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Default Custom Fitted!

Thank you for this article. A great way to start the day.

I apparently have freakishly small ear canals, and can't get any of the OTC earplugs to work. Instead I have the custom made plugs. They work well enough, although I can't compare to disposable plugs because I have never gotten a disposable plug to work.

The big secret of the custom plugs is to lick them before sticking them in. A friend once remarked, upon seeing me do this, "that is the grossest thing I have ever seen you do." But it works, making them much easier to get into place.

So if you have weird ears, or just don't like disposable plugs, drop the dosh and get a pair of custom plugs. You'll get used to the taste of ear wax.


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Default Re: Noise: A MO Investigation

I started wearing them in College when I bartended at a place that had live bands every night. It was the only way I could hear the patrons. That, plus the fact my father had tinnitus and is deaf in one ear from years as a dj.

I know lots of guys who don't wear them, and swear it's for safety reasons. They need to be able to hear that truck coming up behind them. When I suggest they try, and in doing so will probably discover they can hear more, it falls on deaf ears. I too have a tub of 100 hearos. That way I always have extras in case I lose a pair, or a buddy forgets his.

Thanks for the article.
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Default How come......

.......when I read your posts all I hear is Ssssssssssssssssssssss?
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Default Re: Noise: A MO Investigation

The foam plugs give me a headache after a couple of hours (too much pressure on the ear canal or something). So I use these instead because they don't give me headaches, go in quickly and fit right every time. When I get a new pair I just cut the cord off and cut the stem short enough to not interfere with my helmet. They are only rated at a NRR25 but worn with a full face helmet I feel I'm protecting my hearing just fine.

Oh yeah,...entertaining article.

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Default Re: Noise: A MO Investigation

Well you can enjoy bikes and babes better when the constant tinnius doesn´t drive you nuts.

Nice article. Only problem is than in your land of plenty you pick what you wear. I have to pick pieces of a superlon mattress of some seedy ten peso an hour motel.

- cruiz-euro

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Default Re: Custom Fitted!

I wear EAR 3-flanged PVC plugs (can't get the foam ones to go into my convoluted left ear canal) and find that pre-insertion moistening works quite well. This past summer I got an IPod for touring and went with Etymotic ER6i earphones which have a similar 3-flanged plug option. I was greatly amused that in the instructions, Etymotic directed me to "moisten before insertion". And there's a plus, none of the rest of the family asks to borrow my earphones.

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Default Re: Noise: A MO Investigation

Most excellent, Cheesebeast! Delightful & tasty, yet strangely useful. Cheesebeast, do you work in the safety field??

Middle age lament here: had I only worn hearing protection for the first half of my riding years...when I was in my early 20's and just building up my first he-man hi-fi, hearing was good to go at 15khz - walking thru a TV Dept at a store used to give me an instant headache, you know..that 15khz squeal.... Now I'm more than a few db down at 11. Alas & alack. But there is good news, movie buffs! You'll not be needing to turn the ole subwhoofers up at all as you approach your Adult Depends/retiring to a cruiser years....your pending hearing losses will be concentrated up top & in the zone that makes conversation intelligible (what was that, Dear??) but not down low.

As for helmet adding to NRR, don't count on too much. There is a formula to determine approx NRR when stacking hearing protection such as muffs over plugs. It ain't additive...only adds a couple of points. I'd put all my chips on max NRR of plug most comfy to me...

Cheesebeast, I'll be looking for more from you. Great job!
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Default Re: Noise: A MO Investigation

Great article. Little disappointed I didn't see the flanged plugs. Don't know what they're made of, or what their rating is, but they're very comfortable and reusable. Besides, the Air Force gives 'em out for free. It really is amazing how many people are ignorant about how damaging noise is.
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Default Re: Noise: A MO Investigation

Parfois, on fait pas semblant
Sometimes, it's not pretend
Oderint Dum Metuant
Let them hate so long as they fear
политики предпочитают безоружных крестьян
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Nothing to see here, Citizen. Move along now...
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Default Re: Noise: A MO Investigation

Nice article! One thing I'd second from some of the other comments is that at speed (say, over 50ish), wind noise volume is much louder even than my engine (I've got stock exhausts on my bikes, so maybe that's the reason?). When I switched to hearing protection, I was amazed at how much better I could hear (engine noises, other cars, etc.) - cutting out the constant wind noise made a huge difference. It also surprised me a bit to see how much more relaxed I was after a long day of riding with earplugs than without - it's a fatigue-factor I don't think enough of us pay attention to.

Again - great article. Now, where's my EX250/Hyosung 250 comparison?

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