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Fenton 01-31-2007 05:24 PM

Re: Slow Down!
My competitive nature comes out in a different way. I don't feel the need to "race" you, I feel the need to make your technique look stupid while I cruise along(not you Pete). In my car, I like to kick up the pace and not change lanes or tail-gate and watch you cut 10 cars off and end up 50 feet in front of me.

Same on a bike, when the chance shows itself, I just cruise right by without a chance you have the room or power to pull a bike in a straight up race.

sopwith 01-31-2007 06:02 PM

Re: Slow Down!
You poor arrogant --- . This is why alot of drivers would like to run you down.

Cryptoman 01-31-2007 06:03 PM

Re: Slow Down!
How true!

Cryptoman 01-31-2007 06:08 PM

Re: Slow Down!
Yeah, what is it with that advertising? I've all but given up being able to enjoy a performance car on today's crowded roads. Time to buy a Cadillac and sink into the heated seat.

ksquid 01-31-2007 06:19 PM

Great stuff Pete
Well when I had sports car I used to drive like an ass.. until the day I almost killed someone. That accident scared the crap out of me. So I don't drive aggressively in cars anymore. I do find myself driving aggressively scratch that I mean assertively on my bike. After commuting on my bike for two years.. I found assertive riding safer. I point to the lane I am merging in with a confident wave of my arm. No doubt my all black gear with yellow armour knuckles on the gloves makes a difference.

Anyway I found the worst folks on the freeway in Seattle to be:

[*]Women in SUVs on cell phones. 2 close calls These *****es would not signal and drove like they owned every inch of the pavement including the lane you are in. The bigger the SUV the worse they are. Their favorite gig is to move into the HOV lane going well below the speed limit not signaling of course. right in front of you when you are going 70
[*]Guys in little Honda Civics with the after market pipes etc. They think they can race you
[*]Local truckers i.e moving vans, delivery trucks, dump trucks etc. Seems they love to tail gate makes them feel like a man I guess Long haul guys are usually the safest drivers in my opinion.
[*]In Seattle they have a tradition of driving slow in the fast lane.. Sometimes if you pass these idiots on the right they will speed up and then tail gate you. For gods sake don't flip your brights that will most likely have them do the passive aggressive thing of slowing way way down

I noticed areas of tension in traffic.. [*]Any interchange is especially clover leafs with the infamous collector distributor lanes are the worse. You have competitive types and the passive I don't like confrontations types clashing.
[*]Also in Washington there are no yield signs on the entrance ramps. Even though it is in the drivers manual that you should folks think they have the right away

[b][i]But in general folks in Seattle are much safer and polite than other parts of the country I am sure Pete would find it tame compared to SoCal

ksquid 01-31-2007 06:24 PM

Re: Slow Down!
Yep I usually cruise in the fast lane 10 mph above the speed limit going with the fast lane flow with my detector on. Usually some guy in a Civic will come up from behind and swerve in and out. Most of time the guy ends up two cars ahead of me on the exit ramp..

GSXRWolf 01-31-2007 06:26 PM

Re: Slow Down!
So I speed a little on the highway. It's one of my (bad) habits. So me and the boys are riding back to town this summer after a little evening ride out to the beach. There's about 7 or 8 of us riding together. I'm in the lead and I notice there's a bunch of bikes riding in pairs coming past our group. I held my speed to see who it was. Oops, it's a bunch of Harleys. They got the big handlebars and the forward controls, beanie helmets, tank tops blowing in the breeze. Making lots of noise! I let about 5 or 6 go by and then there's a bit of a gap so I slide on into their group. Time to have some fun. We pass another car and then the right lane is open. These boys are not switching lanes. They own the passing lane. So I drop into the right hand lane, give the GSXR a little tweak on the throttle and it's bye, bye, Harley bros. I slow down again and check my mirrors. Here they come. Somehow they've found a little more speed and now they're really humping. Probably pushing 85mph. I let 'em get close, then pull the vanishing act again. I can't help myself. It's just too funny watching them strain against the wind. I slow down again. This time there's only a couple of them coming. They must be pushing close to 100mph now. Wait, wait, drop a couple gears for better effect, and the GSXR kicks into warp drive. We're getting close to town so I'm praying for no cops tonight. Cranked it through the offramp and I'm back in the big city. Thing is, I'm sure the Harley boys would have had quite a chuckle if they had led us back to town. Slow down? Sure, I'll slow down but not when the Harley bros. are trying to set the pace. I don't care what the Beatles said. I just can't "Let it be."

ksquid 01-31-2007 06:43 PM

Re: Slow Down!
"I just can't "Let it be."" From one squid to another that was beautiful man..

Gluge 01-31-2007 06:43 PM

Re: Slow Down!
uh? because of the car I drive? or because I split lanes legaly?

sopwith 01-31-2007 06:59 PM

You're sooo cool. Can I touch you - you arrogant sob. Like I said before - this is why some would love to run you over.

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