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Verne 09-26-2001 06:37 AM

Re: New VFR
I have been a proud interceptor owner since the '86 vf500f interceptor, and I must say that I was looking for consistency with the 2002 model. Improvements made to the VFR series over the years have always tended toward improvement. However, I think honda might have been trying a little to hard. I really like the pipes, ABS is a good idea, & a bigger tank is nice. The jury is still out on the VTEC issue, but I am going to miss the signature sound of the gear driven cams.

I agree with MrNeutron, Hopefully there will be a few aspiring "latest, greatest" VFR owners that want to dump their 2001's cheap.

Verne 09-26-2001 06:56 AM

Re: Color Limitation
I agree, sign me up for silver, or even "Pearl Green". If they can't do that, and we have to settle for red, then at least put some decent, clean, simple graphic on the lower plastic. Aesthetically, it looks unfinished.

RWUB 09-26-2001 07:32 AM

Re: Where is the hot stuff under 750cc?
Well aren't you a lucky bugger. Those numbers ain't anywere near that for me!

RWUB 09-26-2001 07:40 AM

Re: Try that again.
Definately agreed!

RWUB 09-26-2001 07:55 AM

Re: Year 2002 Honda reader feedback
Mmmm. Polished motor on a custom painted 919. Sounds REAL good to me!!!

BigGit 09-26-2001 02:16 PM

Re: Modern "cookie cutter" designs
The Monster looks cool, but personally it has nothing sylistically over the 900 Darmah of 1979. The SV650 is a Monster copy that somehow manages to have an styling edge over the real Monster... The Raptor is a straight rip of the Monster. R1150R looks great. If the Pegaso was about looks, I would not be interested, although it does look FAR better than the F650 (ESPECIALLY the CS!!!) I will say that the Superhawk is not memorable, 'coz I can't remember it...

OBTW, born 1971, ride a 1988 TwinStar. I see one or two old Triumphs around the place here, saw a Norton once, NEVER seen a Harley around here.

And I would really rather have a Nighthawk 750 than a 919.

BigGit 09-26-2001 02:26 PM

Re: Modern "cookie cutter" designs
BTW, most bikes here are Hondas, Suzukis or Yamahas, in just about that order. Kawasakis are rare, Chinese and Taiwanese bikes have been making inroads, European bikes are almost unknown (I saw a BMW here once, but never a Guzzi or Ducati), and there may be a Harley-Davidson around, but I've never seen it.

Rob-SV650 09-26-2001 04:55 PM

Re: Silverwing
Heh heh, as a V65 Sabre owner I can say there's a name that has definitely (and sadly) gone downhill. I can definitely see the 2003 Rebel 250 Hurricane in the making!

Unfortunately the Shadow Sabre thing pretty much kills my hopes for a modern V65 Sabre :(

Rob-SV650 09-26-2001 05:14 PM

Re: Year 2002 Honda reader feedback
Geez Honda, some of the bikes look pretty good, but why can't you make something along the lines of the old V65 Sabre?

I love the feel of a big bike with a strong engine and loads of character! Mine has such a deep bass note coming out of its totally stock exhaust that it sets car alarms off. Of course this is silly, but I'm trying to make a point that the bike has personality, it's not an appliance. Think of what today's technology could do! And since Yamaha seems in no hurry to update the V-Max since it still sells well as is, you can probably steal that market right out from under them...

Today's market is really lacking bikes like that with loads of personality combined with excellent practicality. Don't conform to niches, make a bike that can haul a$$, corner, pose, commute, and tour - and feel good (and unique) doing any one of these. You did it 17 years ago - now get to work Honda!

guzzi 09-26-2001 06:47 PM

Re: Year 2002 Honda reader feedback
Yeah, yeah, yeah, BMW copied that, Honda copied that... whatever! LetÂ