.... Boring? Not as boring as a 8+ hour friggin trial and error shim/bucket valve adjustment once a year when you could be out riding.

I do all my own maintenance. I'd take the Nighthawk or a Buell over any sportbike that requires that you pull apart half the bike, pull apart half the engine, pull the tensioner+cams to the shim/bucket trial it check it, error, repeat...

I've done it. I don't do it any more. Not even for money. I won't buy that type of bike anymore... I put far too many miles on a bike to put up with that ordeal every year just so you can play the buzzword game with your fellow Ricky Wannabe Racer friends.

"Wow. your F3 piece of wieghs 5.3 lbs more than my new F4. See, I'm better than you because my cams are hollow and I have 10 piston calipers...

Ain't why I ride. You?

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Default Re: Gas in the Frame

Insurance companies total the bikes if the handlebar (or anything) touches the frame. Which is not to say one can't fix it, it just costs a bomb.

R1 racers pinch the headstock back a bit using a frame press to try and get some better geometry out of the bike. You can bend anything back to true, and no one should be using heat with aluminum to help. Its actually a pretty easy process, though the stiffer the frame was before the bend, the greater the stress issues are when you do the job. There will always be some stretching involved as well, which will affect stiffness and geometry. You are sure to be right about internal coating (if it is there), that will have to get recoated...ugh.

I think its a cool idea, but you won't see (m)any raced, and you won't want to see the bill if you do.

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Default Re: Buell XB9R Firebolt reader feedback

It's an OK bike...

The styling is funky but ok - Now if they could just replace the motor to give it competitive power!

I read alot about Mr. Buell's comments in the press about it being a real world bike, what the rest aren't? That's an excuse for bringing another attempt at a Harley sportbike. N2Buell and the like will by the bike because of the name, not the performance.

Weapon of Choice? Maybe in GA, where there must be a dearth of real superbikes - more like POS of Choice. Its a bike that will be ridden TO the track, not ON it and it will have to be parked at the far end of the lot because all the real sportbikes got there first.

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Default Re: Buell XB9R Firebolt reader feedback

I was going to try to be polite in replying, but that just doesn't work with the willfully stupid. Why should Harley itself continue to fund a Superbike team? What is the return? It would mean spending millions of dollars without a forseeable return. Harley doesn't have any models that would make it profitable to "race on Sunday, sell on Monday". Harley won't make a Superbike as most Harley owners won't be interested, and the know it all squids will be too busy saying it leaks oil & breaks down to actually RIDE it. Harley has Buell to make spoerting bikes for the real world. (Ever see "sportbike" riders ride more than 20 miles at a time? Not around here.) If Harley was run by the so called experts who spout off here, it would have been bankrupt and out of business long ago. The "sportbike" posuers in this place put any so called cruiser posuers to shame.
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