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pplassm 09-18-2001 05:59 AM

Different colors
If you don't like the silver scheme, has pics of the blue and a very handsome red scheme.

Pete P.

boxjoint 09-18-2001 06:13 AM

Re: Year 2002 Yamaha R1 Reader Feedback
I am one of the few who REALLY like the new R1. I am probably the only one who did not care for the old R1. My profile: Like to ride the twisties, occasional long ride. Comfort IS a factor in choosing a bike. Don't race. don't want to. Despize race boy graphics. I think that bikes marketed as "Sport Tourers" are a tad short on performance and "Race Reps" are too focused on it. This new R1 might be the missing link between the ST's and the RR's.

Philbiker 09-18-2001 08:00 AM

Another pretty sportbike
Any solid color Suzuki RF, either 600 or 900, looks great, too. The thing that really was the icing on the cake on that beautiful (I agree) '99 9R were the matching blue wheels. Kaw makes some really beautiful bikes.

SeanAlexander 09-18-2001 08:16 AM

Re: Year 2002 Yamaha R1 Reader Feedback
Uuuuummmmmm.... 92 - 95??? You mean when all bikes (motocrossers included) were neon Pink, Green and Purple? No thanks.

TatdNPrcd 09-18-2001 08:19 AM

Re: Year 2002 Yamaha R1 Reader Feedback
Lotta talk in here about "beating the GSXR-1000". I have ridden the GSXR-750 and it was more bike than most street riders could get anywhere near using. It also bent this old fart (38) at points that had me acking within 15 minutes. The R1 when introduced had capabilities which allowed real world use by many of it's purchaser. It also out classed not only the compatition but the majority of it's riders. Go figure... it was also comfortable.

Those of you who know me know the bikes I ride and that I'm more interested in how much enjoyment "I" get out of riding a bike and not what I hear others get out of it. I really don't care if some magazine says that such-and-such bike is the fastest in testing.

I have been seen passing a GSXR-750 in the corners while aboard my RoadKing. Not because the R-K is the fastest bike (obviously!) but that the guy on the gixxer "doesn't like corners". He'd rather do the top speed blast in the straights and shut it down in the corners. To each his own. I can still outride him in corners on just about anything because I know how to ride them and he doesn't.

An R1 with fuel injection? KEWL! Bring it on. I might be able to pick up and "old" R1 at a good price now.



"Cages are for Hampsters!"

SeanAlexander 09-18-2001 08:22 AM

Re: Yep, the verdict is in.....
The Black/Silver scheme can be fixed with minimum effort.... Just unbolt the center fairing sections, take them to the painter and have them painted silver to match the rest of the body work. Viola! one great looking, tastefull motorcycle.

P.S. I love the black frame/swingarm.

TatdNPrcd 09-18-2001 08:29 AM

Re: All New Yamaha R1 --- Squid???
Being a new rider does not necessarily make you a squid. You have your opinion and state it very clearly. Not very squidly. You also imply at least that you are a happy and safe rider. That alone takes you from the squid class. :)

It sounds to me that you have a long, happy and safe future open to you on the back of many wonderful motorcycles!

See you on the backroads,


"Cages are for Hampsters!"

TatdNPrcd 09-18-2001 08:41 AM

Re: All New Yamaha R1
Gotta agree with schipwreck. Very well stated and here you go again showing all who care to notice your very un-squidly attitude. You made an inteligent bike purchase based on " performance, reliability and styling for what I could afford at the time"! I assume, since you've been riding for only a year, that this is your first bike. NICE CHOICE! Fugly, yes but great bike to grow with.



"Cages are for Hampsters!"

ken51 09-18-2001 08:54 AM

Re: All New Yamaha R1
Yamaha doesn't actually say crankshaft/cylinder block, do they? A one-piece crankCASE and cylinder block are pretty common anymore. A one-piece cranshaft and cylinder block wouldn't run very well :)

bluedot 09-18-2001 10:51 AM

Nope .. Bohem and crew choose the Gixxer.
Look it up .. R1 didn't win their shootout.

They even featured it on their TV show.

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