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TorinoPaddy 10-06-2001 01:32 PM

Re: 919 over S4? People still read tank badges.
Overcome the S4? Here in Italy it will trounce the Duc in sales figures at any rate and no doubt about it. The price is right and Honda have a well deserved reputation here. The 900's little brother, the Hornet 600 has been the best-seller here since it was introduced. In fact 50% of all Hornet sales are in Italy and from next year it will even be built here. There is no doubt in my mind that the 919 was developed for the Italian market, with their eyes on the thousands of current Hornet 600 owners here looking for the same great bike but with a bit more power. They may be exporting it to the States, but the big sales will be here in Ducati's backyard.

richsHP 10-06-2001 08:16 PM

Re: 919 and Asphalt???
I have to say, I love this bike! I'm can't wait to throw my money at Honda when it comes out. I'm tired of super-go-fast superbikes being the only option for some decent power. I like the tough look, the ability to pound the next poseur on a 600 supersport into the "asphault" from one stoplight to the next, and the cool design of the twin high pipes. Some alternative colors-even one!- would be nice although I'd get the asphault

fleshharrower 10-08-2001 06:59 AM

Re: 919 is cool as hell
With a four-cylinder, I gotta stick the pipes up front like that. And the radiator too, unless you are going to get radical like Honda's NAS project (under the seat). However, I still call it ugly. If I bought watercooled or 4-cylinder then I would want a fairing to hide all that crap :)

Lateshow321 10-08-2001 07:40 AM

Its called a Suzuki SV650! I've had numerous inline fours from three of the four Jap builders (Nighthawk 450. Nighthawk S, FZ750, FZR600, CB1000, Bandit1200). Now I'm riding an SV650) and I absolutely love it!! Sure I wish for more power most of the time, but remember "Flickability" ??? The 919 should be as it is, except substitute a 1000cc Vtwin motor. There is also room for a new Hawk GT 650...For those of you who haven't been on a Vtwin do yourself a favor and get a ride on one. The smooth broad power that flows from 3K - 9K is so much more fun that a wind em up and then go inline four

Lateshow321 10-08-2001 07:50 AM

YES YES YES V-Twins rule!!!
Sounds like an SV650 with a big bore kit, just give us an SV1000, without full bodywork it isn't a sportbike and is cheap to insure. SV ergos are comfy too!!

dubstyl 10-11-2001 03:22 AM

Re: Year 2002 Honda reader feedback
Let us review;

1988-Honda takes almost all its engineering technology and puts it in the Hawk.They leave out a potent motor probably because of cost issues.

1997-Honda has been dragging ass about replacing the Hawk and finally offers something but swings totally in the other direction with the SuperHawk.I'm still pissed about the swingarm!

2002-Honda got pressure from the competition and decides to basically scrap the ideas that started this Naked war and offers the worst of both worlds.An NOS motor from 1994 in a frame that sounds like it will handle like a school bus on roller skates.They have plenty of gear-driven VFR motors lying around now, so get creative and stop copy-catting.Anybone can build a Bandit!Ducati at least pushes the envelope on their outdated machines.

Honda is a great company, but sometimes they get their head stuck in their corporate blackhole.Actually, all the Japanese builders do stuff like this and then complain about stale sales and pull out of the U.S. market.We should just take it upon ourselves to build the bikes we want since nobody appears to be listening.

P.S.Hey Honda, Aprilia called and they want the Futura blueprints back!

itchface 10-16-2001 06:53 PM

Re: Year 2002 Honda reader feedback
I'm not thrilled overall with the new 919. I just don't think it holds a candle to the FZ1, and costs only $500 less. The FZ1 has a fairing for more comfortable freeway riding, a centerstand to make chain maintenance easier, adjustable rebound and compression damping for the suspension for a personalized set-up and to compensate for wear, and a whole bunch more claimed horsepower. Given all these yen-cutting omissions, the Honda should have been priced closer to the $6999 price of the unfaired Bandit 1200. Now, if they could have used the VTR1000 motor instead of a characterless inline 4, the price would have become somewhat irrelevant; that would have been a "must-have" at any reasonable price!

itchface 10-18-2001 12:08 PM

Re: Year 2002 Honda reader feedback
You know, I was reading my comments from a few days ago, and find that I couldn't agree with me more. Clearly I'm very insightful, knowledgeable, and an extremely good spellur. I didn't mention, however, another advantage of the Yamaha; color choices. Blue, black, or silver. Take your pick. The Honda? One color. Asphalt (asphalt?). Another brownie point for Yamaha. Anyway, I commend me on a very articulate, well thought-out point of view, and look forward to reading more from me in the future.

Z-force 10-20-2001 06:40 PM

Re: Disappointed
I agree with everyones comments. Why just 800 cc's? The VFR 800 cant compete with the 750's and even some of the 600's! Why not 1000 cc's? I liked the yellow better than the red. Silver, thats ok too. How about Pearl White with red and blue graphics (like the 93?). Speaking of graphics, where the hell are they??? I hope Tapewerks has some for the bike. Hey Honda, if you can make an Erion 929, how about a "Castrol" VFR. Bet you could charge $100-200 more and sell more than those "plain vanilla" (ok strawberry) VFR's!!

BigGit 10-21-2001 06:14 PM

Re: Suggestion to itchego
Maybe you could just write your comments on a piece of paper at your desk, so anytime you want to be inspired by your own comments, you can read them at your leisure without wasting MO's server space or its readers' time.

I agree with your comment about the centrestand, though. How anyone can build a bike like that without one is beyond me. Then again, if one wants a practical bike, Honda still makes the Nighthawk 750...

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