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fazerO 06-13-2001 03:55 PM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
Its great to see the cruiser market becoming a little more sporting oriented. It's too bad it still weighs about the same as a small truck. Can't wait to see the comparos that come out.

Patrick-of-the-Hills 06-13-2001 04:18 PM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
1. I wonder if this is somehow intended to be the V-Max replacement, or if it's a place-keeper between drag-bike models.

2. Are exhaust pipes the new frontier of "Mine's bigger!" phallic games?

3. Honda showed a perfectly thrilling hotrod cruiser concept a few years back with an inline-four motor. Will the market ever nod at something other than (yawn) another V-Twin?

4. Big nasty mofos like this are good attention-grabbers in the market, but I'm still wondering if we'll ever see the Euro-market Fazer 600 or any other midsize sporty-ish standard from Yamaha anytime soon.

buzzdsm 06-13-2001 04:21 PM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
There is something about the frontend that I don't like but the rest of the bike looks good. These are the cruisers of the future. I like what the foreign companies are doing with the new bikes (moving away from Harley clones)

springerman 06-13-2001 04:24 PM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
Not that I am a big fan, but I think that yamaha would be a hel! of a lot better off if they spent there time on a new V-MAX, never owned one but from what I have read, I would guess that the Max would eat this thing for breakfast. I also know that loyal Yammie riders have been asking for a new Max for years. It seems to me that insted of giving there customers what they relly want, Yamaha would rather make shure that Honda dosent sell the VTX with no compitition.

Just mho

minime 06-13-2001 05:16 PM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
All these comparisons to Yamaha's own V-Max are interesting. It should be added that the V-Max is still going to be sold this year and has not been dropped from Yamaha's product line.

CBR1000F 06-13-2001 05:44 PM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
1. Probably neither a place keeper nor a V-Max replacement... they don't sell to the same crowd.

2. NEW Frontier?! Where have you been?

3. The market doesn't seem to want cruisers with 4 cylinders, whatever the configuration.

4. Yeah! bring on the Fazer 600! :)

MC 06-13-2001 05:44 PM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
Well, for that weight, and price, I think I'd be leaning towards the VTX. I mean, it sure is nice of Yamaha to serve up a warmed-over air-cooled cruiser twin, toss on a big ol' honkin sportbike-looking muffler and call it a performance crusier...

The real shocker here though is the $12k(!!) USD price. Does that seem pretty high to anyone else? I guess that extra front disc and the rare-earth magnet flywheel cost a lot eh? I guess they just charge whatever the market will pay. R1 derived this, R1 derived that... for christ's sake, an R1 only sells for a tick over $10k.

Ok, so I'll never buy one myself, but it does look like a neat bike that I wouldn't mind taking for a spin sometime.

Gabe 06-13-2001 05:49 PM

Is Jimmy Carter president?
'Cuz a 600-pound, 90 HP bike sounds like 1980 to me. (CBX, GS1000) Why is it that Confederate, a small start-up with limited resources, can design a 120-HP, 500 pound cruiser, (

when a company like Yamaha expects us to wet our pants at something two guys in a garage could do with a stock Harley and $5k in performance parts? Granted, this thing does look pretty cool (love the exhaust!), but it doesn't truly break any new ground, and I think Yamaha has another loser cruiser on their hands.

Gabe 06-13-2001 05:56 PM

Sometimes a muffler is just a muffler...
But Freud aside, I think a large V-twin with a single muffler needs an enourmous muffler to keep the EPA happy- look at the RSV Mille, and that's just 1000 cc!

BammBamm 06-13-2001 06:13 PM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
Can't wait to get a novelty helmet and go for a ride. Hope there aren't any turns in the road. It's a real shame that with all the talent they have at Yamaha, they build something like this.

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