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Rob-SV650 11-17-2001 01:27 PM

Dumba$$ Squid...
Grow up. The older bikes, with the addition of modern rubber, handle fine in any type of sane riding. The biggest thing holding the older bikes back was the rubber made at the time - Dunlop (dis)Qualifiers are not exactly great tires by today's standards. A set of BT45's or Avon Super Venoms is a great equalizer, and the suspension pieces on a Sabre (which was a premium bike in its day) are still superior to cheap new bikes like the SV650, if you have any actual experiece on either one (and I know you don't - the numbers you throw out are WAY off). It's not a bike for the track, but it kicks a$$ on the street, up to and including 8/10 sport riding (and if you ride harder than 8/10 on the street you have no business calling ME a "squid").

Your "enthusiasts" remark makes my point to a tee. An "enthusiast" implies that you're a hobbyist, not an everyday rider. Maybe if my scope of motorcycling consisted of going out to play on weekends I'd appreciate sportbikes more.

Try this little experiment - for the next year, don't drive a cage unless you need to do something that's completely impractical for a motorcycle (moving a TV, grocery shopping, etc). Consider your motorcycle your only mode of transportation with only a few exceptions. You're gonna do a lot of riding on straight, sometimes poorly paved roads, have to sit in slow traffic, take some trips, ride with passengers, make beer runs, and dodge brain dead cagers. Sometimes you're just not gonna feel like Sunday morning sport riding and you'll just want to take it easy and enjoy the ride. Sometimes you'll hit the twisty stuff hard, but unless you're wealthy and unemployed, have the perfect route to work, or your job is writing for a bike mag, that will be a tiny fraction of your total riding.

Do this for several years on very different bikes, as I have, then come talk to me about "gaining some experience" and the total superiority of today's sportbikes. Then you can tell me all about how great it is to sit in traffic in push-up position or how fun torn up pavement is on a bike without enough stablizing wheelbase or rake and trail. I ride every day, everywhere - not just as a weekend play activity. I've ridden in every street condition you can imagine, from 0° to 115°, in snow, in rain, on torn up roads under construction, on mountain roads, you name it. I have crashed exactly zero times. I have plenty of experience to say that narrowly focused bikes don't cut it under most of the conditions encountered in the real world.

This is reader feedback forum about a power cruiser. Your comments and attitude would (barely) make sense in a sportbike forum, but they're totally misplaced here.

Rob-SV650 11-17-2001 01:42 PM

Re: Is the Warrior THAT ugly?
I don't know about ugly, but it kinda looks like a V-twin cruiser version of a V-Max, which although I'd consider buying one with my own money, I'd have to admit looks a bit, um, interesting....

I just wanna know how it performs, and how comfortable it is (or not). Looks are for posers.

BigGit 11-18-2001 01:28 AM

Re: Dumba$$ Squid...

I have been riding regularly for about two years. My Twinstar replaced my bicycle as my regular mode of transport. I do not agree that "enthusiast" and "regular rider" are incompatible.

I agree with your assessment of the kind of riding an everyday rider does, though. I don't have the experience of different bikes and (MOST thankfully) of such wildly varying temperatures (one of the few advantages of being a Jamaican).

Mountain roads are a literal pain in the @$$ on my bike, but otherwise it does everything I need it to do.

HOWEVER, no bike can safely carry the equipment I need to carry for my job, nor can any bike carry my guitar and amp safely enough for my piece of mind (spelling intentional), so I will be putting the tiddler up for sale as soon as I meet the second of my major objectives with it.

Rob-SV650 11-18-2001 05:01 PM

Re: Dumba$$ Squid...
An enthusiast can be a regular rider, but that goofball uses it in the context of "enthusiasts are squids like him who take dumbass risks on public roads". I like to read about bikes and try out different bikes when I can, and ride as often as I can. That's my own definition.

I won't be seeing 0° any more, that was in Illinois and I got tired of it and moved to Arizona. I still ride every day even if it's 115° though. There's too many days where you can't ride in Illinois - when there's snow you pretty much have to cage it. Still, as long as there's not dangerous road conditions it's still fun riding in winter anyway just because it's different. Too hard to convince your S.O. to ride along instead of taking the car though :-).

I agree with you're earlier posts about the Nighthawk - it fill almost every riding role there is and do it well, and I've heard it can do a pretty good job hanging with the 600's in twisties other than where power is a major factor. It's just as fast as an SV650 even though it doesn't have the low end grunt. Personally I'd miss the feel of a nice V-4 or V-twin though.

tachy1 11-19-2001 09:07 AM

Re: You might want to step up to a bike made in the late 80
Dont get your panties all twisted up there girlie boy!

Once again you spout off with a great deal of enthusiasm here with what seems to be little knowledge of what you speak. In another post you talk about adjustments for comfort and handling, all things "standard" on a Sabre like adjustable bars, air adjustable and dampening front AND rear. And I'll tell you with Progressive suspension and Dunlop 205's, I'd like to see your beloved petite ride keep up with mine, even in the twisties! I don't think we intended to hurt your feelings, perhaps I can offer up a Midol . . . . .

BadAndy1670 11-19-2001 11:50 AM

Need leather bags too!
I,m looking to buy a Road Star, Warrior but I,m

not sure if I will be able to find a leather bag set

that will fit with the high pipe it has.

I would like to keep the high pipe for now.

whats your, thoughts on this. thanks *

BadAndy1670 11-19-2001 02:34 PM

Re: Yamaha Warrior Feedback
I would like to know if a set of leather bags, would

still fix on with that high pipe.

I would like to have both.

BadAndy1670 11-20-2001 04:46 PM

Re: Pipes and fairing and spoiler, O MY !!!
Well, for me I would like to keep that pipe aslong

as I will still have enough room for a set of leather

bags. if not new pipes.

I,m waiting to find out how much room there is.

Bman142 11-21-2001 08:33 PM

Re: Yamaha Warrior Feedback
Yup, its dark for me too.

JohnGeisz 11-23-2001 08:10 AM

Re: Being strictly logical about that statement...
Sorry it wasn't obvious, but that was a feeble attempt at humor.

Two things, and try to work with me here...

1) Don't knock the football 'til you've tried it.

2) I don't need a bike to pick up chicks.

End of feeble humor, okay fellas, here's a more literal explanation for you.

I like cruising, I just like to do it on a bike that weighs less that 700 pounds, but I also like sport riding. I said no flame intended, jeez.

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