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Default Re: WOW!

You mean "Buell"?
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Default Re: Gixxer safer than a 250?

I do, under specific circumstances which are easily imagined, think that a 160hp GSX-R 1000 is safer than many a 250. I'd certainly rather have its brakes than the Nightwing's on any occasion.

On the other hand, I have years of experience on which to rely.

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Default Heck No!

One per story! I'm out $12 with shipping.

cda's post was really logical, comprehensive and interesting to read though, and brought up some excellent points I didn't make. He should have written the editorial! That would have taken a lot of heat off of me.

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Default Re: Power to Wait

Excellent article. It makes no difference what a newbie rides. He can drive a Honda Rebel into a wall as readily as he can a Y2K. If he doesn't know how to ride a 250 won't keep him safe.
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Default Re: Heck No!

Thanks Gabe.

I can take the heat but...

I would rather be riding or planning a ride.

If you could get your hands on a one year subscription to the mighty MO I would be more than happy to take a little of your heat

No it is not for me but for a friend that needs to be reading your posts & MOs interesting posts

schizuki: Thanks for the virtual thumbs up. Enjoy your new shirt
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Default Re: Power to Wait

Am I the only person who did stupid things when he was learning to ride? Wicking the throttle in very poor circumstances, sitting it up when cornering, object fixation, I'm sure there were many, many more examples of absolutely stupid riding choices I made when taking to the streets at 19.

Did I crash? Oh yeah. My vulnerable Suzuki GN 400 spanked me on more than one occasion. The lesson I learned is "Stupid Hurts". I am fortunate that a GN 400 had something like 25 hp- and despite my best efforts, I just couldn;t get the thing fast enough to put out my pilot-light.

The road rash and near-misses taught me that riding is serious business. I grew up a little and began focusing on control over speed after nursing some painful, but non-life threatening injuries.

If i could have financed a VTR 1000 Interceptor in 1985 (I think it was king of the hill then.. not sure) I would have done it in a heart beat. I don't think they even offered financing to wanna-be squids back then. It certainly was never offered as a possibility as I sat in the dealership ready to buy. Instead I plunked-down cash and the Suzuki 400 was the fastest thing i could afford. Had I more money, I probably wouldn't be here right now.

So- I think tiered licensing is very responsible. Economic realities and the times tiered my riding when I was learning. It frightens me to think someone could walk out of a show room with a 160+ HP bike with nothing down, liability-only and $99 a month.

Save them from themselves

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Default 11hp

Sorry to disappoint you guys but the Euro starting bike is not a SV650 or even 250 Rebel but 125 cc and max 11 hp. I don't know what kind of perspective is needed to think it would have won Daytona.

- cruiz-euro
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Default Re: Power to Wait

I dropped my AMA membership because they've essentially become a lobby group for fighting helmet laws; and insist on providing funds to lobbyists for such idiotic legislation. I do believe people should have a choice to wear one or not, but also believe they should be forced to carry additional insurance to relieve society of the burdon their non-fatal head injury will place on the health care system (and everyone elses' premiums.)

While I'm not a big fan of the government protecting us from ourselves, I think the AMA's efforts should be directed toward working to mandate meaningful rider training prior to licensing. Most road tests are nearly worthless, since they are performed at or near walking speeds and don't really test rider skill levels. Usually just the ability to signal a turn and then do a figure 8 on a lightly used side street. Why anyone would want a $12,000 toy without really learning how to enjoy it to the fullest (in comparative safety) is beyond me. But thousands of people steadfastly refuse to spend the $350 or so to learn useful skills.

I remember hearing a guy that's "been riding over 25 years" explain that he rear ended another rider because he "didn't dare touch the front brake or (he) would've gone down for sure". So he smoked that rear fatty all the way into his (nearly stopped) buddy, and succeeded in pushing him into the path of the car that was turning in front of them. None of his buddies seemed to see anything wrong with the picture... in fact, they bought him a beer 'cause his bike was now on a trailer and he had to "ride home B***h" on one of their bikes.

I don't do group (charity) rides with strangers anymore.
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Default Re: Power to Wait

<blockquote>This is a straw man.</blockquote>

Um, I don't see any straw man argument there, perhaps you think it means something else. I don't care whether or not displacement is used as criteria or power:weight ratio. It's not important and not what I was arguing.</p>

You're still not offering a single bit of data to support your assertion. Where is all this data which suggests that a tiered licensing program? Perhaps the displacement argument that I used was flawed, but it is not irrelevant to the discussion. Please, bring some data to the table rather than just passing off arguments against your opinion as paranoia. That's about as lame as if I'd just written your assertion off as socialist crap...which wouldn't be fair, would it? Show me that tiered licensing programs save lives, and that the lower fatality rates in these nations have nothing to do with better rider/driver training than the US offers and maybe we can have a reasonable discussion about this. I think that you can do better than this.</p>
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Default Re: Tiered License Won't Save Many in Washington

I agree wholeheartedly, except for the last paragraph. I'm rootin' for the aliens.
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