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Default Really hit a chord!

Fantastic work. Great story, Great telling. I was doing good till the part where you sent him off on his own on your bike, and then the hug at the end. Just about started sobbing like a teenage girl at a chick flick!


Rob Priday

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Default Re: The Legacy

How did he unfairly malign the new (defunt) E-H?
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Default Re: The Legacy

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Default Re: The Legacy

Fred Rau wrote two articles in another mag. One was basically the same as this (in that one he called the old bikes Excelsior-Hendersons - Wrong!) The other was on the 1999-2000 model SuperX Excelsior Henderson. He began the article admiting he was biased (I think Hanlon may have been less than gracious) and because of that nit picked and slammed the bike. Since it was a new

effort, only 1,952 were made, and it was a completely new motorcycle (their own proprietary engine, frame, front end etc) and not a "kit bike" like a lot of the Harley clones being made I thought his comments were overboard for someone who didn't seem to know the history enough to get the names right and still doesn't realize that a Super X model wasn't made until 1925. The

late E-H wasn't perfect, but in an age when much larger and more established companies have frame problems, cam problems and have to have the government help rescue them I thought he went too far. I have recently met a rider with over 56K on a 1999

E-H with no problems. I wish E-H had more of a chance. They didn't lose as much money as some others did and the bike certainly doesn't deserve the bad rap because a writer didn't like the owners.
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Default Re: The Legacy

I can't get enough of these stories. Great job Fred, thanks. Already got my 10 bucks worth. Whenever people go on and on about displacement (bigger is better) I always trot out stories like this and Robert Fulton.
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Default Re: The Legacy

Great story - and a great legacy to have behind oneself. My legacy includes stories about one-lung John Deeres - fun in their own way but not given to the type of adventure Fred's grandfather had. Again - thanks for the great story!
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