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RGV500 04-11-2001 05:51 PM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
Have to agree on this one. I just bought a black GSX-R1000. I couldn't give a if its rated the best bike or not. I feel like a million bucks when I nail it. It handles well and it goes fast. I guess I am lucky that I find it a comfy ride as well. I am sure that Yamaha will bring out a new R1 with more power etc (based on their GP 4 stroke) next year if the R1 loses the sales race. Maybe the GSX will then be rated the sensible number one bike.

Calamari 04-11-2001 06:08 PM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
Well said haru! it's a grain of salt that everyone

should take to the showroom when buying a


Use the info. to pick the weapon.

Use your heart to pick the mission.

zxguy 04-11-2001 06:24 PM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
Must be a US thing I reckon. I haven't riden a bad one yet, except for one of mine which was hit in the side by a nissan (she nearly got me).

mraracer157 04-11-2001 06:44 PM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
Somebody wanna hand me that soapbox over there?........Thanks.

OK, first of all, I'm not gonna get into my opinion of which bike is better (mainly because I have yet to ride the GSXR1000) or whether or not I agree with the MO staff (again, for the same reason). What I do want to say is that I am reading comments from guys who, to hear them tell it, are the best, fastest, most all knowing bikers there ever was. My question is - If you know so much, why aren't YOU a professional test rider/writer for a large motomag? I have better things to do than read posts from someone who wants to brag online about how great he is...

Second, so many of you simply want to dwell on the numbers, numbers, numbers. On a spreadsheet, yes, the GSXR is clearly a better bike. However, there are some qualities you simply can't put into a spreadsheet, and the MO staff has given you their **OPINION** about which is the overall better bike. Let me say that again - their OPINION. Which, I might add, you asked for (yes, you did, just by surfing over here, you asked for it). If you don't like what they have to say, maybe you should go read the magazines that tell you what you want to hear. Or, maybe you should read their rather educated OPINION and take it under advisement. Agree or disagree, these guys do this for a living, they've got years of saddle time and I'm betting they know what they're talking about. The least you can do is respect their OPINION enough to refrain from ridiculing them simply because they don't agree with you.

And don't waste any bandwidth accusing me of kissing MO ass, I couldn't care less what they think of me!

Shiny side up, guys 8o)

zxguy 04-11-2001 06:50 PM

Re: Excellent idea...
Pommy bike mag "performance bike" ran an article about three or four years back on the same thing.

The premise was a car mag challenged them previously and were whip! They had a rematch with the car guy's choosing the track.

Cars were a 911, a Ferrari 355 and a Chatterham Super Seven (think open wheel lotus).

Bikes ware a supercup spec YZF600 (not the R6), GSXR750 ('96 or '97 model) and a 916.

All cars had higher corner speeds. All times were within about 2 seconds a lap. All bikes were faster than all cars (from memory). Was damned close though.

Oh yeah! the 600 was fastest.

CBR1000F 04-11-2001 06:52 PM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
When you're riding a machine that is already running just under 3.5 lbs. per horsepower, 10 lbs. and 10 hp are SIGNIFICANT differences. What makes bikes so much faster than cars? Is it that they make more horsepower, or that the horses they DO make have to haul around so much less weight?

TAFB 04-11-2001 06:57 PM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
To those who are thinking of buying a gixxer (to the extent they are still available) and those who are waiting for their gixxers to come in -- MO missed the boat in its "street based shortcomings" criticism of the gixxer. My gixxer came in in early March, and I use it to commute to work and for short to medium rides on back roads (50-100 miles). Having grown up on a CBR 600F2, I was worried about the comfort factor with the gixxer. Although the riding position is racier than the CBR, it is very comfortable and a pleasant commuter (for a sportbike). In fact, the buzz from the bars is less on the gixxer than it was on the CBR and a 2001 R1 that I rode. After a recent 30+ mile ride, my friend (who was riding his new 2001 R1) was complaining of his wrist and arms hurting him, while mine felt fine. Not science; just a real story for what it is worth. As for the balls to the wall engine, the bike is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Keeping the rpms below 7-8000 rpms, the gixxer is mild mannered and reacts and handles much like the CBR (except that, if you want to make a pass, you do not have to down shift two gears -- just twist). It is EASY to handle in this range, and both wheels are firmly planted to the ground with great feedback. But if you are not in the mood for mild mannered, open it up and hang on! Too much power? No way --enough power to do whatever you want, when you want, including passing your friend on his 2001 R1 at will. Will you crash if you go beyond your limit? Yup. But if you try going around a 10mph curve on a moped going 40mph, you'll probably dump that too (note to MO -- the word is "too," not "two").

CBR1000F 04-11-2001 06:57 PM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
Know what's REALLY fun? Do it to them on a heavy, slow, dirty, banged up sport touring bike!

zxguy 04-11-2001 07:01 PM

Re: Yes,
Road & Track magazine in bout '95 ran thirteen of the fastest cars in the world from 0-100-0 mph, timing and measuring distances from go to stop.

They even had a real Shelby Cobra with the man himself in attendance (pitty it broke). The bike was a ZX-9R and needless to say there was no real competition. The bike stared and stopped before any car got to 100.

Just for the record it also stopped in less time and distance than any car, including NSX's, Porche turbo's and all other expensive four wheeled contraptions present. Imagine how much better the current 600's would be under brakes (in a straight line anyway).

Roland 04-11-2001 07:45 PM

small penis complex
Is it that hard to respect the MO Crew's collective opinion even after they explain their reasoning?

Get a grip! Is that what motorcycling is supposed to be about? I know you all are serious track riding professionals and all, but what happened to just enjoying the ride? Every one of those bikes are good and fast!! How can you go wrong with any of them?!

It likes a small penis complex or something around here. Scary!


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