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VFRider 04-11-2001 07:44 AM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
Pat wins the "Bruce Cambell" commemorative Movie Trivia Award!

J190pruf 04-11-2001 07:45 AM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
Doesn't Bimota still make the V-Due, i think that it would make for an oper classer?

NickdaBrick 04-11-2001 07:52 AM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
Hey, MO, don't let a bunch of soreheads feed you a bunch of pony loaf about why the Gixxer should have won. You preferred the R1, so you named it the winner, but more importantly, your test was objective enough to let readers decide for themselves. After reading it, I figured that I might actually enjoy riding the Honda the most.

And as for the rest of you, I hope you realize:

1) Riding lessons will make you a lot faster than 20 extra HP;

2) The preferences of magazine testers will not affect how much you enjoy your own bike; and

3) Beautiful women will ALWAYS choose the rich bastard in the Dodge Viper over the street hero on the Gixxer.

zx900e1 04-11-2001 07:59 AM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
I have a Canadian-spec 2000 ZX-9R and I have never noticed a carburetion glitch. My throttle comes on smoothly and without any surprises.

Could it be that the US-spec or California-spec bike is the only bike to have this problem?

VFRider 04-11-2001 08:02 AM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
"Brave New World"...great CD.

Team_FAST 04-11-2001 08:38 AM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
I roadrace 125cc Shifter karts in Texas. At the 1.7 mile Motorsport Ranch in Cresson TX I believe Ty Howard holds the Motorcyle Track record on a 600 with a lap time of 1:17 (and change). During one of my shifter kart races at this track last year, I was turning consistent *race* laps in the low 1:17's (Mychron timed). I believe the outright 125cc shifter kart record dips into the 1:16's. Most street cars can only manage high 1:2X's at this track (so I'm told).

At the 1.9 mile Oak Hill track, the bikes are right with the karts as well. Track records on bikes at that track are held by guys like Colin Edwards and Ben Spies.

So if you really want to have an interesting comparison, make it Car vs. Bike. vs. Kart!

DougW 04-11-2001 08:40 AM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
Check the lap records at any track and cars win hands down ar every track. Then compare production based cars and you'll find that bikes are still slower. It's a product of cornering power and the cars have that hands down. The tighter the track the larger the disparity. It's only physics, larger contact patch equal higher corneringspeed. What's the lap record for a 4 wheeled race vehicle at Willow Springs and a superbike. I would guess 10-15 seconds per lap.

oldjapbikes 04-11-2001 08:42 AM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
So the ZX-9R keeps coming in last on the tests; are the dealers more willing to haggle? Sticker is $9,999; has anyone been able to talk the dealers down and get a better price?

Janet 04-11-2001 08:46 AM

Re: Open Bike Shootout Feedback!
I can't tell you definitively about reliability yet, though I am cautiously optimistic. At 600 service I had a minor niggle with the indicators sorted (bad connection). Other than that it's been fine. Of course the motor, wiring loom and switchgear are all made by Suzuki.

In terms of quality I'm impressed. The exhaust downpipes are stainless, the brakes are the same Brembos as fitted to the Y2K Duc 996, with braided hoses as standard. The forks are 43 mm inverted Marzocchis (though unadjustable). The finish seems to be pretty good. It is also well sorted in that if you ride it in wet conditions or wash it the area under the seat stays bone dry - though a little storage room under the seat would be nice! Some luggage hooks would be nice too, though I believe that Ventura already have a fitment available for it.

The last time I saw any data less than 100 Raptors had been sold in the UK, though they sell rather better in other parts of Europe. However, if the importer goes out of business it shouldn't be a problem, as the two-year standard warranty (same as we get in the UK on Japanese bikes) is with MV Agusta not the importer. Many of the parts are made by Suzuki too, so spares availability is unlikely to be an issue.

I'm not at all convinced it is easier on the licence though. It's a complete hooligan! I thought I would know when I was going fast because of the lack of wind protection, but actually I am constantly surprised to find myself going as fast as on the R1 when I check the speedo on stretches of road I know well - the relaxed delivery of the V-twin motor doesn't make you think you're going that fast and it is unbelievably easy to throw around in corners - very confidence inspiring. The motor is very revvy for a twin and has a slipper clutch so that you don't lock up on downchanges.

All in all I'm delighted I made the change. I don't miss the R1 at all. The R1 was only fun when you could go fast - increasingly rare on our congested and heavily policed roads. While I would rather go fast on the Raptor it is still fun when dictate otherwise. Plus it's much cheaper to insure.

BBD_Racing 04-11-2001 08:55 AM

Re: Oh the shame

Yeah, when it comes to narscissism, xenophobia and poor grammer, the Brit mags are #1.

You don't believe a serious roadracer wouldn't kill his own R1 time on the Big G? I presume you've never raced. Allow me to inform you:

Getting around a racetrack fast doesn't have a lot to do with maximum power. Controllability is the issue. Take note: Formula Extreme bikes typically have more power than Superbikes, yet circulate much slower. Wanna know why? Because even Kurtis Roberts can't make up for usability differences. He qualifies as a serious roadracer.

Read what Freddie Spencer says about what makes a good sportbike (again, a reasonably serious roadracer). He'll talk about handling and controllability, not power.

I am not saying that the R1 would spank the Gixx or that an R6 would beat both of them. I am disputing your idea that the dyno and the drag strip decide who is fastest on a track.

Do you recall how Colin Edwards said the RC51 was better than the RC45 because it was easier to ride? The 45 made 191hp to the 51's 170 something. Colin qualifies as a serious roadracer.

Last point: did you notice how Ben Bostrom (another serious roadracer) was slow last year and fast this year? It came down to feeling confortable and confident. Sure the new engine is nice, but Bayliss and Xaus have the same engine.

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