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trontech 08-11-2001 06:34 AM

Re: im just waiting for suzuki to bring their power cruiser
ill put my money theyll blow everyone out of the water...

poopypants 08-11-2001 08:44 AM

Re: Kawasaki Mean Streak reader feedback
What is it with all this power cruiser crap? Who wants a 700 pound motorcycle with 65 HP. Oh, I forgot about all you Harley geeks, sorry. Hell, the old Magna should outrun this piece of poo and it's only got 800cc's.... If it was'nt for all this nostalgia crap we might have gotten some good bikes out of this lattest fad. How about a v-max style cruiser with a TL1000 motor. Mean Streak, please!! My castrated cat has more of a mean streak.....

starvingstudent 08-11-2001 08:47 AM

Re: Kawasaki Mean Streak reader feedback
For one--that's the dumbest name I've heard since the BMW Funduro.

About the bike, I thought it was supposed to compete with the VTX, V-Rod and Warrior? It's so far down on performance that I think competing with the Shadow Sabre in the "half-hearted power cruiser" category is more appropriate. Shame on you, Kawasaki. Whatever happened to "pound for pound, nobody makes an engine like Kawasaki"?

Beethoven 08-11-2001 12:12 PM

Re: Kawasaki Mean Streak reader feedback
OK the "Mean Streak" needs a new name real bad (I'd be afraid to say I had one in case my friends laughed) but it seems like not a bad bike. It's success will depend on price in my opinion. I have heard that it is about 16,500 cdn which is too much for a bike that is on the gutless side. 13,500 (the price of a new FI Classic) would be a more realistic figure.

Am I on the wrong planet? Harley can get 115 hp out of 1100 cc's with no real advances in technology and the Mean Streak can only get 65 hp out of 1500 cc's. My old Royal Enfield 750 could get 60 hp using metallurgy and technology that I'm sure came over on the Ark with Noah! I get the feeling the manufacturers are trying to get away with as little as they can to keep up the profits. Would 75 hp be too much to ask?

For what it's worth - you had a VTX at the same time. Why not comparisons other than "it feels lighter"? Which cornered better? Which had the best lean angle? Which handled bumps better? (both have hard rear suspensions). This is the type of information I need to help me to decide which one I would like to buy.

TheFox 08-11-2001 12:16 PM

Re: Looks the biz?
I said " looks the buisness..." in my post about the Mean Streak back when you just showed us a picture. Where's my royalty check you plagarists!?!



TheFox 08-11-2001 12:24 PM

Ummm, Sir
If they gave you a motorcycle with a sportbike engine and components, you'd have...a sportbike. Just so we're clear on the concept of "Cruiser" here.


TheFox 08-11-2001 12:35 PM

Re: Kawasaki Mean Streak reader feedback
But seriously now folks, I may not like the name or the power, but the looks are good. The sculped tank is nice, and FINALLY someone made the shaft drive rear end look good. That is one cool looking rear end. The handlebar/tank console/gauge cluster looks like Arlen Ness did it, very classy...and my stars! Is that a tachometer I see? It's about damn time a cruiser came with one.

Overall, I like it, but I don't believe the hype that people said "It's too powerful." That is a bunch of hee-haw and everyone knows it. Show me a 4 riders that want less power and I'll show you a 4 elderly women in a station wagon.


poopypants 08-11-2001 12:41 PM

Re: Kawasaki Mean Streak reader feedback
HELL YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

DialedIN 08-11-2001 01:22 PM

Re: Kawasaki Mean Streak reader feedback
Well, you all can say what you want to about the "power" or lack of power for this bike...But that is one PHAT flat torque curve... As cruisers go, thats where your power is. It looks alot better than the hoggish VTX, I think the V-Rod is butt ugly, But I think when the lighter Warrior comes out, it will out shine this streaky meanie.

Jaime 08-11-2001 03:11 PM

Re: Kawasaki Mean Streak reader feedback
I do, poopypants. Cruising is not about doing wheelies at 100 mph. If you want to go fast and are obsessed with horsepower, buy a Sports Bike!

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