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stevegrab 06-03-2001 03:58 PM

Re: SV vs. ZX6R
Gotta admit you got me looking forward to that review (SV or not). I'm curious to hear how they compare when the road gets more sporty.

engine01 06-03-2001 07:48 PM

Re: 600-Class Comparo Reader Feedback
People keep going on about the F4i and 6R being the more comfortable bikes to ride but surely different bikes must suit different heights or build of rider. Can anyone tell me whether even the GSX-R or R6 are actually more comfortable than the F4i and 6R for short or tall people?

jaylie 06-03-2001 08:33 PM

Re: You Gotta Do it, MO!
Yeah, You gotta do it, MO! (Pleeze. . .)

Here are the candidates for the suggested article:





How about calling it a "Super Street Comparo,"-- not quite Super Sport, but not exactly Sport Turing. You know, too old for MTV, but too young for VH1. . . Sportbikes for the rest of us.

thatguyjohn 06-03-2001 10:12 PM

Re: 600-Class Comparo Reader Feedback
Here's one more vote for this proposed comparo. I'm sick of the fluff I normally find as magazines try to comvince me of how great the latest and greastest are and why my bike can no longer keep up. I want to see the real world gear tried out, but throw the ZX6 in as well and make it a 4-way battle.

Now, about this naked bike shootout.....

worn_patella 06-04-2001 05:14 AM

Re: You Gotta Do it, MO!
I second the motion ... but the ZX-6R will stuff the rest ... how about the ZX-6 (the ZX-11 lookalike). I'm planning on a ZX-6 or YZF600R as a Christmas present for my better half ... but the SV650 may have the character and the street freindliness to sway me (her?), even if it is a Suzuki. I haven't seen as many late model Suzuki's in the shop like I used to, so it could be time to shock my friends, if the Suzuki is up to it. Lay it on the line MO.

banda 06-04-2001 05:18 AM

Re: 600-Class Comparo Reader Feedback
Reasoned responses and genuine interest in your readers' questions. You totally rock. This is why I read every day.

12er 06-04-2001 07:12 AM

Re: 600-Class Comparo Reader Feedback
Well simply put the higher pegs on the r6 and gsx-r will work better for short riders (read less uncomfortable). But mix in lower bars with a longer reach yet shorter arms your going to have even more weight on your wrists and lower back. Im 6'6 so the bars arent a problem on the r6 or Gixxer but the pegs are unbelievably uncomfortable. I have to hook my heals and shimmy by huge feet up the pegs. Needless to say I spent the big bucks and bought a BMW k1200rs. Fully adjustable and does everything I want it to do very very well. Just no track days in my future. But the 400 miles I did yesterday was a breaze.

dj1298 06-04-2001 07:57 AM

Re: 600-Class Comparo Reader Feedback
I just bought a 01 r6. This is my first motorcyle ever. I have shaved the front and rear blinkers with a blue screen. That is it for now.

BTW, Maybe I do not ride like you guys, but I do not see why this is a bad first bike. It just depends on your ego is when you ride. I know I am new to this, so I take it easy. Have not been over 100mph yet, but right at it. Just have to take it easy till you are 100% confident in the bike.

dj1298 06-04-2001 08:01 AM

Re: Insurance Question...
I ma 23, with no tickets, in Dallas. My rates in State Farm for a 01 r6 is 690 per 6 months. But I ahve my auto and home owners policies there too. Seems that might be high. Can't wait to be 25!!

MC 06-04-2001 08:42 AM

Re: 600-Class Comparo Reader Feedback
I would have to agree that the TT looks the best (except for those just-plain-wacky shop-vac ports on the front).

I really can't stand the cheesy graphics that Honda/Kawasaki/Suzuki/Yamaha feel they need to splatter all of thier sport bikes with. Whats the deal?

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