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Default Re: To get it out of the way...

I had a Kawasaki 1000 Eliminator (only built one year) and it was truly a scary motorcycle! I think had about 120 hp at the rear wheel and a shaft drive the jacked the rear end up every time you hit the gas, making absolutely unsteerable.

I ran it up against a V-Max that smoked me off the line, maybe a rider issue but I beat him to top speed, about 138 indicated on the Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike (not that I was looking down much at that point!)

All of these new "power" cruisers are kinder, gentler versions of the eary 80's bikes, but it is nice to see the manufacturers responding to complaints about bikes with 1500 cc motors that make only 55 horses.

Harley is to blame for the dumbing down of motorcycles and it would be complete irony if they are the ones to bring the power back to cruising. Why? Because none of their current riders is compentent to ride a powerful bike!

gotta go
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Default Re: 2001 Power Cruisers Reader Feedback

I would have to agree, I have been waiting for at least 3 years for Halrey prices at dealerships here in the Southwest to at least 'Get reasonable'. Any Harley you would really want, is at least $20,000, Fatboy, Road King Classic, Dyna Wide Gilde etc. Used prices aren't much better.

Face it, Harley's are like Levi Jeans, they got the name recognition. In five years, these Kawasaki, Yamaha & Honda Cruisers from this review will be worth about nothing, while the Harley will probably be selling for more than MSRP now (Notice I didn't say, 'What you paid for it....' which has no relation to MSRP).

Yeah, Harley's have higher resales, but you pay more for them in the first place. And, if something ever does happen and the prices do drop, there are gonna be alot of people that are buying them now that are just gonna be screwed. For that reason, I hope Halreys always sell like they do now.

Just some thoughts.....!

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Default Re: HonYamaZukiSaki countermeasures

I've ridden for 45 years, and everything there is, including Harleys. Fact is, it doesn't make any difference what you ride ,as long as it gives you pleasure! Long live Motorcycles!
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Default Re: Speaking of which...

Yep, you guys are sure on track, I had a new carry over '84 Magna 700cc ver. in '95 and it was a fine bike and still would be today. I rode it one season, I'm 39 years old now and wish that I never sold it. It seemed to me to be a little slow off the line, but once it was movin look out! If I could just get the courage now to buy a Valkyrie then I know I would never sell a Honda again. One great bike company...
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Default Re: the Magna's a pretty weak example

Neither the Magna or the V-Max or the V-Rod are cruisers in my book and I own the V-65 Magna which is the real McKoy when you're talking Magnas. All these bikes are Standards the way I see it.

A cruiser is wider, lower and more laid back and comfortable. These bikes have nothing to do with cruisers and are intended for an entirely different type of ride.

My Intruder 1500 is a cruiser, my Magna isn't and if you don't get it you don't get it.
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Default Re: 2001 Power Cruisers Reader Feedback

As far as I'm concerned, you can't comapre a V-4 to a V Twin. Its a totally different engine design. So comparing the V-Max to all the new V-Twin power cruisers is just comparing apples and oranges. Every one of the "Power Cruisers" (which I think is just a buzz word anyway) that are being compared are V-TWINS. If you want to catagorize things, I'd call the V-MAX and the Magna "Sport Cruisers" or something....
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Default Re: It wouldn't lose.

Actually, after riding the V-Rod, a V-Max quite easily outhandles it.
\"I knew it. I\'m surrounded by a$$holes.\" [b][i]Lord Helmet, Spaceballs
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Default Re: And now for something completely different...

the 125 kaw is slower doesn't handle as well but we were surprised to find it won that one also.
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Default Re: UJM trivia

This argument has been going on longer than I've been riding and I don't see any sign of anyone winning it. But I'd still like to add my two cents worth.

Speaking as a rider who has spent a considerable amount of time on both sides of the fence (14 years HD, 17 Japan), having ridden both V twins, in-line and square fours and loved them all.

My current love is an 02 Warrior (real cooling fins) which I won't try to defend on any techincal level, even if it does kick HD butt.

The point is, motorcyles aren't about being the best or the most practical at anything. If they were everybody would be riding GSX11's or Gold wings. Almost every bike out there is a compromise, trying to be what the consumer wants. And speaking for myself as a child of the sixties, it's a feeling. I want a big loud shaking cruiser. They look good, feel good, sound great and put a stupid smile on my face everytime I get on one. And that makes me spend my money. As long as your motorcycle is doing that for you, you're getting good value. Nuf said
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Default Re: the Magna

John, you are correct that the Vrod's motor will not accept any VR parts. That is a good thing, because HD couldn't keep one together long enough to see what it could do. So, what do they do...ahhh get Porsche to design them a motor that will stay together. The VROD, puhlease...the bike was originally intended to use the VR based motor, but when it failed at the track the solution was to get another manufacturer to make it work. Hey I got a great idea....lets take the the 20 yo VMAX, neuter it by 2 cylinders, give it that HD "sound", overcome all kinds of cooling as well as engine design issues, call the Discovery channel and buy some air time and tell all the HD sheep out there we actually "created" something new... post war(WWII).

Lame, HD engineers couldn't drive technology forward if they had a time machine.....

I just love how HD spits another POS outta Milwaukee and it's followers drool. But, even some of the HD "sheep" don't like it, because it's not the traditional crap they purchased. With blind loyalists like this out there, why should HD even bother trying...oh look they never have, they got someone else to do it for them because they couldn't...
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