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toowacky 06-01-2001 06:00 AM

simple laws of physics
true enough... awareness always takes on more importance as your vehicle gets smaller, due to simple laws of physics:

motorcycle vs. suburban = suburban wins

motorcycle vs. geo metro = metro wins


suburban vs. 20-yard mack dumptruck= the bulldog wins ;)

i strive to drive my pickup with the same awareness as when i ride (daily Oregon work commuter, 365 days, except snow days). in a perfect world every cager would drive with that same mentality...

(ps, in no way do i condone intentional harm against any cager, tempting as that may be sometimes.... )

flatspin 06-01-2001 08:21 AM

Re: That is because they are stupid.
Funny thing about stereotypes...they generally have some truth to them, or they wouldn't get started in the first place. I live in the Washington DC area. And we have more than our fair share of SUV's. 95% of them seem to be driven by a single person commuting somewhere. They're big, bad handling obstructions that get horrible gas milage. Unless you do a lot of heavy towing, or off road work, You don't NEED a vehicle like that. This whole "bigger is better" SUV craze is all about image. Maybe you do get some use from yours. But most of the SUV's in this area never haul anything but groceries. And the fact that these drivers might own other vehicles, doesn't preclude them from getting a different mindset when they get behind the wheel of their 4500lb toy. It's real easy for people to drive with an indifferent or aggressive attitude when they feel invulnerable inside their 7 ft tall tank.

eljefe 06-01-2001 09:49 AM

Re: Morning Disaster: Avoided
Thats why I got the James Bond option on my TLS. The land mines seem to discourage the tailgaters, and the.50 cal machine guns always ensure the lane ahead is clear of obstructions (small dogs, pedestrians, cars etc.)

VFRDude 06-01-2001 11:04 AM

Re: Morning Disaster: Avoided
Another TX rider to verify your information... My wife had a dog run in front of her one night that caused $3,000 damage to the front of the car. Our insurance agent told us she did the right thing and to never swerve to avoid an animal. If an accident is the result of the swerving, it counts as a collision and goes as a bad mark on your insurance; but if you hit the animal. it comes under comprehensive part of the policy and is not counted as a moving violation.

That said, don't try it on a bike -- the rider and bike will lose almost every time!

Anybody have experience with those "deer whistles" -- mount them on the front of your bike and as the wind passes through them, they emit a very high pitched scream that supposedly only the animals can hear and acts as a warning device.

CarsSuck 06-01-2001 11:44 AM

challenge someone to dispute it. So what--I challenge you to prove it. Until someone can prove it either way I'll rely on experience, and the cell phone drivers consistently try to kill me more often than non cell phone drivers. And nothing at all needs to be outlawed before I can "rag" on cell phones. I'll say what I like about them, and I won't talk on the phone to someone who's driving.

mge 06-03-2001 10:01 PM

Re: Morning Disaster: Avoided
The biggest reason for going straight ahead is that if there's enough room for doggie / kitty etc to get out of the way, they will.... but you don't know which way they'll go.

If there's not enough room for them to escape, then there's not enough room for you.

Of course, 'roos at night time are a different story....

tbuse 06-04-2001 10:08 AM

Re: Oh I forgot to mention...
I recommend you take your own advice. The last study i read on cell phone use as it applies to accident rates showed that the rate of accidents was on par with those involving drunk drivers. The study also showed no difference between the accident rate for hand held cellphones & hands free devices. I recently had the terrifying experience of going through Atlanta, Georgia during rush hour on I-20. At least every third car had someone hauling ass while talking on their cell phone and; obvious from the number of times I saw people slamming on brakes as they approached slower traffic too fast; not paying attention to their driving. There are many other distractions while driving, but none of them have been shown to be as dangerous as the use of cell phones.

Colorado_F4 06-06-2001 06:03 PM

Re: Morning Disaster: Avoided
All this bickering back and forth about cell phones and SUVs is causing people to forget what's really important here.... which is:

How are the geese?

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