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caderider 11-10-2001 01:44 AM

Re: Yamaha Warrior Feedback
I forgot who said it, either blip or minime, but they said that if the 'fake cooling fins' get too hot to touch, then they are not fake...


starvingstudent 11-10-2001 09:55 AM

Re: Not bad...
A W650 has a wheelbase of 57" and 27 degrees of rake. A ZR7 as a wheelbase of 57" and 25.5 degrees of rake. These are closer to the CBR than the Sabre. So are these bikes for racer-wannabes too, or is it time to admit that perhaps the Sabre is longer than most people want for the street?

Your Sabre has about the same wheelbase as my Shadow 600, and I'd say that my Shadow is too long to be considered an agile sportbike.

Jack_R750 11-10-2001 02:08 PM

Re: more SV vs Kwaker ZR-7
I have yet to ride 996, I hope one day I'll put my hand on one, but I rode GSX-R750 96' and GSX-R600 98' of my friends, and I can tell you my bike (maybe because it was packed with improvements almost reaching its price) wasn't lacking power in comparison, and had more aggressive throttle response. But it felt heavy, and very stable but unwilling to turn, also due to steering damper - so I imagine the rock-stability of 996 won't be unfamiliar, even though by comparison - of course in the city traffic I prefer the CBR900 handling (which is most probably what I'm going to get - a good used CBR900). As to the other sides of a package - I have yet to experience it, maybe then I'll get enough of it myself, and maybe I'll fall in love :-).

imported_Big_D 11-10-2001 02:24 PM

Re: Yamaha Warrior Feedback
I'm sort of stuck on the crusier market also. I was going to sell my GSXR1000 and buy the V Rod. But I woke up. I keep my bike and buy a Warrior. Best of both worlds. Hell it's almost as cheap! It will be cheaper the way I buy. Because u know V rod want be discounted.

itchface 11-10-2001 04:15 PM

Re: Yamaha Warrior Feedback
Gee, with that kind of logic, fake boobs that still give me a stiffie are not really fake.

BigGit 11-10-2001 09:50 PM

Re: Suzuki Boost King to replace V-65 Magna&V-Max
I'm sorry, not even Nat King Cole could have made "Old MacDonald Had A Farm" interesting. We all KNOW Elvis couldn't; he actually sang it in one of his movies...

LimeSqueezr 11-10-2001 11:13 PM

Re: Yamaha Warrior Feedback
I agree. The purpose of "power cruisers" is not to compete with sportbikes but to make cruisers that are more responsive and competent. Motorcycles should not be run off the ramps by SUVs and old men in Chryslers because they can't keep up. And some of the current cruisers out there are pretty weak in both acceleration and handling. Okay if you're happy with just style and no go, but there should be alternatives in the cruiser market hence the "power cruiser" genre. All of the current crop of those are very competent compared to what we've been offered in the past and the Mean Streak with excellent brakes and handling (for a cruiser that is) doesn't need to be put down because it has a bit less power than some of the others. There are other bikes for hp addicts.

Rob-SV650 11-11-2001 06:06 AM

Re: Not bad...
The Sabre is a BIG HONKIN' standard. The two bikes you mentioned do split the difference between an SV650, basically a naked sportbike, and a Nighthawk, a smaller (than a V65) standard. The overall size of the bike has to be taken into consideration too. And you seem smart enough to realize that there are gradients within classifications - for example, while an SV650 is certainly not as hardcore as a GSX-R, it is still very heavily biased toward the sport end of the spectrum.

That said, the W650 is still pretty solidly standard, while the ZR-7 is leaning a bit more toward sporting standard.

And actually, the V65 Sabre is smaller (shorter, lighter, less raked out) than full size cruisers, which are the best selling bikes now, so you really can't make the "longer than" statement. What the Sabre is, however, is a good compromise that gives you great engine performance (just below the V-Max, better than the V-Rod), it's more nimble than a cruiser due to it's shorter wheelbase and less rake and trail (but not jittery like a sportbike), and absolutely built for the street without much influence of anything designed for competetive riding. It's a better sportbike than a cruiser and a better cruiser than a sportbike, get it?

Rob-SV650 11-11-2001 06:51 AM

Re: Different intended audiences?
They really are not aimed at similar audiences. The SV is one notch down from a hardcore sportbike while the ZR is one notch toward sportiness from a middle-of-the-road standard like a Nighthawk.

If you doubt this, check and see how many people are racing ZR-7's vs SV650's - the SV is huge in amateur racing and the ZR is no where in sight.

As a do-it-all (as in to replace driving a cage 99% of the time), I'd go for the ZR. If you want something more to screw around on and have fun on during your free time, go for the SV.

Rob-SV650 11-11-2001 07:22 AM

Re: Being strictly logical about that statement...
I was trying to figure that one out too...

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