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Default Re: Royal Enfield Bullet Sixty-5 Riding Impression

that's about $1300 to those of you not familiar with the Rupee
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Default Re: Royal Enfield Bullet Sixty-5 Riding Impression

Jesus christ how much longer before you post another feature review - there must be all of 20 people in the entire country who care about this bike. The international motorcycle show has been playing around the country and this is all MO can come up with for what, over a week?
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Default Re: Royal Enfield Bullet Sixty-5 Riding Impression

I've owned 2 500CC Bullets (one Deluxe, one standard Electric Start) and have logged thousands of trouble free miles on them. Neither bike ever left me stranded.

Compression Ratio has alwaws been 6.5:1 (not 5.5 as reported in many places) since the semi unit engine came out in 1949. These things will run on practically anything! One item of note, the Bullet chassis was the first swing arm/twin shock suspension made in quantity (1949). Most other Brit bikes switched from the sprung hub to swing arm a few years later.

To make the most of the Enfield (or any vintage Brit bike like BSA's or Triumph's) a few items need to be addresses. Installing a Boyer ignition is a nice touch and eliminates the need to adjust the points every 1000 miles. British bikes like large quantities of large volumes of clean oil so a cheap and painless upgrade to high volume oil pumps are a great idea. To get a few ponies out of the engine, it is a simple matter of installing the short 1955 muffler and rejet the Micarb-Mikuni VM 28 and replace the air filter. The additional power can then support an 18 tooth front sprocket which raises the effective cruising speed about 5 mph. Running 65 MPH all day is not a problem with these changes. As far as brakes go, you won't mistake these binders for 6 piston calipers but with some work, they will stop the bike better then expected. There is an art to tuning and adjusting drum's that few understand these days.

The Bullet rides about the same as any old Brit. It is very flickable in the turns, hinges over through the corners and top steers at slow speeds similiar to riding a bicycle. The engines vibration is usually less then old Brit bikes because of a heavy and balanced flywheel. I do not find the vibration (more like a thumpy pulse) on these bikes bad at all at any speed. In fact, I find the buzzy sensationof a few modern fours more intrusive.

The only drawback to owning these bikes is the gradual price increases for what should be a $2500-$3000 bike (they would sell for less then $1200 if you could import them from India). At 5-6K new, lets just say you can do much better. Find a well sorted used one. Also of note, the prices of better made parts and accessories will make you cringe.
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