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Bat_Matt 06-04-2001 12:35 PM

Re: 600-Class Comparo Reader Feedback
Now that is a great idea.

gappy 06-04-2001 12:51 PM

Re: SV vs. ZX6R
I have a SV650S, and was torn between this and the YFZ. I am very happy with what I ride, and believe that I am not using 100% of its capabilities yet. When I'll scratch both footpegs on a regular basis I'll feel ready for a R6.

I agree completely with the fact that even supersport 600 need to be more usable for commuting and even a bit of touring. Moreover, it is true that a good rider on a SV, VFR or YFZ could trounce a mediocre rider on a race-replica. On any track. Many people who buy extreme bikes do not realize it, and opt for a carpal syndrome and a sore butt insetad.

spedracrxx 06-04-2001 01:17 PM

Re: Insurance Question...
Ahh yes, I know the feeling. I got a quote for an f4i with them and it's going to be 528 for six months IF I switch my truck over... AND if they give me a good rate on the truck, I'm gonna do it. I have not found another quote below them and the closest is about 2000 a year.

Patrick-of-the-Hills 06-04-2001 06:34 PM

Re: 600-Class Comparo Reader Feedback
Actually, yes, a few years ago (and although I'm sure there's been updates, the gist of the article is still valid). Click on "Manufacturer's Row," then scroll down to "Aprilia," and the RS 250 is right there, headlights and all.

In case time is of the essence, a quick recap: Ultra-narrow powerband, full-racer-crouch positioning, and a lot of "Whoa! This thing rocks!" kind of exclamations about handling, etc.

Just for the sake of being a showoff, I guess I should point out that 250 two-strokes are usually compared with 400 four-strokes and not 600s, according to the FIM. A quick once-over of relevant power and weight tendencies bears this out.

A certain segment of the readership? Yeah, sure. Where do you (and they) live that the EPA doesn't make riding one of these difficult?

6R_kawi 06-04-2001 07:00 PM

Re: 600-Class Comparo Reader Feedback
I care about a 3 bike comparo very much, we all do for crying out loud! That's why we're here. I must say that for MO this is a crock. You guy's have/had a reputation you see! You got all this web site b.s. that you do for us for free, but hey that's the friggin web, stupid.... It's the taxpayers nickel that started it all and your time is valuable, we know..... but if you don't like it, stop wasting you that precious time of yours, cause you ain't gettin my dime. Dot com failure are the wave of the future, so let's all have a big old hearty belly laugh. The web is not for making money, certainly not mine. It's for sharing information. Your hard work has been very entertaining however, but please give a good excuse for not including the 2001 F4i, that's all I ask for. If MO can give a really super good excuse, maybe I'll be swayed into sending in a check for $10. Let's hear it MO, that's what we want a really super good excuse.... and I mean pronto... damn it. Sorry for the tough love, but somebody's got to slap some sense into ya.

TT600chick 06-04-2001 07:48 PM

Re: 600-Class Comparo Reader Feedback
Ok here's my comments and a few questions...

First off I'm going to put my two cents in... I own a 2001 TT600, and yeah i guess my opinion is kinda bias, but I do believe it is by far the best looking 600 out there...the look of the air induction could change a bit but other than that it is very pleasing to the eye and it does turn heads.

I was also wondering if the riders for MO actually took the time to break the three of these bikes in? For one the TT is a very hard bike to break in, and it really doesn't ever reach it's peak performance until about 3,500 miles. After I put about 2,000 miles on mine the gear box stoped screwing around and did it's job beautifully. If these bikes aren't broken in then they really aren't getting the chance at competing with each other at a fair level. I've riden a TT that wasn't broken in properly, it was rode hard and hung up wet to dry, and that bike couldn't even race against my lawnmower. Another thing is that I don't even think the TT should be compared to these Japanese bikes...yeah it's a 600 but compared to the other bikes it's performance is just so much different. I don't know much about engines and all that bull (I'm learning), but if you stand next to a F4i and TT both cranked the F4i sounds like a vacuume cleaner and the TT sounds like it's actually got a motor in it. Anyhow, I don't mean to sound like I'm doggin' the other 600's, I've driven a R6 and a F4i....and they are awesome bikes.

Oh yeah and what that dude said earlier, why was the F4i not included?

TT600chick 06-04-2001 07:57 PM

Re: 600-Class Comparo Reader Feedback
You don't have a bad bike, you have an awesome bike! I'm glad you got all your free play worked out with the throttle, becareful with those wheelies! I don't know if you have one, but Triumph makes an awesome slip-on pipe that just enhances the performance beautifully, but if you get one put on be sure that you have the computer adjusted to having in on there or you can run into lots of problems. I don't know if you feel the same way i do, but I'm tired of MO crapping on the newbie! In a few years their minds will be changed and Triumph will be "the bike" to own, and all these other Japanese bikes will be eating dust. Have fun riding!

mwyoung 06-05-2001 05:16 AM

Re: SV vs. ZX6R
To make a truly interesting Sport Touring Comparison, you should include a twin too. The venerable BMW RS, a Ducati ST2 or ST4, or even the new Aprilia Futura would be an interesting addition to the fray.

nweaver 06-05-2001 09:27 AM

Actually, the Kawa is available in elegant blue

The 6R is available in a nice elegant blue, very similar to the Triumph in color, which really accentuate the clean, elegant lines of the bike

CBR1000F 06-05-2001 11:17 AM

Re: 600-Class Comparo Reader Feedback
"Just have to take it easy till you are 100% confident in the bike. "

Hopefully you'll survive it when your learning curve is exceeded by your confidence curve. It WILL happen, it's natural. I hope you do, and good luck.

I know this is probably flamebait, so go ahead and flame away!

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