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Sparky69 07-13-2001 05:08 AM

Re: Harley V-Rod Reader Feedback
Harley prices their bikes reasonably for the market. Compare the MSRP of new HD's with the comparable models from other manufacturers. The problem is with the dealers, who take a short term "what the market will bear" approach. There are lots of dealers who take the "put your name on the list, pay MSRP, we'll call you when it comes in" approach. For those that want thier bike now, prepare to pay extra. From what I see, the more popular bikes (Road King, Fat Boy, etc) demand the highest premium, deals can be driven on the less popular bikes. What will fix this situation? The same thing that created it, an imbalance in in the demand/supply ratio. If the dealer starts looking at inventory on the floor, they will get more reasonable with the price. As far as HD imitating the Japanese (???) which of the MFG's is making a high performance twin cruiser? Seems like the boys in Milwaukee are about 40-50 hp up on the Asian competition.

lazy1 07-13-2001 05:09 AM

Re: Harley V-Rod Reader Feedback
well clearly i am in the minority here, but my first impression is this: the chaps and concho set will HATE this bike. now to most of us that's no

big deal, but those guys are harley's big demographic and has been the key to their resurgance in the marketplace. this bike does not look like them to me.

ACE1100rider 07-13-2001 05:10 AM

Re: Harley V-Rod Reader Feedback, Great Story!
YES! MCnews may have gotten there first, but you guys have the best review. Nice job MO!

JohnnyRider 07-13-2001 05:18 AM

Re: business ethics
Just another vote for playin' it straight. Not always easy to be the "stand up guy" when all others are breaking the rules, but it does count. I hope you'll always scoop us to news in the bike world, but it was the right move to honor your commitment. I was a little surprised to see even HD broke down and updated their site a day early, but thems the breaks. Nice article on the new bike BTW. Keep us updated on any plans to roll that powerplant out to the rest of the HD line. I would consider an Electraglide Standard with that motor to be a real value.

draz 07-13-2001 05:20 AM

Re: Harley V-Rod Reader Feedback
Actually, it makes perfectly good business sense to keep supply below demand. Maybe not as far below demand as they are operating at now, but a two to three month backlog can be a good thing. It allows the company to keep the price up, makes it much easier to plan production (the orders for the motorcycles are already there, they know exactly what to build), inventory carrying costs are minimized and your cost of capital will be less because lenders will know that you have a ready market for you product.

The key is that you have to have a product that does not have a substitute good... which in many peoples mind (not mine), is the case with a Harley. For some reason, there are people out there who will actually refuse to ride a motorcycle unless it is made with a certain name brand on it.

boy, do they not know what they are missing....

I think the v-rod is pretty cool. I'll never own one, but I like to see some new hardware coming out of HD. I'm more interested in seeing the Buell. I just hope they don't put a belt drive on it. IMO, it just doesn't fit on a sportsbike.

daveotron 07-13-2001 05:36 AM

Which Mfg?
There are plenty of high performance cruisers on the market.. the v-max.. the Honda VTX.. the Yamaha warrior, the drag star to name a few, but they aren't putting the "claimed" HP out there. If there is a market for these bikes, it'll be for someone wanting the "biggest" cruiser.

Which still happens to be the VTX, but swap torque for HP, and you've got a winner in t he v-rod.

Everything aside,

This bike is good for the motor co.. and the industry at large.

v-four 07-13-2001 05:44 AM

Re: Harley V-Rod Reader Feedback
Congratulations to Harley. Now if they would just add a shaft drive to it, they'd have a bike that's right up there with a 1985 Honda V65 Magna. Oops, I forgot, the Honda doesn't leak and doesn't use valve shims. Another hurdle to cross later.


Why do we think that a company that has only ever produced low-power leaky shakers is now suddenly capable of creating an awesome pavement-pounding high tech cruiser hotrod? It'll be interesting to see how the first generation wears in.

Well in any case, this does represent a big step forward for them and will hopefully bust them out of the rut they've been stuck in for the last 30 years. Besides, It'll be fun to hear the new reasons the HD owners have to come up with why their bikes are superior to others. The old excuses don't work now.

Maybe now HD riders will start waving back at us?

Dryfly 07-13-2001 05:44 AM

Re: Harley V-Rod Reader Feedback
I was a product of one of the so called "lists". However, the published MSRP wasn't what I got to pay. It was explained to me that, "I don't know why they publish those MSRP figures because they aren't right". When all was said and done, I paid about $1,000 over the so called MSRP. In other words, I got partially bent over instead of a full fledged ramming. I like Harley and I like a lot of other manufactures as well. However, when the market turns, and it will, I believe they'll suffer more than anyone. It's hard to be loyal when you know you're being gouged. The hard core bikers will always be there for Harley. I just don't think they are enough to keep the Wall Street analysts happy!

blademan 07-13-2001 05:52 AM

Re: Harley V-Rod Reader Feedback
Big whoop! This thing is based on the VR1000 right? Have you seen how many times it has blown up in AMA? Harley is happy when Picotte just finishes a race. It's getting old to hear Hardly hype over their ancient bikes. While this may be an accomplishment for them, its not that big of deal when you look at the big picture. Yamaha has been manufacturing a power cruiser(Vmax)for quite sometime now. Hardly and their POS bikes are just old news. If you decide to buy one of these make sure you get some sort of towing package. I saw 3 bikes broken down while @ Laguna Seca Raceway. From Salinas to Morgan Hill(30 minutes), 1 hardly was waiting for a tow truck, and a group of 2 bikes(hardly and a buell)were getting loaded onto a tow truck.

polishnightmare 07-13-2001 06:04 AM

Re: Harley V-Rod Reader Feedback
Actually your comment on up 40-50 hp is in correct. The new VTX puts out 100hp at the crank, My old 750 magna puts out 95 hp at the crank or 82 hp at the tire, and the V-max puts out about 120 hp at the tire. Think again. Although I think this is a step in the right direction, but 600 lbs. dry?

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