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Default Controversial = More Hits on MO's Site = $$$

I understand MO. First begging for money and then this?!?! Whoever made the decision to make a controversial article on the last staff meeting should get a promotion. Did you noticed the number of hits this article got? Specially from r1 and GSXR owner I bet.

So, the more hits you get on a web site the more money you get from advertising, right? So lets say that the r1 is the number 1 bike this year, and since it's only our opinion (and you know what they say about opinions) we ain't gonna get into any trouble. Safe bet, easy money... but wait, how about our credibility? Who cares, these people who read these articles are junkies hooked on drugs. Watch and see how we'll get the same results next year when the r1 will defenately be the winner and we'll be giving the GSXR first place.

Are you guys in bed with the Tobacco company or the porn industry by any chance?

All I can say is that if this is not true, your AMA professional riders that tested the GSXR are OVER-THE-HILL and SMOKING CRACK!

r1 is a nice bike, but ask around, go to different forums and you'll see and increase of r1 owners (coming out of the closet) admitting that the Gixxer is the BOMB except for the LOOKS (gettho looks if you ask me) which is the only thing they brag about.

What's for next year's agenda? VESPA #1, R1#2, Gixer #3??? AAAAhhahahahahahhaah..... Pass the pipe and start typing.

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Default Shootout feedback - why allways on a racetrack?

It seems your tests of road bikes are only on race tracks? Unless people plan to use their bikes only on race tracks your shootouts and reviews only offer us readers a slice of the overall picture. I feel this is something really lacking - I dont often write to voice opinions - if at all, and I like your zine but why not expand the testing a little? This shoot out only says what is the best open class racetrack bike not what is the best open class sports bike.

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Default Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!

I was refering to performance stats, it seems to be falling behind the competition. Does that mean I'll be trading for an R1 of GSXR1000? Nope, I don't want to give up the good ergonomics or reliability for incremental increases in performance.
2006 Yamaha FZ6

(Kawi's long gone)
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Default Re: Shootout feedback - why allways on a racetrack?

I concur with this. I think some of the remarks are also kind of off the wall. The ZX9R has had a killer motor for a long time, and you can buy it cheap. I had mine race-teched to fix the awful '99 suspension, then added a Muzzy's Ti pipe and jet kit, and get 138 at the rear wheel using the same Dynojet model you guys are using. This, plus the decrease in weight, theoretically makes it "better" than the R1 as it has more, and is more friendly with a better suspension.

In reality, the "Kawi" finishing fourth based on race tracking and no real roads is quite deceptive. Despite my Kawi being first class, I think I'll try the Gixxer this year. It's the hot ride, it's the fastest ride and so on.

Listen up, Minime. We don't read your zine to find out what's "good" for us. "Good for us" means not getting on a bike at all, and riding around in a truck which has the most impact protection.

What is annoying about this is that your "opinions" and your "standards" are like owl sh*t on a greased slide - very hard to get hold of. First it's all about power and all-out performance, then it's all about "other" apparently indefinable differences.

When your basis for judgement varies from year to year what it tells me is that I am wasting my time here. It makes your opinions and test results unreliable.

These "sliding standards" means that I'd hardly trust your opinions if they were about rocking chairs. So what did I learn from your article? The answer is almost nothing of substance on which to base a buying decision.
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Default Re: Shootout feedback - why allways on a racetrack?

The crate busted open on Friday morning, bike screwed together and prep'd for me to pick up on Friday evening. Let me tell you this: cruise the beach on the new gixxer 1000, you'll be glad you spent 10-5 on a Suzuki. With manufacture's competition, you can only hope to be on top for a year.


One thing missing from the review equation: a passenger. With an added 130, Oops...."Yes Dear!"... 110+ lbs. to remove the weight from the front rake, the bike is a dream in high-speed hard cornering.

I DO know what they mean by tricky cornering: the extreme rake of the front forks coupled by the CAPABILITY of entering the corner at much greater momentum tends to "fold" the front tire to the inside. Be careful! I have a lot of experience on bikes including time on NHIS. This bike will put the unweary in the hospital. Controlled with experience, it is awesome. Again: BE CAREFUL!!!!
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Default Re: Shootout feedback - why allways on a racetrack?

Since everyone keeps saying there isn't enough feedback from the front end of the bike....is this due to the tires???....or due to the fork travel?? I have a new GSXR 1000 and I think this is one awesome bike....I am not one of them people that care to have my guts splattered all over the road...but in time I hope to know this bike inside and out and hopefully ride it close to the capabilities. So....would it maybe be best with different tires or what??? Inquiring minds want to know
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Default Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!

I voted in this compro....the GSXR is in my garage, right where the R1 used to be. LMAO I am faster on the GSXR and doubt that I fall into the expert category you describe. I think the GSXR is MORE comfortable, better seating position and definetly better wind protection. AS far as wadding the bike, I'm sure I could toss either one with proficiency. I guess you guys just have more practice. And for the record, a sportbike is supposed to haul ass for two hours than go back to the garage, otherwise you should rename the comparison the sport touring class compro.
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Default Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!

The Honda's speed in corners was compromised by dragging hardware; nothing turned me off more when I was riding. On a 100 ft. radius turn, 3 degrees of lost lean angle costs about 5 mph.

How much did the CBR lose at Willow because of grounding? How much hatred did it generate among the staff?

The comments on this posting are simply great.
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Default Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!

It seems most of Honda's recent sportbikes have had 'dragging' issues. My F4 certainly had them. I think Honda intends their CBR's as streetbikes first, since that's where 98 percent of the buyers will keep them - on the street. Most would say the Hondas are on the comfortable side ergonomically, but that comes with a compromise - low rearsests and high clip-ons (RC51 excepted). Honda's designs, however, easilly allow for quick and relatively inexpensive mods. For my F4, a set of AP billet rearsets and a pair of Yosh clip-ons gave it a feel very close to the GSXR750, if not even a little more extreme. It's certainly not as comfortable as it was, but cornering clearance is no longer an issue whatsoever. I made those mods because track performance is important to me, even though I only ride it recreationally, I don't race. The CBR's also seem to drag their cans with every opportunity. It's almost a given that anyone wanting a performance boost from their machine will scrap the stock can at least. Is it not rare to see any of the 600's (or open classers for that matter) that have the stock pipe after about the first hour of ownership? With a decent pipe, tucked up and out of the way, the only thing that grounds is bodywork after some reasonably aggressive track time. So I guess I get frustrated that the mags all give the Hondas a bad time for (admittedly) poor stock cornering clearance. To be reasonable, if you're investing in any amount of serious track time, the bike will not remain stock anyway.
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Default Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!

So what, the R1 won this comparison. I guess that thousands of ego's are shattered, big deal. I commute on a '01 R1, sixty miles daily to and from work and can at least attest to the comfort and tractability of the bike. I would never claim that I could outrun an experienced rider on a GSXR1000. Fact is, if I could have gotten as good a deal on a GSXR I might be riding one. As luck would have it, I came across an R1 with four hundred miles whose former owner traded for a cruiser. Trading up from a Buell S1WL, Im in awe of the bikes capabilities and having spent many hours on an S1... the R1 feels like a barcolounger comfortwise. Back to the point, if this had been a BOTB shootout I could understand people but I believe that this was a "real world" comparison.
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