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Default Where's MT-01 ???

What happened to MT-01 concept bike?

I was hoping Yamaha would build it but oh well, I guess they need to build in order to sell...

When will people get over with cruiser?

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Default Re: Yamaha Warrior Feedback

My 3 cents worth (sorry, inflation!):

Air-cooled engines look better without the myriad hoses, radiator, and fake cooling fins. They also have more mechanical presence (aurally) due to not having the sound insulation properties of liquid sandwiched by two cylinder walls. They're generally easier to service due to improved accessability, as well.

However, air-cooled motors generally have shorter top-end lives because of greater manufacturer tolerances on rings and piston-to-cylinder clearances, owing to the much broader temperature ranges these components are subjected to. This is probably a problem the 3rd or 4th owner will have to deal with though. Also, air-cooled motors, particularly ones with great-big bores, tend to burn through more motor oil, so you do have to be more vigilant about checking oil levels.

I'd also be sure to use a synthetic motorcycle oil (after breaking-in new motor) on an air-cooled motor because of its ability to work better over a wider range of temperatures, and because synthetics have higher "flash" points.

I hope this helps.
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Default Re: Alas, No Victory

Well, the two bikes you mentioned are both powerful machines, but neither one really handles worth a damn. Besides, they're V-Fours. Everything else we're talking about in cruiserdom is a V-Twin here. AND Victory was the first to coin the moniker "Sport Cruiser" though Harley did beat them to the punch with the FXRS Sport Glide. Now THAT was a fun bike to ride. Too damn much money, but fun to play with on demo rides! Shame they don't make them anymore. Ah hell, what do I care? Harley makes BETTER now, only they're called BUELLS!
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Default Trade, but not to the Warrior

As someone about to go from a cruiser to a standard, don't trade! The cruiser seating position is nice on the showroom floor but is just as nasty on the lower back as a racer crouch (though it is easier on the knees).

Instead, trade your R1 for an FZ1 or 919 (or other large standard). Worlds better comfort for commuting, yet with just as much _real-world_ performance as an R1. An eminently better bike for someone who doesn't do trackdays. I mean, cruisers look nice (and the Warrior is very very nice), but the day that I rode across Colorado and Wyoming spread-eagled to wind blast is the day that I started praying for a quarter-fairing and pegs underneath the seat.

And do you like twisties? Regardless of how good the suspension is, twisties are a very slow process when your wheelbase is 62-67 inches.
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Default Re: Alas, No Victory

Ummmm... I always thought of the H-D SPORTSTER as the original sport-cruiser. Victory's effort went right past me, I didn't even know they were trying. The V65 Magna was/is a cruiser, V4 and all. No it doesn't handle well by today's standards, but in '83 it was a sportbike compared to the other cruisers. Honda called it a "musclebike". The V-max was the next step. The V-rod has 1 more horsepower than the 18 year old V65 Magna, and is slower. But it's got it's own thing going for it-it is very unique in appearance(and has those magic profit making letters on the tank).

This new Warrior is a step in the right direction, but it isn't close enough for me. The warrior needs a better looking muffler. Maybe it's needed for power, but come on- do we have to have ugly to have power? A big megaphone on each side with a slash cut would look far better than that thing. Hell, even the VTX exhaust looks better(kinda looks like a rear firing rocket laucher). And also, a shaft drive would look nicer than that huge belt system. H-D's belt system is cleaner looking.

If I were looking for a new sport cruiser/muscle bike, it'd be a toss up between the brute force of the V-max and the beauty of the Mean Streak. I sat on the VTX and it's just too heavy and big. The Vrod's too expensive and looks too much like a DeLorean-bike. Hmmm.. would the V-max motor fit in the Mean Streak? That would be my new bike in a hearbeat.
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Default Re: Comfort is in the a** of the beholder...

Earplugs? You must have a V&H on it because a Buell is a pretty quiet bike stock. It oughta be with that schoolbus factory muffler and belt drive. But M2+V&H=sexiest sounding bike on the planet! An exhaust note to make most cruisers weep with envy, stump-pulling torque, comfortable riding position AND sportbike handling that's darn good if less than state-of-the-art. All at a street price in the ballpark of some 600s. NOW if they could just improve the minor QC problems. Though the basic drivetrain is virtually bulletproof many owners have small things go wrong with them and the Japanese have spoiled today's posercyclists to believe that nothing should ever go wrong with any motorcycle until it's a ratbike. (What the heck is a toolkit anyway?) With bikes produced by small companies in small numbers at reasonable prices the reality is you can't expect perfection. However with the resource of HD behind them they should be able to get closer. People who haven't ridden one don't know what they're missing --including the free butt massage while waiting at stoplights.
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Default Re: Comfort is in the a** of the beholder...

Earplugs for the wind noise -- loud helmet, bikini fairing. I moved to the buell from a fully faired Electra Glide Ultra Classic. The engine makes beautiful noise at just about any speed. I have had it since Sept 1., put 2700 miles on it, not one problem so far. Most Buell owners I know that have real problems experience them in the first 1k.
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Default Re: Not bad...

Actually the Bandit seating position for long rides is almost perfect. Enough forward lean to get the wait off your tail bone but not enough to make wrist sore. I road the v65 sabre. a friend owned one. I owned a a v45 magna. I could see the vmax replacing the v65 magna but the Sabre was more of a v4 standard. The Bandit is much more useable then the Sabre because of it's much better road manners and less wait. The Sabre was really top heavy and fell into coners.

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Default i did it and i think you should too

after riding and racing more than 30 years, i migrated from sportbikes to cruisers and i have absolutely no regrets. love my valkyrie. riding a cruiser has opened up a whole new world for me. i've learned that:

1. you can have lots of fun going the speed limit

2. you miss lots of scenery when you don't

3. chicks by and large greatly prefer cruisers

5. backaches, leg cramps and numb fingers are unnecessary

6. people who ride sportbikes look like monkeys humping footballs

7. if you ride a sportbike aggressively long enough, you will bust your a$$

8. crashing sucks (don't ask me how i know this)
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Default Re: Comfort is in the a** of the beholder...

I had more problems in the 1st 2000 miles than any other bike I've owned but they were minor and promptly fixed. Not any reason to stay away if the bike appeals to you, especially the M2 which has been around long enough they oughta have the glitches out. I like the Firebolt but have no plans to buy one the first year out based on my experience with Buell and the fact some dealers are trying to price gouge on them.
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