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Spooner 07-25-2001 03:01 PM

Re: Harley V-Rod Reader Feedback
Cancelled orders, :-) There is hope yet, that the American consumer is wake ing up to the rip-off game HD has got away with for far too long. We're tired of getting shafted by HD. The next generation of buyers will comparison shop like for any other product. May the best product win. Sorry HD. Not this time. Maybe after you apologize to all the customers you ****ed. Maybe after you realistically price your products. Maybe after you have a serious attitude adjustment. Maybe after...

longride 07-25-2001 05:36 PM

Re: Harley V-Rod Reader Feedback
Who is "we" in the above comment? Do you own a Harley? If not, then you aren't a "we", you are a "you". And if "you" don't want to buy one that is your right. Then again, it sounds alot like you WANT one real bad. If you didn't, you really wouldn't care would you? If you are a Harley owner then how did you get "shafted"? What is the "serious attitude adjustment" they need? Who are all the "customers they ****ed"? Just wondering why you make comments like the above. Interesting "attitude" that you have.

joman 07-26-2001 06:54 AM

Re: Harley V-Rod Reader Feedback
What a bunch of crap!

I currently ride two completely different machines (not at the same time, but I'm trying).

The two bikes are:

1999- BMW K1200 LT

2001- HD Heritage Softail

Although the Harley can't match the BMW in the handling department (due to lack of ground clearance), it does exactly what it was designed to do.

The brakes are excellent (even with just a single disc up front) and the engine is smooth and strong.

I don't understand the ignorant attitude a lot of ill informed people have with regard to HD.

If Harleys were half as bad as some people say, they wouldn't be experiencing the record consecutive growth they have enjoyed for the last 10 years!

Are they the best bike made?

How do you determine that?

I've had more problems with my BMW than any other bike I've owned, yet I still consider it the finest bike I have ever had the pleasure to ride.

(that includes the new Goldwing)

Stop slamming a very good motorcycle!

Try one, you may actually like it...

joman 07-26-2001 07:07 AM

Re: Speaking of Ignorant Opinions...
Why not Porsche?

It's a great company!

They have a lot of experience with both air cooled and water cooled engines.

And, after all, the Germans are the best mechanical engineers - right?

mortybmyer 07-26-2001 12:34 PM

Re: Harley V-Rod Reader Feedback
You hit the nail on the head with your comments. So much hate for a type of motorcyle and the people who ride them, it shows how shallow most of these people are. The fact that most of these people think Harleys leak oil and loose parts is pretty funny. They are slow, expensive (to a fault), but hey, you can get it back. It's called re-sale value. Any open minded person can see past all the trash talk posted here and see the bike for what it is. A great addition to the Harley line. Nuff said.

mortybmyer 07-27-2001 05:26 AM

Re: Harley V-Rod Reader Feedback
Although you seem to think the world spins around you, I doubt H-D will build YOU, YOUR perfect idea of a bike. How do you find a helmet big enough for your swollen head?

caderider 07-27-2001 11:55 AM

Re: New Valkyrie
Some people do... I guess it just all comes down to that the RIDER likes...

DougW 07-27-2001 06:32 PM

Re: Harley V-Rod Reader Feedback
Oh my god it's the James Bond stunt bike. I thought that was built by BMW. They should just hook the Porsche guys up with the Buell division because that pieces is a blatant copy of the BMW. Will they ever build a bike in the USA that is worth a crap?

bigdukesix 07-28-2001 04:26 AM

Re: Harley - Kicking butt again!!!!!!!!
People that buy Harley's don't buy them to see how fast they will go. Unless you are into drags. Plus they would never buy a Yamahonda kzxyf-10 either. Japanese sport bikes are totally foreign to us and you can talk numbers all you want, we just don't care!!! Harley didn't make the V-Rod to compete with sportbikes. I would say the intention was to compete more with the Beamers and give Harley enthusiasts an option. I'm sure they will design a new Buell around that engine for superbike, then all the naysayers can do their comparisons. I will admit that 95% of Harley dealers are that prey on brand loyalty like parasites which really makes me sick. My local dealer just got bought out by "corporates", they used to sell bikes for list now they are all marked up.

jimcruise 07-28-2001 08:59 AM

Re: Harley V-Rod Reader Feedback
From first to second is really the only place you may notice but good clutching will override this most times.

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