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Default I think you misunderstood my post.

I was making no judgements about the ZX-11 and the GSXR 750 only commenting on the weight difference. Not saying which one I'd buy or which is better, only which is lighter.
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Default Owner of a Kawasaki Mean Streak reader feedback

After a great deal of looking for the past three months I purchased a new Mean Streak in the red color. I hear everyone talk about the low HP of this bike, yet just how fast do you want to go? The looks, feel, low maintance, brakes makes this a fine ride. I traveled immediately from Clearwater, FL to Daytona for the recent bikefest. I took all the bike roads getting there and the interstate on the way back. I have no complaints with this bike. Great bike, great value, great fun. This from a die hard Harley rider for thirty years.

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Default Re: Kawasaki Mean Streak reader feedback

Why did you read this review? If you want to race, get a race bike. I guess the miniscule differences between the sport bikes has even gotten boring for people like you.

By the way, a VMax is not a cruiser. I don't know what it is, but it isn't a cruiser, and thank God nothing else is styled like it.

A power cruiser should give incrementally more power than a more standard cruiser. I think what the bottom line in this article was that power alone, without ergonomics, braking and reasonable handling just doesn't make a better cruiser. Try reading the article again. Or go back to the 600cc shootout and write some comments.
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Default Re: Kawasaki Mean Streak reader feedback

I have both a VTX and the Streak - lucky me. When they say "feels lighter" they aren't kidding ... the CG of the Streak is *way* lower than the VTX .

Insofar as the handling goes, the VTX is, and feels like, a big heavy bike. It's suprisingly sporty for such a large machine but, around town, it can be a handful. The Streak takes the sportbike feel a few more notches. The steering is light, quick and positive and the brakes are almost *too* good. I can do corners much tighter and faster on the Streak - indeed it inspires such riding.

Like any bike, the Streak could always use ten more horsepower, but the lighter weight and lower gearing (diff rear-end or just the low-profile tires ?) make it deceptively quick. You can squirt through traffic with ease. While the VTX obviously has the raw power edge, the handling of the Streak largely makes up for it and it's a pleasure to ride. It's now my commuting/short-trip choice while I'm trying to reserve the VTX for longer road trips (better seat, better long-cruise riding position, a bit more stable on the interstate).

Suspension-wise, Kawa did good. It's *much* tighter than my old Y2K Classic FI (a Winnebago with bad shocks). It *is* kinda hard when it comes to bumps, a bit more so than the VTX (which is no soft ride itself) and - TAKE NOTE - do NOT get this bike off into soft dirt ! I almost dropped it the first time I tried to turn around in somebodys sandy driveway. Something about the steering geometry ... the bike likes asphalt.

Kawa was also smart about one of my biggest complaints - the degradition of the shiny front forks they put on all Vulcans. Going to the inverted design and putting a slightly rough-textured finish on the remaining bare aluminum will hide a million blemishes. The old forks - well - moisture would get under the clear-coat and then ... yuck city !

I really *like* the Streak. Nice-looking package, very functional and that nice wide cruiser powerband. It stands OK on its own and pricewise it's great. Didn't feel like waiting for a RoadStar Warrior.

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