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Default Uh huh...

A funny thing happened while riding the Sabre. I have always said it's actually a very capable bike in the right hands, once you learn how to ride around the shaft and get used to the weight. Apparently I must have gotten a decent amount more smooth in my riding, because the relative instability of the SV isn't bothering me much now. I have always appreciated the engine, the absolutely unflexing chassis (especially compared to the Sabre, which has noticible flex) and the solid feeling brakes.

Oh yeah, and the modern radials too, an Avon Azaro AV36 on the rear and an AV27 on the front. Avon makes kick ass tires, and I will be fitting Azaro II's on the Sabre as well next time around since they are available in close enough sizes. FYI, in case you haven't heard, Azaro II's are known to be especially well matched to the SV.

As I've said before, I ride whenever possible. The SV is not that bad for every day riding, but to enjoy it you have to *feel like* riding. The other night I just felt like playing in the rain on it, and had a blast. Now I've ridden it every day since then. Most likely I'll probably switch back and forth from time to time.

I'm the same as you about the cruisers and liking them except for the lack of oomph, probably another reason why I am so Sabre-crazy. You can ride it like a Harley or like a sportbike and it works pretty well either way, and it certainly doesn't lack power or character. The SV isn't much fun to ride like a Harley, it really wants you to be getting on it all the time. The Sabre is a "centrist bike", a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. I will say there is a whole lot more power available in a Harley twin than in stock form, without doing much work to it at all, just pipes and rejetting and a screaming eagle air filter. I'm still waiting for a Japanese V-Rod before buying any power-cruisers though. Actually a big-bore Magna might do the trick as well...

Sometimes I wish the SV had open class power in a straight line, but I think it really has plenty of power for most riding, and it's very tractable, usable power. You have to put it in relative terms - I have decisively beaten every exotic sportscar who has wanted to race me from a stoplight and everything on 2 wheels other than real sportbikes, so I'd say it probably has enough power.

What's up with the Raptor - are they not importing it? I thought it was alive and well. There will be no SV1000, at least not right away, looks like Suzuki decided to build the V-Strom instead, which actually looks like it could be a fun ride anyway (and possibly a good all-arounder if they don't gut the power too much from the engine's TL state). I thought I heard the Super Hawk was going away soon. The service manager where I bought my SV rides one and loves it though.
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Default off on a tangent: V-Twin standards

The Raptor is alive and well but available only in Europe. That was part of the deal with Cagiva, that they couldn't sell it in the U.S. That's the fact that gives me hope that they will sell an SV1000 here and didn't want anyone getting a Suzuki powered V-Twin Standard unless it was actually a Suzuki.

As for Honda repackaging the Superhawk motor in a Hawk GT "like" setup, now that they have the 919, it seems unlikely. However, standards are gaining in popularity and so it remains a possibility.

The Naked V-Twin Standard concept seems so simple:

Sportbike performance, chasis & brakes

Full liter V-Twin engine power

streetfighter ergos, risers and MX bars (not clip ons)

8K - 10K depending on components
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Default Re: Nothing wrong with aircooled...

air cool motors are more expensive to produce though in theory less to maintain. they are used in piston aircraft because it in one more system not to worry about, as long as it's well engineered and the oil is changed often, it doesn't matter if it 20 below or 100 decrees there shouldn't be a problem
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Default Re: off on a tangent: V-Twin standards

Suzuki actually had a very good V-Twin standard a few years ago: the VX800. Intruder 800 drivetrain in a standard chassis. A great bike overlooked by the American market.
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Default Re: Not bad...

I wish I cheched this forum earlier, you really did tick a nerve. People of low intelligence? Who the hell you think you are? I agree the new standards that are mentioned here are suitable for aggressive riding and told so in my post. They are also more suitable than sportsbikes for non-aggressive bikes, and they make good commuters and tourers. And they are not designed for the racer wannabes. Get it?
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Default Re: Ugly duckling...I think not

Ok this week should see the delivery of my new Warrior...after a few hundred miles of rolling in the Florida sunshine I will re post. bottom line-- The rear looks FAT from a low view...I will put a side mount plate and some funky turn signals so you can really see the HUGE pipe and rear tire, the fender and tail light are the BOMB and w/ out that stock plate hanger you will see it all as she flies down the road. Most complaints I hear are the seat but if you want a long fendered cruiser its a whole nother world. It seems that the test riders also complain when they drag the pegs cornering...when did you last try to lean a cruiser enough to hit the foot rests. This bike I think will be the best of both worlds. All my buddies with new or old cruisers are always sitting in the pack talking about new rims / tires, chrome this and that, drag bars, blah blah...

For me this bike is 80% the way I want it so thats a good start. Lets bump it over 100hp and see.

I saw a guy in the area walk his new Warrior in a full wheelie about 200' the other day and land without a thud, try that on a full cruiser.
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Default Re: Pipes and fairing and spoiler, O MY !!!

i've been lookin in to a new bike......... and i had noticed how for the most part the pipes all started to look the same more or less....

when i saw the warrior i had to take the trip to the dealership for a closer look.... needless to say though it may look out of place... it is different and already has started to grow on me.....

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