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troy98max 11-02-2001 04:46 AM

Re: 2001 Power Cruisers Reader Feedback
I'm in total agreement. Power wise, the V-max wins hands down. And thats in a stock config. Get a header do some jetting and your in the 120 rwhp range. The Max has a huge after market parts list so that the rider can 'build-to-suit'. A lot of folks have not had good things to say about the seating, me too. That was the first thing I changed on my bike. I got it at UFO. This place specializes in the mighty Max. If handling on the Max doesn't suit you either, look into the cures...theres plenty out there. Its kind of a cult thing with the V-max. They came out my senior year in H.S. and i've always wanted one. I realize that many people don't want to spend the $$'s in getting it upgraded (which Yamaha shoulda done years ago), but if you love the looks and awesome power than the minor upgrades are well worth it. My Max will always have a home in my garage...and it'll smoke every cruiser on the road. BTW, its considered a power cruiser. As a side note, I beat a Hayabusa 2 out of 2 times in the 1/8th about a month ago in Ennis, Tx. Stoplight to stoplight, you can't touch the Max. IMHO.

Eric 11-02-2001 04:59 AM

Re: Where the !@#$ is the Yamaha Road Warrior?!?!?!
Motorcycledaily reported on the press intro, not a full scale test. Just like MO did here in the sidebar by Hackfu.

ValknMag 11-02-2001 05:08 AM

Re: To get it out of the way...
Yes, the Magna should have been in the shootout, although I can't figure out whether it is a 'standard' (does that mean anything anymore?) or a 'cruiser.' What really bugs me is that the Valkyrie is never included in any shootouts. Torque similar to the VTX, better brakes than any of these (Motorcycle Consumer News reports that a Valkyrie will stop from 60 mph in 106 feet, which puts it above all but one bike they've ever tested--including sport bikes, cruisers, naked bikes, etc.), and if you are a beefy variety person (such as myself) you can make the Fat Lady dance in turns. I'm biased because I have both a Magna and a Valkyrie, and I plan to hold on to them both.

Jase 11-02-2001 05:27 AM

Re: Speaking of which...
What are you talking about millbarge?!?!? The Japanese tried to introduce double OHC, 4 valves per cyclinder, liquid cooling, bla bla bla on their early cruisers...moving right along with technology, but for some reason (North American marketing. Consumers looking for IMAGE) that the Japs could not understand, Harley sales were skyrocketing with air cooled pushrod twins. So the Japanese sed and started building the same sorta Harley builds the Man-Rod (I like that) and the Japanese just have to pull out their 'old' technology to compete. I've got a bunch more I'd like to write on this but I'm late for work...I'm glad to see these hot rods being produced.

Eric 11-02-2001 05:39 AM

Re: 2001 Power Cruisers Reader Feedback
I think Brent may be right with air-cooled Harleys. One of the reasons the used market has been so great was that Harley could not meet demand. Harley has greatly increased production over the last decade. Wait lists are down dramatically. I bought a slightly used Harley 5 years ago for a little over the price of a new one due to the 3 year wait at my dealer. I sold that Harley for less than what I paid for it (but still above average blue book) and bought a new one for MSRP with a 5 month wait (could have had one off the floor, but wanted a specific color). The increased supply of new bikes lowers the ability to gouge both new bikes at the dealership and used bikes once they roll off the floor.

The V-Rod, on the other hand, may take a little longer to come down in price. Harley is only producing around 11,000 this year. Dealers that gouge can probably ask what they want. Dealers like mine that do not gouge already have a massive wait list -- even though it won't sell out of area. Until HD meets demand on the V-Rod and subsequent members of the Revolution family (they have already promised more bikes with this engine), the new and used markets will be ridiculous.

VegasValk 11-02-2001 05:43 AM

If I've said it twice already, I'll say it again...Where is the Valkyrie?!!?! The ORIGINAL of the current powercruisers!!

jmoore813 11-02-2001 06:09 AM

Re: Where the !@#$ is the Yamaha Road Warrior?!?!?!
Go check out MD now, there's a first ride there that's more involved than hackfu's little sidebar.

Out of all of the power cruisers I've seen so far, the Warrior has got it down pat.

Now if they would only put that engine in the BT package....

blip 11-02-2001 06:25 AM

Re: 2001 Power Cruisers Reader Feedback
I can walk into a local Harley dealer and buy a bike (air-cooled, that is) at MSRP without a waiting list, thus, it's not worth more than MSRP used, and people are getting more than MSRP used in the LA area any more.

Meet demand = less exclusivity = price drop.

I think Harleys need to come down in price, and only mass production can do this. I think it's great they're trying so hard -- and doing so well -- to get this done.

People above are right, the price reaming on the V-Rod cost it this test, which I think is fair. This, from me, being the one that has always voted for Harleys. For the real price people are paying for them, you could get one of the other bikes, a dirtbike and spend a week in the Chicken Ranch. Bliss on earth! What more could you want?

starvingstudent 11-02-2001 06:40 AM

Magna a standard? No!
If it's got a 65" wheelbase and footpegs out in front, it's a cruiser. Standards and cruisers are largely (in my mind, entirely) defined by their very different seating positions. A HD Sportster blurs the line between cruiser and standard, but a Magna is 100% cruiser.

blip 11-02-2001 06:47 AM

Re: comparisons are meaningless
Funny, in the "Related Readings" section, there's a "Reader Feedback" link. And there's a link from the words "file nasty messages". What more do you want?

Instead of whining and cluttering up the feedback forum, maybe you could realize that your computer has some problem and that it seems to be working fine for everyone else. With such enlightenment, you could ask nicely for help, and you'd probably get it.

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