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Default Re: Buell XB9R Firebolt reader feedback

While not a big fan of old push-rod engine technology myself, I would have to point out that Chevy's top of the line sportscar, the Corvette, is equipped with a pushrod V-8 whose origins can be traced back many years.

Erik's going for light weight and simplicity - no liquid cooling means no radiotor or water pump, so that much less added weight. Also, that pushrod engine should keep maintenance costs down.
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Default Re: Buell XB9R Firebolt reader feedback

Read a response from a guy in North Georgia. I grew up on bevel drives ss, bmw R90s, guzzi lemams I, etc. I live on SC Hwy 28 and ride in N.Ga, N.W. South Carolina and N.C. I'd love to get the chance to ride the buel with some fours and even some wantabees on ducatis here to see how competative the buel is. The article is somewhat positive but, overall it seems the editor dosn't give Eric a fair chance. I wish Buel had a better engine, but I bet this thing is a hoot to ride. Maybe something for someone who really wants to go fast (on moutian roads, curves) rather than just to posture on.


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Default Re: 130hp...

I hear you SpeedyR, and I agree with you on many of your points.

Actually I do need to improve my riding skills to become fast, and I know that more horsepower won´t help me until I get better.

BUT, I as long as I ride on the streets, where lap-times are uncommon and the occasional red-light dragrace are not, I also want to FEEL fast as you put it. Like I wrote in my original remark, I want a thrill when I turn the handle. I want to be fast going straight and round corners.

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Default Re: Buell XB9R Firebolt reader feedback

No, it's not perfect. But finally, the US of A has a pretty decent sportbike! Just wait until the tuners get finished...There's going to be some surprised sportbike riders out there. Plus, when that motor is turning 6 grand plus, the music in the air will arguably, be the sweetest on the road!

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Default Dammit, you're right again, alan

I agree, alan! Those were some of my feelings exactly, except that in addition, I think it's a fugly bike. And I don't think that it's even up to Super Sport levels of performance- compete against an R6 or GSX-R600? I think not. (I can just see the AMA letting these compete in SS as Buell has delusions of grandeur of doing and trailing behind and losing the championship, just as they did for Pro Thunder this year, a series custom made for the Buells to win!)

And for 10 g's, don't you think that Buell could at least throw in a full fairing?

So for the same money, I could buy a 954RR, a 2002 R1 or an R6 with a lot of cool accessories.

Sorry, Buell, yet again you have failed to grab my attention and thusly, my money.
\"I will not instigate revolution.\" -Bart Simpson
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Default Re: Big Power=You Will Die

Sorry but how did he highside from hitting the brakes? By definition a highside is a rear wheel breakaway caused by too much throttle causing the rear wheel to slip then grab throwing the bike upright and the rider "over the highside". You cannot do it on the brakes. His mistake was going for the front brakes in a corner anyway - which is not something any sort of experienced rider would do. If you have to brake mid corner use the rear.
As far as the two at trackdays that just speaks of the woeful state of safety at US tracks - there shouldn't be anything hard to hit like walls at a racetrack near a corner. If there was run off these things would be a lot less common. Don't blame the litre bikes for things that can easily be attributed to other causes - it's lazy thinking.
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Default Highsiding and big bikes

I've been asking myself that a lot. How did the skid turn into a highside? The skid marks were straight into the turn.

Well, if you get a little sideways on the brakes, and then let up, you highside as the bike regains traction. It can be either on the brakes or on the gas. It must have happened, because the bike hit a power pole with the tail section- if he had just lowsided, the bike would have hit the pole head-on, I think.

As far as using your front brakes going into a corner...well, an experienced rider uses both brakes, as hard as possible, in an emergency/panic situation.

Liter bikes are harder to control, encourage bad riding, and highside much easier than smaller bikes, even at the hands of expert riders. Perhaps those three men would be having thanksgiving with their families had they been on 600's- perhaps not. But the mania over liter bikes is killing riders and killing our sport, no doubt in my mind.
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Default Re: Buell XB9R Firebolt reader feedback

because you're dumber than a fencepost.....
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Default More raving from a walking dead man

Yeah, I wonder about the people who want more power too. I hate the alpha male pissing contest that occurs ever year on MO after the liter class shootout. Lots of people seem to think that the bike will ride for them, if only they can get more horsepower. My comment about spinning the rear wheel was only made to illustrate that it is too much power. For me anyway. I'm scared of it. And I'm riding technology three years old.

But, I firmly belive that people have the right to buy whatever they want. If people want 180 rear wheel, let 'em have it. And I also firmly belive that if you're going to ride like a nut, you can die on anything. Riding with the throttle pinned open all the time? Drinking? No helmet? You can die on a 250. Riding with people much more experienced than you or on a new road? Better take your time. If you're going to charge into a decreasing radius turn significantly faster than you can do it, then your brain is the problem; not the bike.

Brain squished from the accleration? I don't know. Maybe. I use the bike mostly as a commuter. I could ride Rossi's GP bike to work and be fine. Why? I'm not going to ride like a maniac (stoppies excepted.)

And finally, a word about how I came to my R1: I had an F4 that was stolen. I bought my R1 from a guy that had every concivable mod done to it. It was high mileage, but I didn't think 27,000 miles seemed too high given how perfectly it had been kept. And he offered to help me with any service issues I ever had with it. "Just bring it on back..." It was $7500, and I couldn't pass it up. It was a great deal fom a guy that was willing to help me with it. Runner up was a Bimota YB9. I would have bought it, but I didn't feel ready for that level of unreliablilty. If the R1 gets lost, I'll go find that Bimota...
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Default Re: Buell XB9R Firebolt reader feedback

I have just rode the new XB9R and it's everything they say it is and can't wait to ride again! The U.S price is going to be 9,995.00. The quality of this bike is incredible, for two weeks these machines where trashed before I had a chance to try them and the only parts changed were the tires.
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