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Default Re: Modified FZ-1 Rader Feedback

Your editorial on the FZ1 is just rediculous! I'm missing something here, you made the "FZ1 Yamaha should have made" by bolting on $2200 worth of parts (plus Labor). You put lower bars on it? It was designed to be a comfortable sport bike. Now your stuck with a $12k FZ1 thats barely faster than the stock bike, and is as uncomfortable to ride as a R1. Retarted if you ask me.
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Default Why didn't you just get an R1...

Why didn't you just get an R1 rather than spend a couple grand trying to make an FZ1 more like one?
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Default MCN is working on a FZ tourer article.

None of the parts listed interest me much, and most of them make the bike

less suited for my uses, with the notable exception of the taller windshield. I am about to replace my wonderful old FJ 1200, and right now it's looking like an FZ, FJR, or perhaps an 1150GS. I like a lighter bike with an upper-rpm hit, so am leaning towards the fuzz, IF I can use it for sport-touring duty, which, in my case, means carrying everything I need for camping. Would love to see an article evaluating aftermarket accessories, but can't imagine why anyone would be excited about overpriced trim-trinkets.
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Default Re: Modified FZ-1 Reader Feedback

Why try to make a standard bike sportier? Theres plenty of sportbikes out there, not enough standards.
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