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Default Re: Can't buy one

I went to the local poseur shop - er, uhm, HD dealership - and after being ignored by sales reps for awhile, who preferred to answer questions from potential poseurs like "Which is easier to rejet, carbureted or fuel injected?", I finally asked if I might be able to put a deposit on a Firebolt.

Long story short, he said "No." Why? "The Buell guy's not here today." I then spoke to the sales manager and got the same story. What a crock.

Customer satisfaction my ass!
Keep Right Except to Pass
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Default Quit Whining

You know, you can die on anything if you're going to ride beyond your skill level. Is it easier to do it on a liter class bike? Sure. But if you're going to try and keep up with your buddies no matter what, how soon you die is just dictated by how much better your friends are than you. I'm sorry you had friends and acquaintances die riding. But you can highside coming out of a corner on a track and die on almost anything.

Is liter class power too much? Sure. I've got an R1 with 190 Michelin Race Pilots on it. It will spin those on any of the slicker types of pavement around town. The guy that sold it to me recently bought a Gixxer 750 over the 1000. Why? It's still enough power, and has a better turn in. I guarantee my next bike will be lower horsepower.

But, all that being said, MO gets way too much of the "no one can ride a liter class right, power isn't riding, I blow by them on my (insert your bike here) in the corners" type hate. We'd all still be riding bicycles if you had to ride like Rossi before you could own your ride. If people want 160, 170 rear wheel horsepower let tham have it. It doesn't bother me. I don't have to tell people "that doesn't require skill." And I for one, am sick of hearing it. Can I turn in Haga-esque times on my R1? No way. But I'm having fun and not hurting anyone.
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Default Re: Heavy Artillery Needed

I joined the Buell bandwagon in 96 on a S2T. After 20k on her I sold her and was in a position to buy any of the Buells thru 2001,but after riding all of them I went back to the S2 and after $3800 in upgrades to motor to bring her up to hp range she should have been in the 1st place I still haven't broke 150mph. My overall rating of my S2 is very good as it is with the whole network but I had and still have and will always have this nagging spur in my saddle from lack of horsepower!! I have a little over 15k in my S2 and over 27k in both Buells I've owned and it brakes my kahonas when any jap bike over 600 cc walks but me for 1/3 less $$.The XB9R looks like a step up again for Buell but I for one grow tired of baby steps and unless Erik brings out the heavy artillery and puts the U.S. up on par w/japs I'll pass on this one.
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Default Re: Buell XB9R Firebolt reader feedback

I completelly agree with last comment by Gabe. This new Buell XB9R is stunning piece of engineering and aesthetics. Maximum output on rear wheel is irrelevant for average user, even so, it seems to have a plenty of it. What should be appreciated is that this is achieved with V-45 engine of simple (hopefully foolproof) design. Will I buy it? No. (Mind you, I would not mind to take it for spin.) At this time I am quite content with my 2001 VTR. It satisfy my biking urges. But again, it is good to see an honest (if not brilliant) effort!
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Default Re: Buell XB9R Firebolt reader feedback

Wow, you sure blasted Buell hard for doing the right thing in the past. Last time I checked a motorcycle company that is willing to spend 5.5 million dollars to ensure the quality of their bikes voluntarily with out the government telling them too, is a good thing . I own a motorcycle (other than my buell)that has had 4 forced recalls since 99. Never a word in print about it? I think the article would have seemed more objective had you not tainted it with the first two paragraphs. Having had the opportunity to ride the firebolt a fewdays before you did ,on the same track, I came away with a great impression of the bike. I'm no professional moto journalist like your self. just a street jockey , who spends off days carving the roads in the N. GA. mountians . This new Firebolt is sure to become the weapon of choice by pilots who can recognize the qualities in this bike that make it a great street machine and a good track bike. Any one thinking about a new bike should go and test ride one, because the spec. sheets dont apply in the REAL WORLD.
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Default Re: Need a jolt?

You should look a little closer . there is a bolt out section in the right side of the swing arm that should make the job a snap. About 1.5 hrs. should do it.
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Default Re: No.

Just because you owned one doesn't mean you know how to get the power out of it.

100 hp is not hard to get and is streetable.

Of course, like anything, it cost a bit of money.

If you were unable to get more power, then you were looking in the wrong place and talking to the wrong people.

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Default You sound just like Terry!

In one of his last posts. And maybe you should have read mine more closely. (perhaps your brain got squished by all that liter-class acceleration?)

Am I preaching hate? Did I say that nobody can ride a liter-class bike well? (actually, I said the fastest guy was on a ZX-12R- and this is at a modified Sears Point with almost no straights at all!)

Indeed you can die highsiding almost anything. So why, three years in a row, did I PERSONALLY observe three guys die on liter bikes? And not unskilled guys, either? I can almost guarantee they were all better riders than you.

Can you turn Haga-esque times on your R1? Of course not. Haga couldn't either- the fastest race bikes are 750's at most tracks. But can you even keep up with a mid-pack finisher at a novice club 600 production race? I wouldn't bet on it. And you know what? That's just fine. I'm very happy you enjoy your bike. Here in the land of liberty, we can do any kinda God-damn thing we want with our hard-earned money, right? We're not hurtin' nobody, right?

Well, Terry hurt me. And his wife, and children, and my friend who was drenched in Terry's blood giving him mouth-to-mouth. (BTW, does everybody reading this know CPR and proper helmet-removing techniques? Learn!) He hurt anybody who cares about the life and well-being of their fellow motorcyclists, because every death and severe injury is a blow to our sport. Maybe he would have gone down on a 600 or an EX500. But I doubt it. He just wouldn't have been going as fast from the last corner. How fast do you need to be going to lay down a 50 foot skid mark? The CHP at the scene said "highway speeds". He accelerated to those speeds in the blink of an eye.

But here's something else to think about. Having that power seems to feed a certain animalistic ego, an ego that needs to prove and justify the big-horsepower choice the bike's owner made. Not everybody has it. Maybe Bimota doesn't have it, although the seemingly out-of-context remark regarding spinning the back tire (an R1 can spin it's back tire? Jeepers! You sure are a heck of a consumer! Zowie!) reeks of machismo. That hidden monster, usually under control but occasionally rearing its ugly head, might be what did Terry in.

As far as MO's bulletin boards being overloaded with anti-big bike "hate", stop dailing the Anti-Defamation League and do a little more surfing. For every post like mine, there's a dozen crying for more power, more power, more power. The reason people post such things is because they are grounded in reality, not la-la land. They are people who have seen THE TRUTH over long careers, and a few things almost always stick out.

1. Untalented buffoons seem to gravitate towards bigger bikes to mask their lack of skills

2. Bigger bikes make it easier to get up to certain-death speeds

3. Skilled riders gain their skills learning over a long period of time on smaller, low-horsepower bikes.

BTW, you made an excellent point- DON'T TRY TO KEEP UP!!! And if you are passed by somebody who wasn't following you from the start, don't try to re-pass him, because he's obviously much faster! And conversely, make sure slower riders understand that speed is a function of skill, not equipment- leading somebody at a faster pace than you know they can handle is tantamount to attempted murder, in my book.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving (I have plenty to be thankful for, God knows!) and ride safe!
Gabe Ets-Hokin

Just a guy in the ether...
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Default Where are you?

I don't think I can agree that sales tax (VAT) is the differentiator here. UK auto and bike dealers have been price fixing for years. (Recently upheld in the EU by the way with the Levis "brands-can-do-what-ever-they-want" decision) That's why you can buy a british built Rover in Amsterdam for 75% of what you will pay in England. Euro models of bikes built in Europe are cheap compared to US versions of Euro bikes (BMW, Aprilia). Jap bikes are a touch more expensive, but I found base price to be lower. It is the 17 to 22 percent Value Added Tax that ultimately kills you, but the dealers usually get less out of end result. Most will make it up in volume, as far more bikes are running around per capita.

England has been taking it up the behind by the government for hundreds of years, recently in the matter of speed cameras (zillions already, and 10x more coming), crackdowns on marginal, but controversial and visible groups (ie. "Death Wish" moto riders), as well as some of the highest tax rates for the common man. And what happens? Nothing. So it'll go on and on...

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Default F1 V4 1000 motorcycle

I'd like to ride it anywhere I had the chance. Don't be a weenie, live a little!

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