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Default Re: Alpinestars Dyno Jacket Reader Feedback

I was particularly interested in this review, besides the pictures off course, because I too own a similar Dyno jacket and accompanying Alpinestars Bat pants. Even though I donÂ’t look as good as Danielle in them, I found the model, colour (white,black and yellow), and fit near perfect. ThatÂ’s strange, as IÂ’m 6 foot 6 and I shouldnÂ’t be able to find anything cool that fits me. I can wear it whenever wherever I like, and with the cafe racer feel, I can feel cool doing it.

I have only one comment; you Americans are getting screwed and itÂ’s not that nice variation. I paid $240 for my jacket. I had an alteration made to the pants, it now has Velcro patches for kneesliders (I need those), and in total (thatÂ’s including the alteration and the original cost of the pants) I paid $440 for my entire suit.

You need to talk to the company that imports Alpinestars in the USA.

Greetings from the Netherlands (Holland)

Niek Storteboom
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Default Little known secret I'm going to share


Exchange rates are good, and no imported price gouging like you mentioned.

I got my Sidi Vertebra RACE boots there for $244 WITH shipping. Yes, the ones that are $350 in the US without shipping...at the cheapest place.

They are supposed to be taking on several more big name brands soon, including Alpinestar if I remember the email correctly.

Rob Nance
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Default Re: screw the jacket

Guys, The list _is_ moderated. Just set your preferences to +1 or higher and the low scoring comments won't show. Mine's set for minus five, BTW.

Pete P.

Mongo just pawn in game of life.
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Default Re: Alpinestars Dyno Jacket Reader Feedback

1. I truly appreciate the reviews on MO. I truly appreciate the reviews on MO. I truly appreciate the reviews on MO. So please take the foregoing in a constructive vein.

2. This one was not up to your usual standards; although if you had labelled it as "a jacket for newbies" or something like that it would have represented the story more accurately.

3. The problem with Alpinestars (and many other brands I won't mention) is that the products seem to shrink in size when assembled in the Orient. My Alpinestar SP-1 gloves barely fit around my hand. While this sometimes happens due to an aggressive wrist fit (a safety factor to keep the glove from coming off accidentally in a spill), several other dimensions were also smaller than other products. (For example, the middle finger-to-thumb span hinders movement when the span between those two exceeds about 70 degrees.)

This is not a slam specifically at Alpinestars. My experience is that almost every generic XXL size jacket is too small for me. But, since many vendors of motorcycle clothing just provide a design which is exclusively manufactured in China (or Korea, or the Philippines, or...), they appear to give up control over sizing without too much thought. And since it reduces the offshore manufacturer's costs to use a little less fabric, sizes for some brands are consistently smaller than others.

4. So, may I present a suggestion? Comments on any garment's fit are always subjective, just like comments on riding position and wind buffeting. To address this, Motorcycle Consumer News has a practice of describing the testers who rode the motorcycles. (For the larger tests, anyway.) Part of this includes the testers height and weight. At a minimum, I would suggest that you give the dimensions of the tester and of the jacket. In this way, readers have a better chance of determining if the vendor's sizing is close enough to theirs to justify taking a chance on an online order.

Some dimensions I'd suggest from the tester:

Jacket size

Waist size

Arm length

Chest size (although perhaps an intrusive question for women testers;

I am not asking for Danielle's measurements!)

Shoulder width

Neck size

And from the jacket itself, measured with the jacket laying flat:

Arm length

Shoulder length (seam to seam)

Inside length (base of jacket to armpit)

Waist size (or bottom size for 3/4 and longer length jackets)

Zipper length

It's not as much work as it sounds...and perhaps you might get a tailor to take the measurements. Or ask Bates, they are in the neighborhood...

At any rate, to repeat: I truly appreciate the reviews on MO. I would present these suggestions in the hope of getting a little better sizing information.

Thank you,

Hank Murphy (don't know where my logon went)
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Default Re: Alpinestars Dyno Jacket Reader Feedback

Wow, more highly clear and meaningful feedback without flaming MO for trying to do some reviews.

As far as trying to get better info on sizing, it may just be enough to list some of the tester's measurements along with what size they normally wear (for similar product, be it jacket, boot, pants, etc.) and the size that was tested.

Often if I'm trying to figure out what size to buy, and I know somebody that owns that product, that is what I ask them. For example on pants, I asked my friend "What size did you get, and what is your waist size." Then took that information to determine whether their sizing info was accurate.
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Default Re: Alpinestars Dyno Jacket Reader Feedback

I agree, Danielle is really skinning (not a bad thing) but I have tried on several large jackets (42 ' in the waist) and they don't fit. My 12 year old newphew couldn't fit in Danielle's jacket! I placed a alpinestars xxl jacket on, and it didn't fit either! They do make a velcro jacket in my size, but I like the leather jackets. I finally got to try a 42 inches leather jacket on, and the waist was to small, and you really needed short arms to fit into this jacket. I feel when the manufacturer makes these sportbike jackets they believe ALL sportbike riders are all short, skinny, and look like Danielle. Great wish full thinking, just not practical. GO TO A MENS SHOP, I have a perfect fitting (made in China) jacket but it doesn't have ALPINESTARS on the back, but it fits perfect!
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Default Re: Alpinestars Dyno Jacket Reader Feedback

WOW--what a beautiful young woman, and an aspiring motorcyclist to boot--doesn't get any better than that (except for my Ducati). However, if a man or woman were looking for a leather protective jacket, this review has no usefullness. No meat and potatoes here--just fluff.

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Default Danielle

---Please, everyone is obviously in love with Danielle. And, (without knowing much about her personality, other than that I assume she is interested in motorcycles, and that most people interested in motorcycles have nice personalities), she is obviously one of the more attractive members of the human species, at least for now.

---Couldn't MCO please feature an interview with Danielle some time soon? Maybe a few more focused photos? You know, just "where do you ride, who's your hero" that kind of stuff.

---One day soon, Danielle won't be available to MCO any more. She will move on to more significant appointments.
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