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Default Re: Power to Wait


I agree.

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Default Re: Power to Wait

nice article.......~!
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Default Re: Power to Wait

I agree as well. Tiered licensing for motorcycles would be unfare with out tiered licensing for 8000lb Hummer H2's first - which I find threatening my way of life far more often than a motorcycle.
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Default Re: The Horror!

The first major casualty of a tiered-licensing program is that Harley-Davidson would go out of business. No way would all those middle-aged newbie RUBs start riding motorcycles if they had to start on a little bike.
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Default Re: Power to Wait

Honestly, it probably would reduce fatalities somewhat. Just like seatbelt laws etc.. But I'm not for those either.

I believe in the slippery slope. We're already sliding but maybe it's not too late to dig our heels in.
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Default Re: Power to Wait

No Way. At least until they start testing/ restricting soccer moms driving Excursions for their ability to 1. actually drive in their lane and not in the parking or right hand bicycle lanes, 2. turn a right hand corner while keeping the right rear wheel off the curb, 3 normalize the accident curves for the total increase in automobile miles driven (miles per vehicle, not miles per person traveled, ie 50 people on a bus = 50 safe miles/mile driven), 4. consider restricting automobile drivers by a similar horsepower scheme......

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Default Re: Power to Wait

Based on my half century of human experience I can only say that this article makes me sad. I think your view is correct, I think you cast pears before swine. Not us of course, I've just bathed. Our culture is full of instant gratification. People complain that their microwave or PC is slow. We chose our leaders based on unsubstantiated 15 second sound bites and visuals created by the best minds in the nation. Our spending habit have given our greatest trading rival a hand around our own neck. Wait, who are we kidding? I have no great room to brag, 30 years ago I was sliding down the road and learning about debridement. Sorry to be so negative. I think I hear the turbines winding up, I'm going to get my hearing protection.
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Default Re: Power to Wait

I live (and ride) in a Victoria, Australia, where you are a "learner" for minimum 3 months, then "restricted" for 12 months after that. While a learner or restricted, you are limited to 250cc or less. You have to do a test to get your learner permit, and another to get your licence. Both tests (in most cases) are preceded by full day training courses.

While I found the cc limit frustrating after a few months, I believe on balance it is a good thing - frankly, I was not capable of dealing with a high performance bike in those first few months, and some of the mistakes I made could have been much messier on a more powerful bike.

That said, the training was probably more useful (IMHO) than the cc limit in terms of my safety level. Regardless, newbies will always make mistakes. Making them at lower speeds can't be a bad thing.

My only real criticism of what we have here is that bigger guys who do longer rides should be allowed more suitable bikes. eg, in NSW (also Austalia), learners can ride bikes up to 650cc, provided they fall within the power-weight limits. For example, a F650GS is learner legal in NSW, whereas an RS250 is not. In Victoria, it is the other way around. I know which bike I'd rather my sons were riding when they start to ride...
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Default Re: Power to Wait

I'm disappointed. I clicked on the picture and was all set to savor a Honda Rebel road test. Maybe next week?
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Default Re: Power to Wait

I'm sorry to be a spoil sport, but I would suggest that Gabe spend some time on the roads in North Georgia and look at the accident statistics. A 16 year old with a testosterone addled brain does not need a GSXR-1000. Or hang out in the emergency room of Dahlonega and check out the level of injury. I have spent enough time in the mountains to see that young kids on sportbikes are a large percent of the fatalities. (I would agree that he does not need a 400 HP car, either.)

Speed is an important component of an accident's severity. I think we should enact laws that prevent teenagers from riding bikes with over 50 horsepower or cars with over 100 horsepower. Give these poor suckers a chance to learn how to ride/drive before they die or lose a limb. In case #2 they will spend the rest of their life as a walking, talking billboard for the inherent danger of motorcycles.

"Yeah, lost it in a motorcycle accident. Damn things ought to be illegal. I was going down the road my first weekend out. (Doing 130 in a 45 zone). This car pulled out in front of me and I slammed right into her. Wasn't a thing I could do."

About once a month I get asked by a kid to "stand it up."

When I was a kid, I probably would have tried. Fortunately I did it once by accident and was so scared when I almost lost it that I didn't try it again. They take the same attitude when they are buying or riding one. "How fast will it go?" is the main question they ask when they are looking at a bike. And I just know they are going to try.

Gabe, you need to get some real statistics. Find out the insurance rate for a teenager with no experience versus the rate for some old fart with ten years riding experience and a clean record. They don't just make these things up.

Guys, we spend a bunch of time protecting our rights while children try to take them away. The tiered licensing system that other countries have in place is effective. We are letting our young riders kill themselves at a staggering rate.

Frankly, I am embarrassed that someone who is supposed to be a "motorcycle expert" would have such a lame opinion. How many kids who you've told that it is OK to buy a pocket rocket are now pushing up daisies? Do you even care?


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