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Default Re: 2007 Suzuki Model Line-up

I'm sure the new Bandit will be a better bike and a blast. I owned a '97 and had too much fun on it. But , I dunno, something about that radiator looks outta place on a Bandit, no?

Am I too curmudgeonly?
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Default Re: Suzuki School's 'Market Awareness 101' is in session

Longride, I get this sensation (you might call it reading between the lines) Kpaul is rubbing you the wrong way

- cruiz-euro
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Default Re: 2007 Suzuki Model Line-up

I don't think the radiator stands out any worse than the oil cooler did on the previous iteration of the bandit. As for the M109, too much plastic. Some people ***** about how expensive Harleys are, but take a look at the materials they are using...not nearly as much plastic as on the Japanese bikes like the M109. I've owned a number of older (80's) Japanese standards and cruisers that were already at least 10 years old when I got them. Those plastic bits don't hold up for long as they get brittle with age. Metal, if corrosion is kept at bay, holds up much better over time. The Intruder is a nicely finished cruiser. The side covers and neck cover are both metal. Good quality chrome, too, for that matter.
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