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jared 07-05-2001 02:59 PM

Re: Aprilia Futura vs. Ducati ST4 Reader Feedback

I was at mototek last weekend too checking out the newly arrived Futura..... guy with the Triumph Tiger. I've got to echo your thoughts on the side stand. Seemed like the bike just kept going and going (makes a guy nervous with $13K decending toward a slippery showroom floor). On the top heavy, though, come sit on my Tiger and then lets talk about Top Heavy!! ;o) The styling I thought was excellent, but then I'm a bit eccentric in that arena. Got to say I was just about to give Jay at mototek my deposit, until I read the less than 30 MPG this machine got on the MO test machine. Wonder if running the engine in a bit would improve that? I may have to research a bit more, and wait for more articles saying the same or different.

stevegrab 07-05-2001 04:26 PM

Re: Futura limited range
I double checked my July Motorcyclist issue which just tested the Futura. They listed the following for mileage

Fuel mileage (low/high/average) 33/45/40

If you went 121 miles on 5.3 gallons that's not even 23 MPG, 10 less than their low. I have to think something's seriously wrong with your bike, or the tank was not full again.

What was your other mileage on that bike? I've heard of "your figures may vary", but that's ridiculous. I would hope the average is more like their 40, making crusing range a comfy 200.

Maybe we can get some more feedback from others.

drwarr 07-05-2001 04:38 PM

Re: Aprilia Futura Mileage??
July Motorcyclist got 33/45/40 mpg on their Futura test bike (low/high/average). That's 200 miles average on the 5.5 gal. tank.

You suggests the bike only gets 23 mpg. I've never gotten less than 35 mpg on any bike.

Could you go back and recheck that mileage? What gives?


Lowrez 07-05-2001 05:01 PM

Re: Aprilia Futura vs. Ducati ST4 Reader Feedback
Ride with a SuperHawk and you'll know what 120 mile range feels like. (Or at least Bill M. of Kentucky's SuperHawk) For a day of riding it isn't a big deal. By the third day on your way to Montana, its annoying. Especially when your group leader is on an ST1100 and only fills up every other stop.

Personally, I get a few more mpg than the average rider (I must be really slow) so I think I could accept this one short comming. Still, I think the best solution is to get a real touring bike (BMW RT1150) for those long rides and keep a small blaster around (SV650) for hooligan mode.

draz 07-06-2001 05:27 AM

Re: Aprilia Futura vs. Ducati ST4 Reader Feedback
When I first saw the Futura I really didn't like the styling, but it has grown on me. I still don't think I'd buy one, though. What I can't wait to see is then next VFR. Rumor has it that Honda will release pictures of it in September. So MO, what are the chances we will get to see them sooner? Maybe a drawing of what you think it might look like? An "educated" guess? I don't think that would break any press blackout that might exist. It is the only bike I would consider trading my 955i Daytona in for.

Grappelli 07-06-2001 12:30 PM

Re: Aprilia Futura vs. Ducati ST4 Reader Feedback
The first couple of times I went touring in the Sierras I borowed a friends cruiser which had a tank range of about 110 - 120 miles. You end up *nearly* running out every couple of days when you didn;t stop at a station at 50 miles and another one doesn't turn up for another 60 or 70 miles.

Having just been touring on my 1150GS in Utah and Arizona, I know the cruiser couldn't have done the same route at all. There was a couple of occassions when I filled up and the next time I saw a gas station I was on the red light on the GS, let alone the cruiser...

Love the bike. I sat on one and I even fit at 6'4" and (well) over 200 lbs. But the way I use a throttle and with the size of me, I'd end up stuck in the middle of nowhere...

FrankS1 07-07-2001 10:40 AM

Re: Aprilia Futura vs. Ducati ST4 Reader Feedback
Good comparison of the two machines, though I get the impression that even the MO editorial staff would be hard pressed to tell any real differences if the rules were changed to "Ride one for a day, then ride the other for a day." Excepting, of course, the difference in head light quality that was mentioned, which seemed almost irrelevant to the staff, since no points were scored in the evaluation.

Ah, for the life of a motomag editor, who only has to ride on sunny days, and gets the repairs done for free!

And the repairs are a whole different world, which tends to give the advantage back to the Ducati ST2 or to the predecessor 907IE. Valve checking is an easy task with one of those, and shim replacement is easy on those rare occasions when it's needed.

(Before the chorus of howls erupt from the Honda crowd over repairs, note that I have strong feelings on the subject. I've owned not one but two V4 Hondas, both of which had mechanical miseries. I've had it, and will never touch another one, no matter how cute the NACA air scoop cutaway on the fairing might be. By contrast, the typical "hard to adjust" complaint about Ducatis comes from someone who's never owned one. Let those who've owned both complain.)

minime 07-09-2001 01:10 PM

Re: Aprilia Futura Mileage??
On the fuel mileage issues, I've heard from other journalists that they, too, were getting low mile per gallon figures. Seems even the Euros are starting to notice these things, too. And for the person who asked if we filled up the tank all the way, all we can say is... yeeeesss.

Our Futura did have the EFI light come on once, though we were assured by the people who service the press fleet that they checked things over thoroughly and nothing was wrong. Also, the bike had a few thousand miles on it at the end of test, so it wasn't brand new, needing to be broken in. Besides, it's highly unlikely that a few thousand more miles would yield a 10 mpg increase.

gassit 07-10-2001 01:26 AM

Re: What about the ST4S??
So will there be a ST4S review this year ?

RSVRickieRacer 07-11-2001 06:57 AM

Re: Aprilia Futura vs. Ducati ST4 Reader Feedback
I've owned and still own a'99 BMW R1100RT. I owned a '99 ST4 for about a year. I've owned my '00 Aprilia Mille RSV-R for over a year.

1st - The Futura should be compared to the new ST4S, not the ST4. The new Duc has the same displacement as the Futura and should out-accelerate it. New suspension and wheels may help handling a bit too. The the ST4S will cost a lot more than the Futura, though.

2nd - I get better range on my Mille R than you claim on your test for the Futura...even at a track riding school. Granted the R weighs a hundred lbs less, but the Futura is supposed to have excellent aerodynamics and de-tuning the engine should help the mileage quite a bit.

Mileage on my ST4 was incredible because of the desmo valve system, but my RSVR gets 40mpg without fuss. I can't imagine the Sagem injection, better aerodynamics and mild tuning resulting in lower consumption. Something's wrong here either with the test bike or the reviewer's math skills.

3rd- I sold my ST4 because I realized that I just didn't trust the thing enough for a long trip. It also wasn't much more fun than my R1100RT and was a whole lot less fun than the Mille R. But the real kicker was realizing how reliable the Mille was and comfortable I could be on it. Pegs are a little high, but it's really OK for 400 miles or so. No reliability problems at all...none. Haven't tried the Futura yet. I think they may have some growing pains with the Sagem system, but I can vouch for the rest of the driveline...terrific!

Styling is good on the Aprilia...we're not used to it yet, but I think it will grow on us. Features on the Aprilia are superior, but if you want a Duc, the ST4 ain't bad and the ST4S, while expensive, should be worth the extra money over the ST4....if you want a Duc. I don't think either Ducati represents as good a value as the Aprilias, although resale on my ST4 was very good.

Aprilia's parts system is really good for a small, young product line. They really try to support and constantly improve their products. I sure don't read the same kind of horror stories on the RSV mail list as I did on the ST4 and Duc mail lists. Ducati needs to spend more money cleaning up their products and parts systems (and a little less on racing and PR?) before I'll be willing to trust their stuff for serious touring.

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