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MC 06-13-2001 06:17 PM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
5,800 RPM? I think my old Buick used to rev that high... heh heh heh :)

boxjoint 06-13-2001 07:17 PM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
Although I really like the styling of this "new" cruiser, I think that the good ol' boys and gals at Yamaha screwed up big time for 2002. Don't get me wrong, the new Warrior seems like a fresh new interpretation on a stock cruiser but they seem determined to ignore the USA when we specifically ask for a product. For years now we have asked for an update to the V-Max and sorry Yamaha, this is not it. And with a bike like the VTX coming out woulden't you agree that steering clear from the cruiser market (from a manufacturers point of view) for a year or two would be wise?

And for anybody who reads the reader feedback sections on MO knows how much trouble some have went through to get the FJ1300 stateside which also, did not happen. Yamaha would not even have to spend on engineering or revisions to the FJ, just bring it here. I was going to get a 2001 bandit 1200s last year until I heard about the FJ1300 and decided to wait. Well now I will have more money to put down on a 2002 bandit.

To end on a good note, Yamaha definately got their 2002 Grizzly ATV perfect. If anything good came out of 2002 from Yamaha that is it.

PS. sorry for the winded response, just had to get my frustrations out over the FJ!

minime 06-13-2001 07:44 PM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
Yamaha's ATV line is impressive this year. We'll have details on the entire product line next week.

starvingstudent 06-13-2001 08:03 PM

Criticisms and questions
One point: why would someone looking for a lighter-weight, good-handling cruiser (aluminum frame) want a 1700cc pushrod behemoth with a 65+ inch wheelbase? Yamaha screwed up. They should have mated that dandy aluminum frame to a standard-cruiser (think HD Sportster, or better yet, Sportster Sport) with a sit-up seating position and a 60 inch wheelbase. THAT would have made sense. People looking at these big beasts want engine and engine alone, and the VTX supplies that better.

Speaking of standard-cruisers, has anyone else heard rumors of Kawasaki having a Sportster clone in 2002? had a brief blurb a week or so ago, but I haven't heard anything else. Anybody care to make my day by providing details (especially if that person is a MO employee--hint hint)?

minime 06-13-2001 08:34 PM

Re: Criticisms and questions
Officially, we can't either confirm nor deny anything you have mentioned. So just sit still and stay tuned until later in the year...

Spooner 06-14-2001 12:33 AM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
After looking over the 2002 Yamaha's, it's the V-Star 650 Silverado that gets my wife and I excited. The price is very reasonable (as compaired to pricing some of their other products up to whatever the market will tolerate). The Silverado is a total package. Ready for two working class people to ride and enjoy. I believe Yamaha is listening to it's customers, they simply can't please all of them all the time. The bikes each one of you are waiting for from Yamaha are comming eventually...

pluscard 06-14-2001 01:51 AM

Re: Criticisms and questions
I have owned a 2001 Roadstar for the last 30 days. Got it just in time to ride it to bike week in Myrtle Beach, SC. I've put over 2000 miles on it the first month.

I bought it because it looks, sounds and rides great. It's the most comfortable bike I've ever ridden. I never trailer anywhere - I ride even in the rain if I have to. I added a windshield, backrest (2 up a lot), and saddlebags.

Now, the roadstar is plenty gutsy - but it just doesn't rev up. My only critism is for 1602CC: you would think they would at least make it outrun most HD models - but it doesn't.

But I didn't buy it to go fast - I bought it because it makes ordinary roads interesting. I've not had a ticket in 6 years - (but I have had my share including 129 in a 55).

So the roadstar warrior is an interesting upgrade to the popular roadstar line. Add some power, shave some weight - can't hurt. I'm just not sure about that bike sportbike muffler - if it were mine it would have to go.


Carlton 06-14-2001 02:31 AM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
Mr. Minime, care to confirm or deny this totally unrelated to the Road Star report? Heh heh...

"My local dealer informed me yesterday that a Yamaha representative at the show revealed that the FJR 1300 was indeed coming to the US. The reason it was not at the show nor on the web site is because it is pending EPA approval. It will be at the show in October and in US showrooms in the spring. My dealer then accepted my deposit for one. Thanks for the great site, I'm certain it helped Yamaha decide to import the FJR 1300."

The FJR Petition dude

old_school 06-14-2001 02:39 AM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
We have been exposed, it has taken me quite some time to figure out that we are a nation of Sunday poseurs. The factories are way ahead of me. The Warrior is a tasty piece, just nowhere the daily rider the bulldog would be.

This bike is just what this market needs, and I won't be too surprised if my bandit gets traded in on one.

draz 06-14-2001 03:30 AM

Re: Road Star Warrior Reader Feedback
I agree. Come on Yamaha, give us a new V-max. And if it looks like the MT-01 that's even better. Create a bike that will crush the Ducati Monster in performance and look distinctive without being too over the top. That will sell.

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