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Rob-SV650 11-09-2001 03:06 PM

Re: Not bad...
Oh, and yes, I have compared the wheelbases as well as the other relevant chassis dimensions. The hardcore sportbikes (R1, GSX-R, CBR, ZX) are all about 55" wheelbase, compared to 56" for the SV650 and Bandit 1200 and around 57" for the ZRX and FZ1. They all have rake angles of 25 degrees, with the exception of the FZ1 which is 26, and the GSX-R series which are all 24. These are not major differences. All of these are basically sportbikes regardless of other factors like fairings, steel vs. aluminum frames, engine configurations, etc.

A V-Max has a wheelbase of 62.6" and a rake of 29 degrees. A Nighthawk has a wheelbase of about 59" and a rake of 29 degrees. Since I mentioned it, an 80's V65 Sabre has a wheelbase of 62.6" and a rake of 30 degrees. IMHO, these are ideal do-it-all roadbike setups. Intrestingly, several dual-sports fit these approximate dimensions as well.

A typical cruiser has a wheelbase of over 65" and a rake of 32 degrees or more.

Rob-SV650 11-09-2001 03:17 PM

Re: Not bad...
See the above reply for details of why you're full of $hit. In case you're too lazy to scroll up, I'll recap it here:

The ZRX is much closer to a sportbike than any 80's standard, as are the FZ1, Bandit, and the 919 which nobody has ridden yet. Like I originally said, short-wheelbased, low raked (as in 25 degrees) = sportbike.

You could ride a fookin Ducati 996 around town and go camping on it too, but that doesn't make it even close to the best bike for the job.

However, if it's any consolation to ya, I think I like the ZRX best in it's class...

Rob-SV650 11-09-2001 03:22 PM

Re: Bandit not a bad ride...
You've kinda helped make my point when you said "hooligan bike", which implies that it's biased toward aggressive riding.

Rob-SV650 11-09-2001 03:41 PM

Re: Not bad...
In case it wasn't clear, Tony, the last comment was directed to you. The V65 Sabre will be much slower turning than a Bandit on good tires. It's simple geometry - longer wheelbase by 6 inches and 5 degrees more rake equal slower turning. Lots of people on the Sabre list say they get what you were talking about (falling into turns) after fitting Dunlop 205's on their bikes, which IMO are ill fitted to that particular bike. The Sabre actually handles pretty well, but it definitely favors stabilty over the ability to fully lean side to side super quickly.

My SV650 feels like it's falling in all low speed turns regardless of tire condition, which is the main reason I don't like it much. By contrast the Sabre feels unbelievably stable. Come to think of it, my wife's '86 Rebel 450 feels better at normal speeds as well.

The SV really shines at high speeds though. Above around 65 or so it becomes stable and the wind pushes enough that it doesn't feel too leaned forward any more, and you can appreciate the rock-solidness of the chassis.

Enginewise well, the SV engine is a gem, but there's nothing like a big displacement V4.

Rob-SV650 11-09-2001 04:01 PM

Re: SV vs Kwaker ZR-7
I have hundreds of hours and 15,000 miles on an SV650 and I'll say that depends on your idea of fun. If you are into extremely hard riding, the kind that would most likely get you thrown in jail if a cop saw you, and the kind that you would never rationally do without full leathers on, then the SV is your bike. It is quick, quick handling and responsive, but likewise it demands your constant attention. It does have a great engine though, no one could argue with that.

If you enjoy a less aggressive and focused style of riding, or commuting, or touring, you can find (much) better bikes. I'm not sure if the ZR-7 is one having never ridden one, but I'd guess that it is.

Rob-SV650 11-09-2001 04:17 PM

Re: Suzuki Boost King to replace V-65 Magna&V-Max
"Suzuki Boost King to replace V-65 Magna &

V-Max - Those old relics are not Cruisers.

Muscle Bikes, yes.

Power Standards, Yes.

Neo-classic Drag Bikes, OK.

Hooligan Machines, Maybe"

Dumbass, when are you gonna figure out it's the singer, not the song? A good rider on a Magna will toast a so-so rider on a GSX-R, if that's what you're into. You sound like a big mouthed idiot who thinks he knows everything in all your posts.

Rob-SV650 11-09-2001 04:23 PM

Re: Are you serious..nighthawk 450?????
Here you go spouting again. I have done exactly what you said, except for 15,000 miles instead of 5,000, and I can definitely tell you there were a lot of better all-around bikes built 15-20 years ago, before everything was a sportbike, a cruiser, a tourer, or a moped, with a very few possible exceptions like the Nighthawk 750, BMW R1100R, and, uh, there might be something else, maybe... Oh yeah, the new Yamaha FJR1300 looks pretty sweet too (except for the inline 4, but that's another post).

PostMortemElvis 11-09-2001 05:02 PM

Re: Yamaha Warrior Feedback
Thanks folks, good points all. I'm sticking with my R1, amazingly enough I have short periods of clarity in full tuck at 130 mph. Bloody great timing, the warrior is slated for release this month. Today's adventure involved me nearly looping the blue bastard in first on the last straight before work. Coffee can't hold grits to an angry R1 for sheer wake up factor. Adrenaline beats caffeine every time. The plan remains to purchase a warrior but the victim will be the cage, perhaps in the spring. The FZ1 is about as attractive to me as rosanne barr but I would guess far more satisfying to ride. Wonderful bike I'm sure, but sitting on it I feel as if I've lost depth perception, it seems the clocks rest about fifteen feet from my face. Can't abide that now, no, not when I have the real deal with a touch less fatty comfort.

PostMortemElvis 11-09-2001 05:31 PM

Re: Yamaha Warrior Feedback
I would have to say that (in my opinion) the warrior produces sufficent HP and torque for a cruiser. If you really want thrust perhaps you should consider an inline, given the weight of a TL or superhawk you might try a ZX12 or Busa. I guarantee you will be disappointed by neither, in fact they might even be faster than your intruder.

PostMortemElvis 11-09-2001 06:06 PM

Re: Alas, No Victory
Had to laugh at the "harley builds them better now" phrase. I tried to love Buells, hell I put five thousand miles on a S1WL. Without a doubt it was both the biggest piece of that I have ever thrown a leg over and the most beautiful machine ever made. First things first, I still believe that the S1 is the best looking motorcycle ever produced. However, build quality is terrible and for the price this should not be so. Disagree, I have a long list of repairs made in only five thousand easy miles ranging from simple things rattling off to clutch and throttle return cables snapping, rear wheel bearings going south, ect. Harleys and Buells are great so long as you have a proper drag metric to pick up lost parts or haul your ass to a local dealer for repair parts.

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