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Daniel_Gerous 07-26-2001 07:14 AM

Re: 2002 Buell XB9R Firebolt
Just change your gearing if you need a little more top end. My 96 S1 with a V&H muffler will run right up to the rev limiter in 5th. It doesn't run out of power, just RPM. I've been told that they can hit 155 with just a pulley (sprocket?) change. I think the "export" gearing will give you a little more speed, but I may have that backwards.

What road do you ride that 142mph will not allow you to keep up? I'd like to give it a try. Or do you HAVE to be in the front?

traumaone 07-29-2001 09:52 PM

Re: 2002 Buell XB9R Firebolt
I considered a Buell when buying my latest bike (01Suzuki Bandit 1200S), as well as other bikes of "character" with a bias towards twins. My first three bikes were twins, 1st) new Honda 450 bought in the early 70's-great starter bike, 2nd) used 850 Norton Commando-very fast in its time but left me at the side of the road more than once, 3rd) new BMW R100CS-40,000 miles in two years riding 7 days a week in all conditions. Superb bike with Superb warranty.

So why not a Buell? Two reasons: attitude and lack of honesty from two separate H-D dealers, and reliability, based on a long time friend who has always only owned HD and was on his second Buell with recurrent problems on both. Current posts on this site imply that the reliability has been addressed-so be it.

I have always cheered for Buell, hoping he would take the very best of HD and filter out the weak areas to offer a sport-sport/touring alternative to the Cruiser. The breadbox air intake was like a wart on the chin of your prom date. As for oil in the swingarm and fuel in the frame, is there a significant "real world" advantage that outweighs the quality/reliability/performance/day to day ownerships issues?

As for the single front disk being superior because two front disks would cause excessive braking power or sensitivity and are useless additional weight, surely you're not serious. Harley has always favored a single front disk, reasoning I suppose that more mass=less braking power is a good thing or that cruisers simply don't travel at speeds warranting three disks. The Buell is aimed at the sport bike market, and at the speed and pace a Buell is capable of, a lack of braking potential (3 disks as opposed to two) is either a cost cutting measure or plain stupid. If indeed the posted reasons for a single front disk are valid, then you need to contact all the major Japanese and European mfg's currently running the lightest, most powerful motorcycles on the planet in worldwide Superbike and GP competition because they ALL run three disks and use them up during each race. Presumably, this is the consumer market Buell is targeting.

It's truly a shame H-D isn't anywhere close to being competitive in this area, it would be a wonderful thing to see H-D consistently on the podium. It can only be a lack of desire or commitment, since the Ducati and Aprilla "twins" are consistently in front.

While those of us in the Japanese and Harley camps stand toe to toe poking each other in the eye and pissing on each others campfire with the same old tired arguements, the Europeans (Aprilla, BMW, Ducati, Triumph, and others) are motoring right past us offering bikes with performance, reliability, and character.

Lateshow321 10-23-2001 10:00 AM

Its all about the torque
I'm an SV owner (and I love my bike) but I've been salivating over this new Buel... The SV could never compete with this new machine..1200 cc torque will simply outpower the SV....Where the hell is Suzuki with a machine to compete??? The TL-S could have easily become an SV1000 and thousands of 650 owners would have ponied up. When the rest of the Buel line up gets the same treatment, I could be an owner...maybe a Suzuki powered Cagiva Raptor??

wolf_71 11-11-2001 08:45 AM

Re: 2002 Buell XB9R Firebolt
Doesn't need to hold that much gas, it'll get over 150 miles on that 3.7 gallon tank. My X1 has gotten up to 225 miles on a tank coming up I5 from So. Cal. Tha vibration is not that bad once moving with the stock bars, with the faux clip ons I have it's a bit worse, but I wanted the sportier riding position.

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