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Default Re: Want to really ride a great Sport-Tourer....Try the Triu

Hey Biker 911,

I currently own a 2000 ST2 with just over 10,000 miles, and can only say that I have had no reliability problems whatsoever. I ride my bike here in Switzerland everyday, all year, in any weather condition except serious snow, and the ST2 has always been a faithful companion.

For vacations I tend to go on long cruises around Europe, including days considerably exceeding 500 miles, through the Alps etc. and wouldn't change the ST2 for another. This after having owned a number of bikes over long perids of time, including a VFR800 and a Varadero. Although both of those may be slightly better than the Ducati in some areas, the overall package of the Ducati is precisely what I want in a bike.

Prior to switching to the ST2, I also had a chance to try the Sprint ST and the Sprint RS (my Ducati dealer also sells Triumphs), as well as the BMW 1100 S, and they are all great bikes. I just have fallen in love with the Ducati after experiencing the World Ducati Weekend 2000 at Misano last year, and have not looked back since.

I suppose all of us can never entirely agree, and so much the better. It is great to find such diversity in the ST category, and I am looking forward to testing the Futura this coming weekend. But change my Ducati, I don't think so!

So, if you think Ducatis still have reliability problems you might be surprised to find that they have considerably improved in this area over the years, and with a little extra care from the owner, I'm sure you will find them to be on level with the Triumphs.



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Default Re: Aprilia Futura vs. Ducati ST4 Reader Feedback

Since I am in the market for a new bike, I have checked out both.

The Futura seems like a nice bike, but the styling turns me off, the Ducati ST4 I really like, but I am wary of their maintenance, and I think that I would hold out for an ST4s instead. The Ducati to me is a very beautifull machine in every respect that I can measure.

Since the capabilities of all those bikes exceed anything I could and would do, their top performance is really not an issue with me, and I suspect a lot of other riders too. From a practical point in regards to on the street performance, looks, range, cost, etc there are other choices. I am thinking a Triumph Sprint would be a wiser buy, at least for me, and then there would be descent tank range too, but the Ducati sure looks sweet.

Nice report!
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Default Re: Want to really ride a great Sport-Tourer....Try the Triu

Biker 911 Go to - http://www.saltlakemotorsports.com/Rally2001.html to see how unreliable these bikes are. Check out the 2000 Rally Duc at the bottom also.

BTW Minime - "Then, only a year later, the Italian marque released the ST4 which upped the displacement and power output of their new sport-tourer." The ST4 has 916 cc's while the 2 has 944 cc's.
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Default One word....

FJR1300. Period. Both the Ducati and the Aprillia are nice bikes..quick, decent looks, etc., but the FJR...ah, not that's what we want. Now I realize that's comparing apples to oranges...well maybe not oranges...maybe red delicious apples to granny may apples (or whatever they are called..you know, the green bitter ones), but still, on a twisty road, I'll bet the FJR would'nt be too far behind. The FJR is a true sport-tourer in the U.S. sense of the word...fast (150+ mph), powerful (lastest word is 120ish rwhp), torquey (90+ ftlbs), good handling, good looking, hardbags, shaft-drive, adjustable screen, Japanese reliablity, tank range, etc. You can even wheelie the thing!! Yes, it's heavier (but not ST1100 heavy) and more "tour" than "sport," but you'd be much happier on a 500 mile trip to deals gap and back on the FJR than either the Duck or the Priller.

There is only one problem...no bike yet!!!! But, as M.O. surely knows by now (but refuses to say by the way), the FJR is most likely on the way next year. I've put down my deposit, and a spot in my garage next to my 2000 R1 is ready. Ahhhh, the perfect two-bike combo. My new helmets and gear are picked out and my first 300 mile route is mapped. Just waiting on you Yamaha.



The FJR Petition Dude

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Default Re: Aprilia Futura vs. Ducati ST4 Reader Feedback

Congratulations on being (I think) the first to compare these two. Good read.

22MPG???? Wow has anyone else gotten that sort of result? Perhaps your RST is anomalous, 'cause that is incredibly bad.

Love the Aprilia's looks, though. The Ducati is, to my eyes at least, really dull looking.

I would like to second the motion above for a test including the VRF and Triumph. The VFR, particularly, as it is the Standard.

Oh, yeah, and please scan in the whole bloody tech stuff that you get in your press kits. The more geeky tech info the better.
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Default Re: Aprilia Futura vs. Ducati ST4 Reader Feedback

The Aprilia does everything just a bit better, but the Ducati is so much better looking and has more range. If you owned the Ducati and never rode the Futura would you ever notice the shortcomings? The Futura is UGLY. Everyone will notice that.
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Default Re: What about the ST4S??

With MO always screaming for latest and greatest it is a real shame the ST4S was ignored. Especially for MO's love of the 996 engine, TiN coated forks and speed.

What this test was, was Aprilia's latest and greatest Vs. Ducati's older and less powerful ST4 - its no wonder why Aprilia was deemed "superior".

MCN has already the ST4S road tested.

It can't be called a touring bike if its range sucks. My 929 has a better range than the Aprilia - maybe I should get some hard luggage for it.
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Default Re: Aprilia Futura vs. Ducati ST4 Reader Feedback

Good test, but I agree that there may have been a problem with this bike's state of tune, that it returned such poor mileage. Maybe MO could follow-up on this issue.

Also, no mention made of some obvious maintenance issues such as the ease of chain adjustment on the Aprillia by virtue of it's single-sided swingarm, and the 10k mile valve adjustment intervals vs. 6k miles for the Duc. Also, timing belts must be replaced every 6k miles on the Duc. Also regarding chains, the Ducati's adjustment mechanism is primitive. I know because I own an ST2, which, with some exceptions, I like alot.

BTW, these bikes are in a totally different category than the FJR1300, which will come in at *at least* 600 lbs.(probably much more) w/bags and gas and has a totally different, bolt upright riding position. Rightfully, it should only be compared to other bikes of this kind such as the BMW R11RT, Concours and ST1100.

While I'm on the subject, will someone please tell the "FJR petition dude" to quit whining. We've heard it one too many times. You've made your point at every possible opportunity (and site!). Now that you've got your deposit down, no amount of whining is going to get you that thing any quicker. The funny thing is, you've done such a job of convincing yourself that this thing is perfect, you're bound to be disppointed.

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Default Re: What about the ST4S??

Spikedlemon -

We didn't ignore the ST4S nor "chose" to run the standard ST4 against the Futura. Ducati North America knew our intentions with the comparo and provided us with a aport-tourer of their choice -- the ST4 you see in the comparo.
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Default Re: Aprilia Futura vs. Ducati ST4 Reader Feedback

I really happy to see another company produce a sport/tourer. The Futura is a great first effort, but art? Maybe the Elvis on black velvet kind. The Futura looks like something out of a bad 80s sci-fi movie. Even the BMW looks better. If you could take the mechanical package (after figuring out how to increase gas mileage) and wrap it in a better looking package, you might have something.

Also, the underseat exhaust intrigues me. Did you do any testing two up? Does the exhaust convey any heat to the passenger?
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