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Default Re: Suomy Gun Wind Reader Feedback

Well, Mr/Mrs spindizzy - you're on the right track. The graphics are based on Maori (not Maorii) art, definitely not aboriginal (Australian). However, the Maori are not a large culture (apart from the overweight ones) - of NZ's 3.8 million or so people, only about 10% or so claim Maori blood, and of these only a similar percentage are of pure Maori blood.

I think that despite the graphics (which though I admire Aaron, I find garish), I think I'll stick with my AGV. The fit is good and the gold/silver on black matches my VFR very well.
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Default Re: Why Earplugs....?

Well, I do agree with 2 of your points. Fancy graphics are a total waste of money IMHO. Please, before the flames start out there, don't try to justify to me the need to double the price of a lid so you can make believe you are the incarnation of your favorite racer. Besides, I end up scratching the crap out of my lid inside of the first month I own it!

I also believe that ANR is one of (if not the best) forms of noise reduction available. No argument there.

Now, that said, I see three problems with your ANR scenario...

1) ANR is expensive. I'm not talking just a couple of bucks here. I'm talking around about an easy grand (probably more) for a good integral helmet system. This would put helmets in a price bracket that would be hard to move off the shelves. While I don't have a problem paying top dollar for the best I can get...there is no way I'm paying that kind of cash for something that I end up replacing every 3 to 5 years. Even the best helmet should be replaced in this time frame because the crash lining (EPS) loses its effectiveness. Sweat, hairspray, gel, lime Jell-O (...OK not lime Jell-O...that was a dare...) all help to break down the liner over time.

2) ANR systems are not tiny. For it to be truly effective, it would need a good outer shell and tight cup seals. Have you ever held or wore one of those high tech pilot helmets? Man, those things are heavy and big! (Trust me on this one...I had to wear 'em). Military helmets also are not as aerodynamic as bike helmets. Really, I see only 2 helmet designs that would easily incorporate existing systems. Unfortunately, I can also see the comments as I ride up..."Hey, here comes Princess Leia! Where's the gold bikini?"...or..."All hail Dark Helmet!" This is also the reason that you don't see a big aftermarket for it. If it was easy and effective enough, you can bet that someone would offer it.

3) While I can't speak for the whole country, I know that in most states it is illegal for you to use speakers, headphones &/or noise canceling devices on both ears while operating a motor vehicle. Yep, I know it's stupid, since deaf people are allowed to drive, but it is the law. While I have never heard (no pun intended) on anyone getting a summons for earplugs, there is a vast difference in what we are allowed to do on the street versus what companies are allowed to market & sell. In other words, say goodbye to the DOT approval if the helmet, by its nature, has an illegal device.

If you are that concerned that off the shelf earplugs and a good helmet is not enough protection, perhaps you should look into having a custom set of plugs made. While not cheap ($200 to $300 last I looked) you have the luxury of having them in every helmet you own.
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Default Re: Suomy Gun Wind Reader Feedback

The double i was a typo, and I meant physically large and the rest I knew. And of the Maoris I've met I wouldn't want any of them pissed off with me.

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Default ANR is more practical than you think

Some of the best ANR circuitry and hardware is much cheaper than you think. Top of the line headsets for aircraft cost $600. Very effective systems are as little as $375 or so. Without the cost of the headset itself, the electronics alone aren't much more than many people pay for clunky "Chatterbox" systems.

What's more, helmet makers don't have to provide ANR. They simply need to make their helmets capable of fitting it. This, I believe wouldn't cost more than $10 in materials. It would cost them to redesign their helmets though.

What they need to provide is helmets that have bulges over the ears so that acoustic chambers (ear cups) can be fitted inside. Without ANR, this would provide over 20dB of passive NRR.

Like I said, helmets like this already exist. Helicopter and jet helmets used by the miltary have these features (but lack chinbars because they use O2 masks).

Although I think an ANR-capable helmet could be sold for less than $500, I would pay much more than that. If it included $500 of ANR and comm circuitry, I would be willing to pay over $1000. Maybe as much as $1500 for the helmet if it was truly top notch.

Besides noise reduction, the optical quality of face sheilds suucks too. Most of them are poor quality acrylic or polycarbonate (lexan). They lack polarization which is widely recognized as an excellent way to reduce glare from the road surface. They lack anti-reflective coatings which would reduce distracting reflections on the inside of the sheild.

The main point is that no helmet maker is doing anything to produce a top quality product. I am not a design engineer, and I can come up with better ideas than what I see. Helmet makers should be the ones coming up with this stuff -- not me.
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Default Re: Suomy Gun Wind Reader Feedback

Wind noise. I don't hear the subject addressed much; wonder where it comes from? I sometimes suspect the face shield seam. Has anyone tested to find where it comes from and which helmets are quietest?
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