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uncleron 06-14-2001 04:37 AM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
I think this might be a great bike. If Yamaha and Honda can build 100hp cruisers; and Buell can get 100hp out of a Sportster engine, and put it in a frame that handles; Where's Harley? It is not difficult to get this kind of power out of a Harley motor, and HD has plenty of money they could spend on r&d. It is kind of ironic that after years of the Japanese big four copying Harley's designs, Harley is now the one who must catch up to Yamaha and Honda. I would much sooner buy this type of bike than a Heritage, Fat Boy, or similar. I would like to have a big cruiser, but since my other bike is a Hayabusa, I don't think I could put up with a 600+lb bike that barely makes 60hp. I hope we see more of these performance cruisers on the market soon.

Patrick-of-the-Hills 06-14-2001 04:53 AM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
Harley has no real need to enter the showroom-stock musclebike arena, for two important reasons: First, a big snorting brute isn't really in the Company's "all-American open-road nostalga cruise" mentality (witness the Heritage Springer and the brochures that look like Ralph Lauren catalogs, and remember the relative failure of the genuinely evil-looking Bad Boy); second, why bother putting all the hot parts on at the factory when you can sell them later, via Screaming Eagle, and gather in that much more profit?

Besides, you're probably the first Hayabusa owner to ever confess a possible interest in the Motor Company's products.

heyjd 06-14-2001 05:05 AM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
I agree with you... they may be coming out with more power but they are still missing the boat on weight, ground clearance, braking and maybe a shorter wheel base. I own a 94 magna that puts out a modest 75-80 rear wheel hp, but does alright due to its comparable weight in the cruiser market: 505 lbs dry. Previously, I owned a 1985 Eliminator 900 (530 lbs-good for a 3 second 0-60mph) that sported their Ninja 900 engine. Both bikes are 4 cylinders for sure but if the Japanese manufacturers are dead set on v-twins why not develop their Suzuki TL1000 or Honda VT1000 into light weight performance cruisers? Just wondering....

dickdastardly 06-14-2001 05:32 AM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
As a former V-Max owner, I'd like a new v-max,

but I really like the looks of this thing.

It looks pretty much like I was hoping the

new v-max would, and I like twins too.

Much more to my liking than the VTX1800,

at least in pictures. The VTX looks kind

of cheap in person, hopefully the Warrior

(stupid name though) will hold up better

under closer view.

dickdastardly 06-14-2001 05:37 AM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
An HD power cruser is coming, probably a water

cooled four valve motor developed in conjunction

with Porsche. That development mule

in a recent Cycle world or Motorcyclist issue

is probably way off on everything but the basic engine.

mofo 06-14-2001 06:25 AM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
fu- fu- fu- fu- fu-


uncleron 06-14-2001 06:33 AM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
I've actually run in to other Hayabusa riders outside the local Harley dealer. I used to ride an Ironhead XLCH, Harley does currently have a real performance oriented model anymore. The Sportster Sport would be a great bike if they would just free up the engine. As I said Buell can easily get 100hp out of that motor. Harley owns Buell, so it should not be difficult to get closer to 100hp out of a stock Sportster. HD can still make lots of money on chrome and t-shirts, I'd bet they sell alot more of that stuff than the Screamin' Eagle parts. I think the Warrior is a more desirable stock bike than Harley's current offerings. A performance cruiser might not take sales away from a Heritage, but it could bring some new riders into Harley dealers or bring back some who have left (not that HD needs additional business). There is obviously a market for performance oriented cruisers, just look at the Harley aftermarket. Maybe bikes like the Warrior will raise the quality of the Japanese cruiser aftermarket, so that riders can get more than just bolt-on chrome.

das 06-14-2001 06:44 AM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
Now *that* is something I don't need from MO. More effort on motorcycles and motorcycle-related things, less effort on ATVs and scooters, please.

Just my opinion.

Rafi 06-14-2001 06:51 AM

Re: Where's the new R1???
Okay, MO, you guys really screwed up now!

Where is the $%&@! information about the 2002 R1! We *know* you know something that you're not sharing! I've been checking day and night since Monday for some new R1 info and you give me this? I've already read about this beast on 3 different sites, including Yamaha's own website! Screw that!

ohhseven 06-14-2001 07:02 AM

sport oriented cruiser market..
Well it's funny reading this article where they go on sounding so happy about finally introducing a 'sport-oriented' cruiser as though it's never happened before...

Made me laugh to hear them get excited about inverted forks, (Valk has'em) full-floaters (Valk uses the same brakes as a CBR and if I remember right was the fastest stopping bike, and currently is second fastest!!!) Hi-reving motor.. Hmm I don't think the Valk revs hi but it still blows 5800 outta the water!

Hello, anyone seen a Valkyrie before? You can dust the likes of ST1100's and other bikes of that nature with one.

Ever notice that there are never any comparos of others cruisers to a Valkyrie? That's because there isn't a comparison! It's about time that manufacturers are coming out with something that might be competition for the Valk. Of course as soon as the new Valkyrie comes out it will be game over once again. Sorry about their luck!


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