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Default Re: Go with the Flow

I have learned by experience that Things That Stick Out Get Tickets.

Unless it's rush hour, interstate traffic moves at a pretty good pace, so if you go with the flow, you'll get where you want in a reasonable time without attracting undue attention.

I routinely violate posted speed limits but almost never get speeding tickets, because I violate those limits to the same degree as everybody else.

One of my cardinal rules is, never take the point. If you do, you're likely to be the ONE who wins the ticket.
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Default Re: Slow Down!

I am guilty of this, not on my bike but in my car. I have a WRX and at times I will be cruising down the road at the speed limit and a 350Z or god forbid a lancer will go flying past. I then start to roll on the turbo. Luckly, I am at the point in my life now where I dont make it through the turbo lag before I think to myself "self this is stupid". And I go back to listening to the radio and trying to be subtle.
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Default Re: Slow Down!

Where I ride to work, traffic moves between 75-85 MPH, which is as much as 20 MPH above the posted limit. On one such day, I was riding at 85, minding my own business, when a bike cop cruised past in the next lane over, easily 5 MPH over what I was doing.

After awhile, I realized that the reason I didn't get ticketed was that I was going with the flow of traffic, I wasn't tailgating or changing lanes. I was just going fast, but controlled.
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Default Re: Slow Down!

Good stuff Pete, thanks.
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Default Re: Slow Down!

Many many moons ago I had a job near downtown LA (near MacAruthur Park) and was commuting from Torrance. I was on a CB900C at the time and didn't lane split. I did however keep note of the cars around me. The most amusing ones were the drones who saw a motorcycle pass them (me) and immediately began this game of changing lanes constantly to faster moving lanes thinking that this would get them along faster, I guess. I call the game "Beat the Bike". Myself, I'd just stay in one lane and motor along. Well, I lost count of the guys I saw start squirting back and forth at the 405/110 juncture in Carson that I later saw at my exit near the Sports Arena (about 15 miles) maybe 6 car lengths ahead of me at the light. I wonder how much wear and tear they put on their clutches and brakes in order to achieve a 6 car length gain in 15 miles. All because of a silly bruised ego.
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Default Re: Slow Down!

I drive everyday for my job. The other day I had my car in the shop for repair and had the dealership shuttle give me a ride to my office. The shuttle driver drove like an ass, full throttle away from stop lights cutting in and out of lanes and working hard to "make time". For all his hard driving I am sure he saved a few seconds, but man did he not make friends along the way. There is no excuse for that kind of driving in heavy traffic ever. As to your observation about people trying to keep up or pass you when you drive like an ass, who cares. Go fast out in the country away from heavy traffic or take the bus.
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Default Re: Slow Down!

Hey Pete,

Maybe these same crazies think they are just as qualified as you and maybe more. Maybe you should go to more track days before your or someone elses luck runs out.
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Default Re: Slow Down!

I totally know what you're talking about, Pete. You don't have to be going fast, really, to elicit this type of response. A lot of times motorcyclists just "look" fast, or if you're riding a certain attention-getting model, somehow it sparks the race gene in people.

Everyone really needs to chill when riding on the street. If you find yourself in race mode, or getting raced, you have to tone it down a notch. It's a sign that you need to race. Enter a real race. You'll be blown away at how incredible it feels to ride balls-out as fast as you can in a truly competitive situation.

Once you actually do start to race, then you realize: I'll never be the fastest. Even Valentino Rossi loses sometimes. You can't always "win" and certainly on the street "winning" is an illusion. Don't kid yourself. You're just patting yourself on the back when you get into race mode and let your ego think you're a champ. It's fantasy.

Keep it real, or race for real. Let's stow this street fantasy crap.
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Default Re: Slow Down!

Interesting. What is it about a sportsbike in freeway traffic that causes caged motorists to excercise the ego inflator? I've felt the same pull myself, being a bike enthusiast, while driving my ZX3 down the freeway in Minneapolis. I find my foot going down heavy to keep my four-banger within reach of the sportbike that just seems to coast off into the horizon with a yawn. There is something about a lead car or bike that prompts people behind to drive much faster than they normally would, had there been no one in front of them. I observe this every day driving to work on a clogged two-lane road in my car, especially if you pass a 54 mph driver, now you find them sped up riding your tail. Another issue: why do drivers bounce their cars off of redline to frantically pass you in little space, only to have gained 2 car lengths in the space of 9 miles traveled? And very rarely does putting your foot into it hard gain you anything within 15 miles, over driving the general rate flow of traffic. If you have any stoplights to pass through, almost never will you gain. Solution? Get out of bed the first time you plan on spanking the snooze button.
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Default Re: Slow Down!

Bizarre when a car does it to a bike, but hey I'm the first to admit that a bike whizzing by me when I'm on two wheels pulls me like a magnet! But I'm not really racing, it's just a lot more fun to tag team another bike then to ride along alone! Gives you something to focus on for a bit. And sometimes we even eventually come to a stop light together and have a laugh about how fun it was back there.

But then around here in Mass. the traffic goes 90 and the staties roll by at 95. If like me you started riding back in the bad old days of the [enforced] 55 you know that this is indeed the golden age of motorcycling.

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