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CBR1000F 04-10-2001 12:18 PM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
Don't get all defensive on me now...

"just because a bike has more power," harped Calvin "HackFu" Kim, "doesn't mean it's a better bike." If you and/or the machine can't control that power, it'll only make you slower."


"As powerful and precise as the GSX-R can be, it's also a handful to ride -- even professional motorcycle testers are wadding it in unprecedented numbers. "

Your words. I'm NOT capping on you for it, I think you're right.

JoeSquid 04-10-2001 12:21 PM

Re: Run this by an editor, not a spellcheck.....
I don't really have any complaints regarding the article's contents (although I was sure the GSXR would blow you guys over) I DO have problems with the editing. 3 *whilst*s and referring to Cycle News' as *there's two* instead of *theirs too* after wadding your Gixxer and *theirs also*. Maybe I'm being picky (I am) and maybe there's bigger stuff to worry about (there is) but with the unbelievable lack of proficiency with the language on the net, I would hope that those who write for a living could at least use the tools (i.e. the language) a bit better.

minime 04-10-2001 12:23 PM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
I hear that. My post was in jest, hence the last sentence regarding, "something like that..." Guess I should have put a smiley face or something :)

I owe you a beer. Non-alcoholic, of course! Heh, heh.

bluedot 04-10-2001 12:23 PM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
After reading your article (and sensing the attitude it was written with) I don't understand why you didn't pick the Honda first. Most other journo's and riders seem to agree it has the best canyon carving (real world) manors .

Also interesting to see how CN and your opinions of the R1 vs. GSXR stock suspensions on the track differ 180 from Roadracing World (who I believe also didn't wad a gixxer)

Personally, I think the "open" class bikes are all about excess. Manufacturers offer entire product lines devoted to more streetable, more comfortable, sport touring etc. But the open class are the flagships, their way of saying this is the best we can do, and should be rated as such. If you buy a GSXR or an R1 and then complain after 150 miles that arms hurt then you are obviously a poor decision maker.

Your comments about most mortals not capable of the limits of these bikes while true doesn't make any sense. You could easily say the same things about the 600's. 98% of the buyers of any of these open class bikes are not capable of taking a R6, GSXR 6 or even a SV650 to it's limits so why should we worry here ?

I'm disapointed .... y'all are getting old :)

Guess it all depends on what your definition of what an open class bike should be....

JoeSquid 04-10-2001 12:24 PM

Re: Run this by an editor, not a spellcheck.....
P.s. - I know that whilst is a British colloquialism for while, so save it. This is a U.S. based site primarily for U.S. readers (although I'm quite happy that it gets worldwide attention).

SeanAlexander 04-10-2001 01:05 PM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
I tend to agree with Blue Dot's thoughts (I'm a poet and didn't know it) Open Class sportbikes, are about numbers.... the GSXR wins the numbers. This isn't a test of Supersports, or GTs. I will conceed however, that I would (and do) have more fun on the street / in the canyons, when riding nimble and flickable bikes like 600s and 929RRs

Joe_Momma 04-10-2001 01:32 PM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
They have been talking about that glitch every since Kawasaki changed the compression on the bike. Most mags says it responds like Fuel Injection used to.

Joe_Momma 04-10-2001 01:36 PM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
Good Job MO, I understand why you chose the R1. I "tried" to ride it (GSXR) and it made me feel like I was getting too old at 24. This thing is crazy. The Good ole R1 has the power but also has that nurturing effect when it saves you from killing yourself... sometimes.

CBR1000F 04-10-2001 01:38 PM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
Anytime a bike becomes about the numbers, instead of riding it... then what's the point?

CBR1000F 04-10-2001 01:41 PM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
Non alcoholic? Only if I'm plannin' to ride after! But I'll take you up on that, lol.


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