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badinfluence 06-16-2001 08:39 AM

Re: Inline-four vs. V-four Sport Touring
"I agree with about everything you guys said about the VFR. I don't particularly like the linked brakes, they would be better if you could employ all front pistons at once, but I guess they're still O.K. for stoppies."

Honda should get hold of a new Beemer, disect their ABS and duplicate in on the VFR and the XX. Then there may be an undisputed Sport Touring champion.

starvingstudent 06-16-2001 01:00 PM

Re: Inline-four vs. V-four Sport Touring
Even if they did this type of article, it HARDLY means the 6R is due for a revamp. Remind me--what motorcycle is leading AMA supersport point standings?

toowacky 06-16-2001 02:10 PM

Nice idea on the VTR... but as with the 6R (145mi/tank, that's a lot of fills per time zone), fuel consumption is an issue. Isn't the range on the VTR like 125 miles? Maybe you could stow an extra cell in a pannier ;)

minime 06-16-2001 06:06 PM

Re: Inline-four vs. V-four Sport Touring
neo -

QUITE well? At the 929 intro at Las Vegas last year, I was doing rather well, passing all sorts of journalists from other magazines (in print and online). I thought I was the shiznit.

Then, comming out of the left-hand 180-degree turn off the back straight, I'm dragging the peg when I hear some god-awful wailing (like a sick Tyrannasuarus Rex) beside me. Turns out Freddie knew a way to get through the corner a bit better than I (or any other journalist in attendance) and went around me, mid-corner, on the rev-limiter, sliding into and bounding off of the curbing on the exit.

So, "quite well?" I'd say so...

minime 06-16-2001 07:49 PM

Re: Inline-four vs. V-four Sport Touring
das -

I personally owned a VFR at one point. Loved it, and tried a number of different pads with the thing, tring to give it better brakes. Nothing helped as much as I would have liked. Pads with higher friction can only do so much when they're not getting pressed into the rotors hard enough -- such is the case here.

Bayber a swap to larger rotors (like the 929, perhaps) are in order. Then again, there may be more than just new rotors on a new VFR this year. Maybe.

damediggler 06-17-2001 05:45 AM

Re: Inline-four vs. V-four Sport Touring
Very true indeed. I think it's fair to say that the VFR is a bad @$$ bike to even see it compared to the latest "greatest" (just ask Eric Bostrom) 6R. Sure you won't see it at Laguna Seca this year chasing down Eric,Aaron, or Tommy for that matter but it is a "Sport Touring" bike don't you forget. But you will see Eric leading the AMA 600 supersport class buy a lot of points on the 6R. So 6R in need of a way I think whoever wrote that comment is in need of one!!! The real world seems to equalize a great many things but when you put each of those bikes in there own element, you will see that they both are the Kings of their respective worlds. By the way great article MO you should do this again with other bikes it really brings things into perspective. Those are two of the many bikes I was considering and it sucks going to the 600 class articles and then reading the VFR articles and cross referencing the two. You guys were brave enough to try something new and it was pretty cool!!


rhanson 06-17-2001 12:22 PM

Re: Inline-four vs. V-four Sport Touring
You should've really compared the zx-6E to the vfr.

My buddy has one and it is much better at touring than the 6r. Compared to my zx6r it has better low end power, plenty of grunt to give the vfr a run ( 11.2 1/4mile 152mph top speed in some mag reviews). Much more relaxed seating position, dual trip meters, gas gauge, tons of luggage hookup points and it gets 55mpg. 185 to reserve on most trips. It wont scratch like the R but it will out ride 95% of the riders out there. I like the comparison but there was a better bed fellow for the VFR.

Keithf 06-17-2001 02:18 PM

Re: Inline-four vs. V-four Sport Touring
I've owned ST1100s, RT1100s and found them too heavy. I've had VFRs and found them nice but.... I currently have a Triumph Sprint ST - it's a great bike but doesn't have the fit and finish of a Honda. The thought of an FZ1 with a couple of accessories (read bags and taller windshield) is VERY appealing. What does everyone think of this option? BTW I am 48 and regularly ride around 20000 - 25000 miles per season and can easily do 600 -800 mile days on the bike.


Keith Formosa

Caledon, Ontario

MattO 06-17-2001 03:02 PM

Re: A little confused on the comfort issue
I have owned both of these bikes. My brother also owns a 6E. I now have an FZ1.

FYI, I am 5'7", 135, approximately.

The stock seat on the 6R is not nearly as comfortable on long rides as these other bikes. Its good for about 100 miles before you start to get sore. I toured with my brother with his 6E last summer and I had to keep trading off with him to keep from getting too sore. I sold it before I tried any other seats but a Corbin might have made all the difference.

Everything else about the 6R was wonderfull though. Both the VFR and 6R have super smooth engines and transmissions. The 6R has a harsher ride over bumps. The 6R is lighter but you don't notice the weight on the VFR. The VFR gives you the ambient temp gauge which is really nice.

The 6E has an awesome engine. Its powerband is probably the most entertaining I've ever experienced. It is very comfortable, a little cramped on leg room (32" inseam), but otherwise very nice. The suspension is super plush but it is not sharp like a sportbikes in its handling. It feels old tech. The transmission is a little notchy after 3 years but still acceptable.

Both the 6E and FZ1 feel heavier than the VFR or 6R.

I only have 850 miles on the FZ so I havent used full throttle (1000 miles). Its different from these other bikes. Its seating postion puts you completely upright, it feels almost like a dirt bike riding position. That makes it fun. There is more room than on any of the other bikes here and the seat is pretty comfortable. It got uncomfortable on a 265 mile ride on the freeway when it was 80 degrees but was fine when it was closer to 70 on the return trip. The engine feels and sounds buzzy compared to these other bikes, but the vibration is not bothersome at all. The VFR may be worse for that as it put a tingle in my hands on the freeway at 80 mph on a long trip. It is fine at slower speeds.

If I had to pick one of these I think it would be the VFR but the FZ1 is very good and once I have more miles on it I will be able to make a more informed decision.

luvmyvfr 06-17-2001 05:59 PM

Re: Inline-four vs. V-four Sport Touring

Thanks for posting that. Jeez it makes me luvmyvfr even more. I love hearing stories about how real pros smoke us normal guys on anything they want to ride. Not that you're a normal guy, you ride more track time than most of us, I'd guess, but it makes me proud to have the same ride as Freddie, and I LOVE that wailing from the VFR.

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