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gunpilot 10-24-2000 11:26 PM

Re: MV Agusta F4 Strada
Walked into the Agusta dealer here in hanau germany yesterday. He has three MV F4 in stock. The out the door price with todays mark rate is $12,500. Makes it quite a bit more attractive at this price.

blavenia 03-15-2001 08:11 PM

Re: MV Agusta F4 Strada
Just so you know, there are many people such as myself that have been waiting YEARS for such a bike to arrive. Finally, an Italian Superbike with an inline Four!!! For those of us that prefer the genuine beauty and superior craftsmanship that Claudio and Mossimo can deliver, we have finally found something besides a Duck V-Twin. All hail the Strada! And just so you know, park your wayyyy sexxxyyyy GSXR 600 anywhere near my MV and see how many people stop to look (excuse me, DROOL) over your mass-produced Gixxer compared to the women shredding clothes over the Agusta. Still, love those Jap 4cyls, but I'm movin' on up!!!

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