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Rob-SV650 08-14-2001 01:24 PM

Re: Kawasaki Mean Streak reader feedback
I kinda wondered about that myself - obviously current owners are happy with what's available now. They should have talked to people who bought *other* types of bikes, and asked:

(1) Would you ever consider buying any cruiser made today? Which one(s)?

(2) What would make cruisers more attractive to you (i.e, what would you change)?

(3) What wouldn't you change about the cruisers available today?

Then throw out the results from people who said they would never consider a cruiser under any and look at the rest. Figure out that those people want. Build it.

Rob-SV650 08-14-2001 01:36 PM

Re: Kawasaki Mean Streak reader feedback
Inline 4's in cruisers? Euwww. I4's just don't have the right feel at all for a cruiser. Cruisers need rumble, not that wwwweeeeeeeeeeeee inline 4 buzzbomb sound. V4's, yes, V2's yes, I4's, no way in hell.

If Suzuki or Honda wants to compete with the V-Rod/V-Max category they should use the TL and Super Hawk motors. Punch 'em out to 1100 or 1200 cc, dress 'em up in some chrome and they're good to go. A new V65 Magna would work too.

Also, I'll be the first to say the V-Max is a standard, not a cruiser, but for comparisons it's the closest thing to the V-Rod since the V65 Magna. Personally I'm glad to see that catagory return.

aminalmutha 08-14-2001 02:07 PM

Re: Kawasaki Mean Streak reader feedback
What Suzi really needs to do is update the Bandit (or redesign it) with a 'detuned' 'Bus motor and stomp a hole in the ZRX, FZ-1, etc. We need a standard with disgusting horsepower and torque. Let cruisers be cruisers.

starvingstudent 08-14-2001 06:25 PM

Re: I call it competing not copying...
So when an American or Italian company makes something that shares some characteristics with an existing Japanese or English product, it's COMPETING.

But when a Japanese company makes something that shares some characteristics with an existing American or Italian product, its COPYING.

Thanks for clearing that up. I must have been really confused.

nome 08-14-2001 09:34 PM

Re: saki Mean Streak
don't wait! just buy what you want, life is short!

TheFox 08-14-2001 09:36 PM

Re: Try these...
I never said you know nothing about motorcycles. I said "Ownership does not imply knowledge". All I said was that I am tired of people validating their existence by owning things; and unfortunately you hit me with an example on a bad day. Harley guys around here do it all the time ("You ride a what? If it isn't a Harley you're not on a motorcycle."), as do squids who pass me at 85 in a 40 happened just the other day, and boy was he shocked when I pulled up next to him at the stop light in uniform.

Money is not an evil thing.I think it's tough to have too much. I want to be so wealthy that I'm ALMOST unhappy, but not quite to the jaded stage. But I will never allow money to define my existence, even though it is a driving force in my life - I have my family, although I have no desire to have my own children or marry, and I have close friends, and expierences that I will have forever. Foremost among these is riding; I get pissed in the winter when I can't - I get through December ok, but February isn't a nice time to ask me for a favor.

It sounds different on paper than it did when I typed it, I'm sorry. Perhaps I was just having a bad day, and snapped at you. Whatever, I apologize for offending you in any way- my intent was not to attack you. I have read your posts before, and you're an intelligent person. I just happened across when in a foul mood, and I struck on something I have been thinking about for a while now, and perhaps typed without thinking.

By the way, the T-Bird is a great bike, but I still the the FZ1 needs a touch more in the looks department...and I have a Montster myself, but only a 750.


nome 08-14-2001 09:40 PM

Re: H-D has more power than Kawasaki Mean Average?
I think the tc88 had a little more than the earler Kaw. friend of mine got an 800cc classic, I have a superglide and we both seemed to handle 45 mph the same, lol, ride safe

LimeSqueezr 08-15-2001 01:18 AM

Re: I call it competing not copying...
Very good student, you're learning. In fact, I think that's about all you need to know to pass certain courses in post-war Japanese corporate strategy at several universities.

jamesohoh7 08-15-2001 02:42 AM

Re: Feeding the inner child
Well said, Rob. I can personally attest that there is a little pack of sport-bikers in my area that all -cruise- their bikes up and down the main drag in my town... no helmets, in shorts, flip-flops or worse, t-shirts (sometimes!) and pull wheelies at EVERY stoplight.... and "what's a helmet?".. these guys are clueless.

Yes, very very UN-interested in whatever 'bad-boy' image they are portraying, eh? Never do they miss an opportunity to wheelie for the girls either, eh? Nope... no image-consciousness there, Viffer!

It's laughable. These are the guys that give the rest of us a bad name in the eyes of the media. They cause as much damage to motorcycling as the various crime-ridden gangs do (we know who I'm talking about... there are certainly many legit 'riding groups' that aren't into crime).

Face it, Viffer... each END of the spectrum buys his bike largely for some image-enhancing effect. Those in the middle probably don't. You sound like you're solidly in the middle though.. that's great! We need more responsible riders and less of the squids... btw; even the existence of the term 'squid' was aimed SQUARELY at the sport-bike pose-crew b/c they are SO numerous.

Before you think I'm just another cruiser-guy ( I own one, but one that has almost NO pose-value at all.. trust me, I bought it purely b/c it was easy to ride and comfortable w/a shield added ), I fully admit that I am just as prone to the occasional squidly behaviour on my very old-school sporty-type bike which, old as it is, I will probably never find the -real- limits of it outside of a track, and that suits me just fine (its an RZ-350). And before anyone runs off at the mouth and says "aww.. you suck and you ain't doin' it right!"... I'll counter with "anyone that can find the cornering or speed-limits of their bike on public roads is no-doubt driving wrecklessly... I've never needed even 2/3 of the lean-angle of my cruiser to safely navigate any turn or curve at the POSTED SPEEDS."


lazy1 08-15-2001 03:56 AM

Re: Not Enough to compete.

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